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  1. Nightwing - that fish  is a serious lump.  And now I think on it, I think that is the first picture of your smiling face I've ever seen you post.  Anyway, congrats and take a camera along more often - love to see some action shots of you with a monster on your fly rod.


    Interesting KingKool. 

    You have just pretty much accused Paul of cheating and taking money for it.  I know him from quite a few years of forum posting (way before CAG was in existance) and I seriously doubt he was fishing that tourney but I am dead certain that if he had been, he would have fished it honestly.

    My apologies then. But I don't know the guy from Adam.

    The winning fish was reported to have been approx. that size, and the winner admitted to have caught it below the dam. Along with the mighty "Phone" calling him a traitor and stating that dead fish could be netted and turned in, I assumed that he was the person who caught the winning fish. (Phone - apparently you are aware of this tournament???) Seems very coincidental to me.

    But I could be wrong. Again, my apologies to you Nightwing if I sounded accusatory in my earlier post.

    FYI - no money awarded in this tournament - small prizes and low $ amount gift cards. So not much reason to bend the rules. Except for braggin rights.

  2. No traitor in my book. Fish looks huge, live, and unshot...

      Again, Paul, atta boy!

    I'm no carphugger, so I don't care if was live or dead, shot or whatever. My concern is violating tournament rules by fishing outside of the designated area.

    While I was not present at this year's Allegan tournament, I happen to know this year's third place finisher in the largest fish category.

    Mind you, no grudge is held by me or the third place angler, just curious to see if Nightwing's fish was the winner. If so, rest assured, the fish was killed.

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