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  1. Dave M

    I also live in the SF bayarea.Fremont. I checked out your blog. Very interesting and well put. I also am a newbe at carp on the fly.Will be following your blog. Maybe we can met up some time. Keep the input coming

  2. Just wanted to make a statement about UNCOMMON CARP service. GREAT!!! I ordered a Konic 3.5 ,flyline (Teeny Carp ) an Umpqua flats leader and they assembled on reel with 225 yds free backing. Have heard nothing but GREAT thoughts of same.Ask a question they come up with an constructive anser.

  3. I purchased theTeeny Pro Series Carp in a 7wt to use on a 7wt 10ft Sage GFL 7100-3RPL

    Want to thank all for your constructive input on gear and flies.

    I think some times the chase can be as exciting as the capture and you don't have to leave the chair in front of the computer.

    The information you have been waiting fo years is avialable in minutes.

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