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  1. On 1/29/2018 at 8:17 PM, maninblack said:

    Are you on Facebook John? If so then connect with Ray Corcoran...he should be able to help...Also, I’m not sure if it still happens but they used to run a huge carp and catfish event on the Monongahela River out of Oil City PA...with as many as 400+ Anglers of all ages taking part...I’d be interested in taking part if you get this event off the ground...and I know a bunch of guys from PA would be as well...

    M.I.B. - log time, no speak.........

    The old Oil City "Mr Whiskers" tournaments haven't been held in years - they were a part of the Oil Heritage Festival http://www.venangochamber.org/visit/oil-heritage-festival/  and were actually on the Allegheny River up there in Oil City, PA.. I don't know that there were ever 400+ participants - you might have that confused with the (now defunct) Dollar Bank fishing tournament at Point State Park in Pittsburgh - spanning all 3 Rivers - Monongahela, Allegheny and Ohio. These easily had 400+  and  this too was only part of a larger event - the Dollar Bank Jamboree.

    I used to participate in both - and wish each would come back! They were fun, to say the least...........

    I would also recommend getting in touch with Ray.....he has a lot of experience/knowledge in setting up tournaments/events.

    And yes, there are some SW PA folks that would travel to Morgantown for any such event. This might even be my incentive to replace the line on my reels.......it's been a few years!

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