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  1. 2 hours ago, Rafal Wlazlo said:

    Regarding rule #6: Do we keep posting time of capture or no? If it is not really mandatory, please advise, I rather skip it if allowed as normally it is not being posted so far. 

    Posting the Date of capture only is fine. 

  2. 14 hours ago, Bryan Sirotkin said:

    If an angler is registered in one state but travels to another (for work for instance), are they entering the fish in their home state, or is it entered in the state they caught the fish in? 

    You always register the fish in the state in which it was caught. 

  3. Hi Rafal,

    We ask for the scale and BIG 4 logo to be displayed prominently in the foreground of photos as it provides another determination as to the size of the fish. It is a very simple process and has been successfully used for many, many years. Take a look at the photo at the end of the Rules for guidance.

    Thanks, Iain

  4. Registered Anglers together with T-Shirt Purchases - Please let us know if anyone is missing or t-shirt orders missing.

    Last updated 7am 09-21-22

    CCC 2022          
    Angler     Dinner Guest   T-Shirt
    Richard De Oliveira 18279        
    Mark Rakitovan 18285 Cancelled     XXX
    Val Grimley  18287        
    Rafal Wlazlo 18288       XX-L
    christopher labucki  18291       Large
    Kate Hrabsky 18298       XX, XXX, L
    Michael Chancer 18297        
    Dawid Bak 18310   18310    
    Craig Cot 18311   18311    
    David Moore 18330 CAG      
    John McGreevy 18332 CAG      
    Ed Wagner Snr 18334        
    Jerome Moisand 18401        
    Yaroslav Livak 18402        
    Ana Lisencu 18403        
    Luis Miguel Angelo 18449       L
    Steven Clow 18454        
    Thomas Brown 18459       XL
    Robert Michilak 18461       XXL
    Brian Vedder 18466        
    Rita Brown 18479        
    Phil Saunders 18479        
    Jeffrey Pirog 18494       L x 2
    Mike Dragone 18499        
    Barry Howard 18503        
    Nigel Griffin 18512       XL
    Cassidy Lohrer 18521        
    Samuel Williams 18542        
    Stelian Bogan 18561        
  5. The CAG BIG 4 Competition takes place twice a year - In Spring and Fall.

    Anglers simply upload details (Photo, Weight, Date of Capture and State where caught) of their Biggest 4 Fish caught during the period of the competition. Anglers taking part MUST follow the rules especially those regarding Photo Requirements. There are no exceptions. 

    Any Fully Paid CAG Member can register to take part.

    Prizes are awarded to the Top Ten anglers recording the Biggest 4 fish during the competition.

    Additional Prizes are awarded for the Biggest Common and Biggest Mirror as well as Regional Recognition Awards. 

    Click Here to Sign Up for the Fall Big 4 2022


     Fall Big 4 2022 Logo.jpg


  6. The CAG BIG 4 Competition takes place twice a year - In Spring and Fall.

    Anglers simply upload details (Photo, Weight, Date of Capture and State where caught) of their Biggest 4 Fish caught during the period of the competition. Anglers taking part MUST follow the rules especially those regarding Photo Requirements. There are no exceptions. 

    Any Fully Paid CAG Member can register to take part.

    Prizes are awarded to the Top Ten anglers recording the Biggest 4 fish during the competition.

    Additional Prizes are awarded for the Biggest Common and Biggest Mirror as well as Regional Recognition Awards. 

    Click Here to Sign Up for the Fall Big 4 2022

    You must be a CAG Member to Sign Up!

    Fall Big 4 2022 Logo.jpg

  7. Here's how to add your BIG 4 Entries.

    1.       Enter State (2 Letter Code) where the fish was caught. Click Return

    2.       Then Upload your fish capture image / photo (READ THE RULES!) Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says: Drag files here to attach, or choose files...

    3.       Add your photo then click on the '+' sign at the bottom left of the image to load into this section. Click Enter or Return then add the Date & Weight beneath the photo image. 

