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  1. Thanks Philly, I agree.

    Personally, I don't like watching any type of fishing on TV.

    Doing is much more exciting than watching (and not just fishing, either!)

    At any rate, my intent was just to hype up Pgh a bit, and hopefully I have done that.

    In what part of Pittsburgh did you live? I've lived in the southern suburbs my entire life.

  2. I agree with Eric, Ray Scott owns Bassmasters so his opinion is a little skewed!! I watched the footage last weekend and other than the cool look of a tourney being held in a major city it was awful. Hard fishing made it competitive but completly boring. It would be like cag holding our 1 big event in a venue that only yielded 1lbers. Big fish was under 3lbs&^%$@@#$^&*((()

    Why does it have to be "spin"? Why can't you beleive that these are Ray's genuine feelings? A number of competitors have mirrored Ray's feelings as well. While it is agreed that the size of the fish were small in comparison to other B.A.S.S. championships, no one can deny the professional manner in which Pgh handled this tournament. Everything from the knowledge and courtesy of the spectators to the entire logistical set up were said to be far superior to other B.A.S.S. tournaments.

    Had the tournament venue been awarded to Connecticut, would you still feel the same way?

    And as far as CAG's biggest event and large fish are concerned, how many 20+lbs fish are landed at the CCC every year? Is this tournament boring or awful?

  3. This editorial was taken from the 08/09/05 Pittsburgh Post Gazette and was submitted by Ray Scott - founder of B.A.S.S.

    Pittsburgh was the prize catch for this Bassmaster Classic

    There were clearly two winners in the CITGO Bassmaster Classic. One was Kevin VanDam -- and the other was Pittsburgh.

    As founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, I have been to every classic for 35 years, and I have never experienced one quite like this recent event. I have to use the word "experience" because you could feel the energy and enthusiasm everywhere. It was in the air.

    Your reception as a community was overwhelming and your hospitality second to none. And that's a mouthful from an old Southern boy. Everyone I talked to was saying the same thing -- the bass pros, writers, BASS staff and out-of-towners.

    There should be no apologies for the fish and the fishery. The fishing was competitively equal for all. Your fishing is coming back strongly, and everyone should look forward to better fishing in the near future.

    I was awed every time I looked out on the magnificent sight of the three rivers, the bridges and the city skyline and thought about the amazing journey Pittsburgh has made from a dirty, industrial landscape with polluted rivers to a beautiful and vital city with clean, fishable waters. The word "renaissance" kept coming to mind.

    Such a transformation takes courage, determination and persistence over many, many years. It reflects not only on the leadership of Pittsburgh but also on its wonderful citizens.

    I want to thank you and Pittsburgh for a truly memorable Bassmaster Classic. I left a piece of my heart in your city and I will always look forward to returning.


    Pintlala, Ala.

  4. Glad to see you here, whoever you are!

    Tell us more about your bio...  <_<

    PS. just out of curiosity, what drove you back to the forum? The news about the WCC, maybe?

    Longtime carper from just outside Pittsburgh, PA. South Park Twp (Library, PA)

    former CAG member, attended several CAG fishins in past years - several in PA, Alum Creek OH, Kent Lake MI, Glimmerglass St Park near Cooperstown NY. 2001 Fish Oddysey NY.

    Don't fish as often anymore - never enough time. Usually manage to make two local tournaments each year - Weston WV, and American Bridge in Pgh. Was a regular at Oil City PA, Mr Whisker's tourn (now defunct).

    May try to attend some more fishins in the future, time permitting.

    Used to post to forum under the name Marhoefer(2003??), got tired of reading all the bickering between people. Goes all the way back the original CAG board.

    Hopefully things have changed.

    Did read up the WCC. Interesting to say the least. I saw/heard some good and bad with the whole event.

  5. Huh?

    I have never even heard of an Allegan tournament of any kind..kill or otherwise...and I've fished Allegen for many years.

    Rest assured, this was caught below the dam, not entered in any contest(not a big contest person), and live released about 5 seconds after that photo was taken.

    There were perhaps 10 other people fishing, and I did not see a single carp kept...so if it was a tournement, and "kill only"...it was not very popular.

    Again my apologies if I sounded accusatory. Like I said, no grudge held by me or anyone who attended the tournament. I was simply asking if you had caught the winning fish.

    At any rate, here are some links regarding the derby...........


  6. Nightwing - that fish  is a serious lump.  And now I think on it, I think that is the first picture of your smiling face I've ever seen you post.  Anyway, congrats and take a camera along more often - love to see some action shots of you with a monster on your fly rod.


    Interesting KingKool. 

    You have just pretty much accused Paul of cheating and taking money for it.  I know him from quite a few years of forum posting (way before CAG was in existance) and I seriously doubt he was fishing that tourney but I am dead certain that if he had been, he would have fished it honestly.

    My apologies then. But I don't know the guy from Adam.

    The winning fish was reported to have been approx. that size, and the winner admitted to have caught it below the dam. Along with the mighty "Phone" calling him a traitor and stating that dead fish could be netted and turned in, I assumed that he was the person who caught the winning fish. (Phone - apparently you are aware of this tournament???) Seems very coincidental to me.

    But I could be wrong. Again, my apologies to you Nightwing if I sounded accusatory in my earlier post.

    FYI - no money awarded in this tournament - small prizes and low $ amount gift cards. So not much reason to bend the rules. Except for braggin rights.

  7. No traitor in my book. Fish looks huge, live, and unshot...

      Again, Paul, atta boy!

    I'm no carphugger, so I don't care if was live or dead, shot or whatever. My concern is violating tournament rules by fishing outside of the designated area.

    While I was not present at this year's Allegan tournament, I happen to know this year's third place finisher in the largest fish category.

    Mind you, no grudge is held by me or the third place angler, just curious to see if Nightwing's fish was the winner. If so, rest assured, the fish was killed.

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