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  1. Just noticed that the boys at big carp tackle have a pod cast.  I heard there first one today.  Mike dragone was being interviewed.  I really enjoyed listening to it.  I met mike dragone in 2006 at a private fish in.  class act guy, tremendous angler.  Just a nice guy.  Joel did a great job with the show.  Me and the boys.  The guys in this picture which includes mike,  speaks for itself.  I don't have to explain who is in this pic.  Epic. 


  2. I came from a match fishing back round.  I started "carp fishing" in 2001 2002.  Honestly, I do it bc I just kinda got all the gear and was crazy about it.  The style comes in handy on certain lakes but I catch more fish with my older method and its less gear.  I dont have to haul a lot of crap.  My catch rate isn't as great.  But these are my new toys that I just got


  3. Yea its tough at first. You have to see the action of the longer bolognese rods.  They play the fish way better than our carp rods. so it makes it easier. less prone as well for the hook to come out of the fishes mouth.  we used to fish with those 16 ft rods in rivers by my house in italy.  Over hanging trees and some swims were very tight.  I remember back in 97 when I was young I brought my 6 ft rods to italy.   I went to a trout "pay lake" and there was a italian fishing team practicing for the championships.  I remember when they saw my rods they started laughing.  They dont use 6 footers unless they are bass fishing or using artificial lures like a spinner for trout.  

    But again, all this good tackle, but nowhere to fish.  If you guys ever get a chance to fish in europe, its two different worlds.  These guys are on a different level.  Especially match fishing.  Just how they dress, it makes them seem more important.  I remember MR.BIG saying the same thing when he went to europe.  

    You can bring whatever flavours you have, pack bait,  checking the water temp, following all the rules of a pay laker or euro carper, when you are next to a match fishermen, get ready to have your ANGUS peppered.  

  4. I have trabucco rods that I purchased in italy.  I have 5 of them.  Two are for trout.  specific for certain european styles.  My other three tele's are for float fishing.  one is for chub, tench, trout, medium size carp, etc.  The other two, especially one in particular, I can catch carp up to 20-30lbs.  again I use these for float fishing.  They are pretty expensive.  when I travel to italy and fish there, everybody uses telescopic rods.  I even brought back to the states my dads fishing rods that he used in italy over 30 years ago.  Thats wha they use.  

    My trout tele's are 11 ft.  My carp and multispecies rods are 16-17 feet long.  

  5. I use glycerin, karo syrup, hemp oil, or any other flavored glug and coat the entire pva stick.  I am not a fan of the rapid break down.  pva bags, also not a big fan.  Yea they catch fish and work but I am very picky and don't like the break down of the bag.  

    when nash came out with there micro mesh, it was advertised as a prolonged break down.  I did testing and it dissolved fast.  Did it in different water temps as well.  was told they were looking into another pva mesh.  But so far nothing came about.  

    I will only use mesh when I am boilie fishing.  I like to grind them up and add it to my mix.  when I fish particles, pop ups, south african floaties, puffs, I go straight to my method feeder or just mold my method and or packbait around an inline lead.  Its more rapid for me as well.  

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