    4.       Once you've done that you scroll down to Click "Submit Reply" to add your entry

    5.       To Add More Fish Captures just click "Reply to this topic..." (Under Your Own Forum Name and Real Name  in the Title Section) & Repeat the process

    Here's an example of how it should look:

    State: AZ


    Date of Capture: 03-14-22

    Weight: 3lb 2oz

    ** Once you've added your first 4 fish you only need to add a fish if it is bigger than your current Big 4 fish weights **

  8. From (RI) Pickerd

    I have been using the above for several months now on my iphone 13 pro and have taken a lot of photos.  These methods generally work well. Here are a  few things I can add:

    1.  "Hey Siri, say cheese" works well, but on my phone it only works in the portrait mode.  Not sure about other i phones.

    2. The voice control method sometimes works, sometimes doesn't on the 13 pro.  You can use that with the photo mode meaning you can take a wide angle shot and even a telephoto shot on the iphone 13 pro.

    3.  Realize none of these methods work well on a windy day or when there is a lot of other noise. You might have to really shout into the phone to get it to work.

    4.  You can still use the timer, but the maximum is 10 seconds, not much time to get a good shot.

  9. From Catastophe1017

    Best $8 you could spend and if you break the remote you can get 3 more for $10. 

    if you have a newer iPhone with the night mode when you put it in a tripod the night mode will run for a full thirty seconds. Which with a little backlight or a full moon takes killer pictures without the flash

    i hold the remote with my ring finger or pinkie on the button and then use the other three or four fingers to hold the fish 




  10. From MoCarper :)

    Simpler I-phone

    Open phone

    Click on camera icon/app

    Click on the reverse photo icon in bottom right corner

    At the top tool bar, click the timer- you have 3 seconds, 10 seconds- set your camera to 10 seconds- position yourself/camera till you like/fit in the frame

    Either click the red start button at the bottom, then quickly set yourself, OR

    Hold your fish- reach out with one clean finger and push the button, then position yourself and the camera takes the photo. 


    You will be surprised how much time is 10 seconds- you will see the timer clock down-you can set the camera to take 10 photos in sequence, or one, or continual.



    CAG Big Four 19lb 1 oz 5252021.JPG

  11. Iphone Remote Control


    Iphone Voice Control.png

    1. Launch the Settings app.
    2. Tap Accessibility.
    3. Tap Voice Control.
    4. Turn on the switch next to Voice Control so it's in the green ON position. (You should see a little microphone icon in the top-left corner of your screen indicating that Voice Control is active.)
    5. Next, launch the Camera app and line up your shot (try some test shots first it will save time later when you catch a fish!).
    6. When you're ready, say "Turn up the volume" to activate the camera's shutter and take the picture.
    7. When you're finished, you can disable Voice Control by toggling the switch again in Settings.


    How to Take a Picture Remotely With Siri

    If you're familiar with the Shortcuts app, you can find a shortcut in the Gallery called "Say Cheese" that lets you use Siri to control your ‌iPhone‌'s camera remotely.

    Iphone Siri Say Cheese.png

    Once you've added it to your active shortcuts and given it permission to access your camera and microphone, you'll be able to take photos remotely simply by saying "Hey ‌Siri‌, say cheese."

  12. These are the final and definitive rules for the CAG Fall Big 4 2022.

    Entry to take part in the Fall Big 4 2022 binds you to these rules.

    *** It is the Competitors responsibility to Read, Understand & Abide by these rules. ***

    No changes or allowances will be made to catches or uploads outside of these rules.

    If in doubt ask!


    1.     To enter the Big 4 competition you must be a FULLY paid up CAG member (temporary memberships are excluded from entering) and have registered and paid your entry fee of $12.00 payable in the CAG Store for the Fall Big 4 2022 before Noon on September 30th 2022. No entries will be accepted if your registration or payment falls beyond this date.

    -  Please look for a separate topic on how to post your catches! -

    2.     The Competition will run from October 1st at 0:01am until midnight on November 30th 2022. All uploads must be completed by midnight on November 30th. If you have an issue whereby the upload of an entry is not accepted by the CAG Leaderboard on November 30th you must contact Willem by email: big4@joincag.com by no later than Midday December 1st. Provided your entry complies with the rules we will accept your entry and assist you in including it on the leaderboard. No upload or messages posted with a date/time of December 1st. midday or beyond will count.

