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  1. Ray - I'm not sure what you're suggesting, as your post seems a little cryptic?

    Sure -- I'm a daily user here, on the best, most informative Carping site in the country. I give my full support to CAG, our new members, and those interested in bettering their Carping & forum visit experiences by looking in here.

    If you think I'm doing wrong by supporting such an eclectically diverse group of like minded folks, I'm sorry -- I don't really think there is much wrong with my thinking?? After all - I'm banned from the NCCC for supposed offenses against a current member, who I 'made the peace with' a long time ago, and am in pretty regular contact with. There are only a very few NCCC folks that have exception to me being around -- and that seems to be driven by pressure from 'the top'?? :yourock:

    We are getting on with the 'business here', and there is great encouragement for new members to keep coming back -- which they clearly do!! :rolleyes:

    Other than the odd 'flurry' of 'character clashes', which is very well 'policed' by our diligent 'mods',( Thanks Guys!! :P ) I'm sure you have to admit -- it's a lot more interesting looking around here, than some of the 'other' very slow forums.

    Promoting our great sport is definitely paying big dividends, whilst the negative connotations bandied elsewhere aren't doing anything but pandering to a small minority of folks who diligently 'follow their leaders' and generally don't share anything about their successful Carping experiences.

    I'm genuinely thrilled that there are going to be a few N Cal Carpers getting together at CL, and hope it is a huge success for all involved. It's been pretty quiet up there for a good while!! I really look forward to seeing a great success story posted here, with lot's of smiling faces holding monster Carp :o

    Tight Lines,


    Wishing you the best for your honest efforts you put forth. Unforchanutly some minds are not like a computer. no delete or edit fuchion exist.

    Some times the seed we planted in the past just keeps growing and growing and we need plow it under and plant a new crop for a change of pace.

    Have a great day guy

  2. Ed -- not quite sure why you say it's 'unfortunately' a public campground? I get on really well with Percy, and especially 'old' Joe. He and I have had some great times together -- especially whilst his friends from S Jose, TJ & Lilian have a month booked up there. I was invited into their family get together -- and taught one of their sons to Carp fish. Lilian kept my score at the last NCCC derby we had on there. What a fantastic weekend it was!!

    If you can find a bad word about me fishing MM for the past couple of years, and having a grand old time with the managers, and their 'preferred guests' perhaps you can let us all know?? :yourock:

    If you can find a bad word about me from any of the last Derby entrants, when we landed a lot of fish -- please let us all know??

    If it is just 'sour grapes' on behalf of a few folks attending, or it is just another ploy to make sure CAG has nothing to do with it --- please tell us all??

    Being so far away, and going through what I am, I doubt I will actually make it up there, however -- it would be very nice to hear the sentiments of those NOT knocking CAG (OR it's officers), and feel that everyone was welcome to fish there.

    The Olive branch has been sitting untouched there for many months - and is gradually wilting, which is a great shame.

    Ed - I hear you have some pretty serious life issues right now, and my sincere thoughts are aimed at you not succumbing to anything that won't see you around for many years to come.

    Leaving this mortal coil with bitterness in my heart, is not what I personally want to do.

    I also sincerely hope this proposed 'event' might signal a 'turn around' in the recent 'lull' in interest in NCCC, and things flourish -- for those following your guidelines.

    We really need Carpers to unite, and get out there fishing. This event can only be a positive thing, and I genuinely hope you all have a great time, -- even if I turn up to fish :rolleyes: .

    Tight Lines,


    Your continues input day after day makes me think that something special has to happen to make things come around to your thinking. Some times when a bridge is broken it takes a special part or action to repair. What a great tool the internet do we use it wisely?

  3. Dave M

    I also live in the SF bayarea.Fremont. I checked out your blog. Very interesting and well put. I also am a newbe at carp on the fly.Will be following your blog. Maybe we can met up some time. Keep the input coming

  4. Just wanted to make a statement about UNCOMMON CARP service. GREAT!!! I ordered a Konic 3.5 ,flyline (Teeny Carp ) an Umpqua flats leader and they assembled on reel with 225 yds free backing. Have heard nothing but GREAT thoughts of same.Ask a question they come up with an constructive anser.

  5. I purchased theTeeny Pro Series Carp in a 7wt to use on a 7wt 10ft Sage GFL 7100-3RPL

    Want to thank all for your constructive input on gear and flies.

    I think some times the chase can be as exciting as the capture and you don't have to leave the chair in front of the computer.

    The information you have been waiting fo years is avialable in minutes.

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