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  1. Little help for the new guys?

    Tom Brooks & Scott Osmond.................

    & from the Merriam Webster dictionary:


    : a story from the past that is believed by many people but cannot be proved to be true

    : a famous or important person who is known for doing something extremely well

    : a list that explains the symbols on a map

    big can of worms here........anybody else care to elaborate/add insight????

  2. Carp were stocked in the South in local ponds, but as a food source during the depression. If you can find some that haven't been eaten then you might find a big fish. Yes, we eat them still. The war between the states left the South with NOTHING, taking 75 years and a great depression eating most anything that could be had. Ya'll yankees didn't have such a need for food, you took everything. What you didn't take you burned.



  3. Deep Creek Lake in Maryland?

    Plymuning in Ohio/Pa....I went there at spillway dam and I never see so many carp! People feed them and ducks walk on carp! Plymuning have plenty of shoreline!

    DEEP CREEK MD - You'll not find room to put 50 (or 200) anglers together at Deep Creek. In the State Park area would be the best bet, but after the issues there with the Deep Creek Challenge, you'd be hard pressed to get permission to host another carp event there.

    PYMATUNING - plenty of spots to hold an event, heck even a chance to catch 100 fish in a day. Just don't expect any to be over 9 or 10 lbs at the most (and those are the giants). BIG carp are few and far between at this lake. The fish you see in the propagation waters in NO WAY represent the type of fish found in the main lake.

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