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  1. I plan on listing all of the pegs in advance of the event, and how they produced last year,,so even out of towners will have a pretty good idea of what's happening if we choose to do any other method that we have done in the past :D or even if we use the same old, same old,,,,,you will know in advance of how they produced,,,,

    not trying to stir anything but your logic is a bit flawed thinking that the pegs will fish even close to how they did in prior years when the ATC is scheduled a month earlier than it ever has been.

  2. So does the ccc travel to different states now or is it just for chicago?I think it would be cool to have it travel to different states like texas perhaps on lbl.hhmmmmm maybe.

    ccc= chicago carp classic

    It was moving around until this past year. Now it is back where it started and rightfully so.

    Thanks for the map. Is a possiblilty..............

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