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  1. Skeet no I haven't fished in Ohio at all but see lots of reservoirs in that area.

    Buckeye Bob, I have been eyeing up Dillon figured it would have carp as well as the Muskingum River. I will check all this out if I get to go scout.

  2. Thanks! I got all the DNR and Map links I'm basically just wanting to know what kind of pressure these WMA's get and just any tidbits of info I can find out.

    Any kind of useful information anyone might share. Or any first or second hand knowledge.

    If Ohio passes the Pistol Cartridge Rifles's into law I plan to hunt Ohio this year. I already hunt Indiana Public Lands where we have taken some nice bucks. Now with Ohio possibly passing into law PCR's I'll hunt Ohio if passed. Shotguns kick to hard on my woreout bum shoulder. My 44 Magnum rifle is easy on my shoulder! :)

    This would let me hunt 3 weeks solid 1st Week Indiana, 2nd Week WV, 3rd Week Ohio!

  3. Anyone here close to Zanesville? What I'm looking for is deer hunting info in the Zanesville area on Public Land. I see theres a bunch of Public Hunting Areas.

    PM me if your willing to give me any information! Thanks :)

  4. I got no such PM but then not only does WV not have a state chair WV isn't even listed as a state on the state chair page!

    So I voted the way I voted because of Weird Alliance, but I did sway another CAG member to vote for my man/carp and was going to send Dunkel a PM trying to sway his vote but no need he voted for my man/carp already! :)

    Nothing Political just Weird Alliance! :)

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