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  1. Hooked up with Dunkel yesterday for a day of river carp fishing. We managed 13 carp from 8am to 5pm. Caught them on a variety of things. Awesome Possum Corn, Homemade peanut butter boilies, Dunkels Steamies, Cinnamon corn, Grape, Apple Whiskey corn, XXX Red Peach puff. Everything we threw yesterday work except the coconut boiles. .They ranged in size from 5-6lb runt to all the rest from 15-20 1/2lbs.

    Met a guy who was looking for carping help, we gave him pack, pickups and Hooks on leaders and sinkers. Hopefully he'll come here and visit! Hey we tried!



  2. I'm not sure where everyone has went? Did they all just lose interests or are they all gathering elsewhere.

    I realize lives change people move on ect  maybe that's it?

  3. Dead and soon gone. Eventually no one will come here to see nothing new.

    Question to anyone that might know, is the facebook thing where you need a password to get in doing ok as in lots of people lots of post? Or whatever people do at facebook.

    If so there is the problem, because that's basically telling you/us join that page or lose out! No I will not join.

  4. Theres a hole we call the Parasite Hole on a river that's gin clear. We could see probably over 100 carp  that were no more than a pound tops.

    On out were bigger carp and on farther out yet bigger ones and way out 5 that were obviously over 20lbs possibly a 30 in the group. We could observe them due to the gin clear water and the fact we were 20ft above them on a bank that's almost a cliff. Only time we ever saw carp that small.

    I tried to catch the huge ones but they just swam off when the bait hit the water out in front of them. Not sure how I would have landed one if I did hook it? Kind of a dumb move on my part to even try.

    Reason we call it The Parasite Hole is a guy was trying to tell us we had parasites, he said "you know worms" and proceeded to tell us all about these parasites that were eating us up from within. lol

  5. Went fishing today with my girlfriend. Well I fished and she read a book. Everything looked like a good day was in store for me. Carp rolling over and area I threw bait in 2 days ago. Beautiful morning as the fog lifted off the lake but not much was happening. Then Wayne Price pulls in so I walk over to talk to him and get a carp report. Told me the carp weren't up in the cove this year like before and he hadn't seen many.

    Naturally now I get a run and before I could get to the rod he got off but hung me in a downed tree.

    Later I get another run and got the fish turned away from the tree, finally banked it after a nice battle. Turned out to be my biggest so far this year.

    That was it no bites after that and we finally had to start back towards home. I'll give it a week or so and try it again!

    Heres a few pics





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