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  1. No, they are not, when used correctly on an appropriate water.

    They are not "magical" baits that will automatically bring in big fish anywhere you use them. Your venue must hold a population of big fish for a boilie campaign to be successful in capturing BIG fish.

    And most likely, you need a bait campaign to make them work most effectively. They are GENERALLY, not thought of as an instant bait.

    If you  have the right water, and fish population - boilies will more consistently (not always) attract and yield the larger than average fish (for that particular venue).

    Are boilies on the expensive side? (they sure are - even home made ones when you consider the time and effort that goes into making them) - but on the right water, used in the right manner, they will produce bigger fish (on average) than most other "baits", on a more consistent basis.

    If you're into fishing for "numbers", and "instant" catches, showing up at your swim, and tossing in some boilies as chum is NOT going to yield any great results. However, if you are patient, and not into "numbers:", a good boilie bait campaign will INCREASE (but not guarantee {there are no guarantees in fishing} )your chances of catching the biggest fish a particular water has to offer.

    ****Please keep in mind, that if the water you fish doesn't  hold 30 lb fish, then a bait campaign with boilies won't yield any 30 lb fish. Nor will sweet corn, rice pack, dough ball, etc.

  2. 15 hours ago, Alabamafisherman said:

    would it be possible to catch them this time of year? we have had a fairly mild winter 40-50s

    I'd certainly give it a try - like others have mentioned, chum it and they will come.

    I'd keep some bait going in that spot all through the warmer weather...........

  3. I have a set of Fox Microns that are probably 15+ years old or older (???? I think) Think I paid @ 30 bucks each for them. They are the only alarms I have ever used/owned.

    Real workhorses, not affected by torrential rain, etc.

    The only maintenance I ever do = remove the batteries at the end of the season and replace with new ones the following year.

    I also bought some hard plastic covers for them, for when they are not in use. These were inexpensive as well

    Probably not the most sensitive alarms out there, but for the price - I don't think they can be beat.

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