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  1. I now have access to several beach front properties along Lake Erie, I too am wondering how to go about fishing the lake or should I just fish the bays?

    Let me add I'd be on the U.S. side in Erie Pa, same lake figure what works for the Canadians should work for me!

  2. Out of all your great adventures I enjoy the Hooch ones the best. Guess because it reminds me of sittin along the Monongahela River (The Mon) with Hillbilly, Justin, Mush and a slew of others! Thru CAG I have met a gang of quality folks and had a unbelievably good time along the way.

    If that rye seed is anything like the rye we use up here it will even grow on wet slate! :)

    If not get you some Kentucky 31

  3. Ventured out again yesterday evening to try my tolerance and luck at the Trash Cans.

    As usual talked to really nice people including Wayne Price. Well just who is Wayne Price? He's a man I met there a few years back. Grew up in Kentucky commercial fishing the Ohio River. His Grandfather was a commercial fisherman as was his father who also owned a fish market. Tells me stories of using big hoop nets baiting them up with cottonseed cake. Hauled in 900lbs. in one haul one time. These fish were sold for food, years and years ago! Just an interesting fellow to talk to.

    My doctor from the VA was out on the lake and when he came in we BS'd a bit about the VA Scandal. I cry BS cause you don't have to wait, you can walk in anytime 24/7 and get seen. Appointments are long waits but like the recording says if this is a medical emergency hang up dial 911, but anyway back to carp fishing!

    I went with my usual a R&W Butternut Flavored Mr.Big type oat pack and Awesome Possum Flavored sweet corn for the pick up.

    Water temp was at 78 according to the boaters I ask, carp were in heavy spawn, the coves were chock full the boaters told me. But I drove all this way and they don't all spawn at once at the same time so I set to fishing!

    End up catching 4 carp, no records but a good time and I was glad to catch them!

    Them carp






  4. Thanks everyone! Fishing at the Trash Cans can try a mans resolve sometimes. You meet some of the nicest folks there and some well lets just say not so nice folks. But all in all the good over rides the bad and I have a good time at it! :)

  5. Finally the stars aligned and I got to go fishing! But knowing full well it was Memorial Day Weekend and I'd be over run with people I went anyway!

    Got to my favorite spot The Trash Can Swim and fired out some corn with my sling shot. Went with a Mr.Big type oat pack and the flavor of the day was Awesome Possum flavored sweetcosrn was the pick up.

    Well it turned into a circus of all walks of life. Everyone with anything that resembled a boat showed up! Fat wimmin, ugly kids, crusty old men and even small hounds! And all them thought sitting over my bait was a good idea!

    After 6hrs of blanking and thinking the Memorial Day Weekenders were getting the best of me finally a run!

    Turns out to be fill scale mirror and soon after that a nice common. Proof a man can still catch in circus type environment if the baits good and the pick up triggers the strike! All in all an amuzingly good day!

    Them carp!



  6. 8-9ft Rods for smallwater, 12ft rods for bigger water. Unless you just are one of those people who wants the best I'd stay cheap until I found out what suited my fishing style.

    My very best suggestion is go with what you have right now. Hook up with some carpers in your area (travel if nessesary) see what they got. They will only be too happy to show you gear and let you handle it. Theres just so much carp gear out there and so many styles its hard to answer you. I started using 6 and 7ft UglyStks and then as I saw real carp gear others had moved on up to better gear.

    Hook up with someone local, Ohio has some great carpers who will help you out! :)

    Looks like your in the Cincy area, is so try to hook up with Rodman he's the KING of Carp Gear!

  7. West Virginia Records

    Christopher Smith aka Mushhead

    #2 West Virginia Mirror

    26lbs. 0oz. caught 5/27/2010

    Witness: Rob Straight aka possum

    Story in Archives somewhere?

    See Pic 1 below

    Justin Gerard aka Justin

    #3 West Virginia Mirror

    19lbs. 0oz. caught 4/25/2010

    Witness: Rob Straight aka possum

    Story in Archives somewhere?

    See Pic 2 below

    Rob Straight aka possum

    #2 West Virginia Common

    32lbs. 11oz. caught 4/25/2010

    Witness: Justin Gerard aka Justin

    Story in Archives somewhere?

    See Pic 3 Below

    Rob Straight aka possum

    #3 West Virginia Common

    32lbs. 2oz. caught 5/17/2010

    Witness: Just me and stranger who took the pic for me

    Story in Archives somewhere?

    See Pic 4 below





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