    3.     Upload protocol must be adhered to in order to have an entry accepted. If any requirement or detail is missing then the entry will not be counted. It is the Angler’s responsibility to ensure all details are correctly entered. See Rule #6

    4.     Only your four biggest fish (Cyprinus carpio) of the common, mirror or leather varieties count (no grass, buffalo or other strains/breeds will be accepted). Upload the first four fish that you catch during the qualifying period. Subsequently, ONLY upload a fish if it is BIGGER than your fourth biggest fish. DO NOT UPLOAD FISH THAT ARE SMALLER THAN YOUR FOURTH BIGGEST FISH: this clogs the system and causes errors in uploads. This competition is about four big fish & not the total quantity of fish caught during the competition.

    5.     Upload your entries within 48 hours of capture and before midnight on the last day when the competition ends. If you have upload problems or unable to upload within 48 hours of capture you must notify us using this email address only: big4@joincag.com  See Rule #2

    6.     Your Upload must include the following details: (1)Trophy Photo of You, the captor, with the Fish, the Scales used to weigh the fish & the Spring Big 4 Logo for 2021 clearly visible in black and white or color; (2) The exact Weight of the fish in lbs and ozs; (3) The State in which the fish was caught. (4) The Date and Time of capture which must be entered in the comments section under the photo. 

    7.     Photo Requirements: (1) Images must be clear. (See notes below). The fish, angler, scales and logo must all be in focus and clearly visible. (2) The Scales & Big 4 Logo must be positioned in the foreground and as close as possible to the fish (scales or logo’s positioned in the background behind the angler and fish are not acceptable). (3) All photo images must clearly show the full width of the fish. Photos where the fish is presented at an angle (45 degrees, tail or head first etc) to the camera will not be accepted. (4) Photoshopped or altered entries may be subject to disqualification. 

               The CAG BOD reserves the right to request any angler entered in the CAG Big 4 to submit his/her scales for verification in the event of any disputes.

    8.     The Fall Big 4 2022 logo will be available for download in a separate thread just before the start of the Competition (just before midnight on October 1st). 

    9.     Prizes will be awarded to the Anglers finishing in the first 10 places which will be determined as the aggregate of that Anglers best four fish caught within the rules and during the period of the Big 4 Competition. There will be individual prizes awarded for Biggest Common and Biggest Mirror. Additional recognition awards will be made to the captors of the four biggest fish in the 5 regional areas.

    10.   Fish Care. Any entries NOT showing proper fish handling or care will be rejected!

    11.   For the first 72 hours only entries will be also accepted where the photo shows the CAG Fall Big 4 2022 Logo clearly visible on a cell phone or iPad/tablet etc. Printed Logo’s are valid at ALL times during the event dates.

    12.   All Anglers must be in possession of the necessary State Fishing License.

    13.   All fish must be caught on a single hook rig, using legal rod and line methods and must be returned safely without harm.


    How to Weigh your Catch

    Please check your scales for accuracy and ensure that you properly zero the weigh sling (wetted but properly drained) before weighing your catch. Here’s a suggestion: wet your weigh sling, shake off any excess water then hang it on the scales until the water drains and the weight is stable. This usually takes less than 30 seconds. Then zero the sling on the scales and weigh the fish. Scales must be suspended from a Tripod, Weigh Bar or Weigh Crook to ensure stability and accuracy of weight. Holding the body of the scales with your hands will result in an inaccurate reading.


    Some pointers and suggestions for photos.

    The Big 4 Logo should be printed out to ensure it can be clearly seen in the photo (Letter or half letter size is ideal). Enclose your logo in a zip lock bag or get it laminated to prevent it getting wet or damaged.

    When taking the photo have the fish close to your body with your elbows balanced on the thigh/knee area and over a suitable un-hooking mat. This allows you to keep proper control of the fish and to place it back on the mat easily and quickly if required. Do NOT hold the fish out at arms length or while standing. The fish, angler, scales and logo must all be in focus. When taking the picture do not zoom in to just have angler and fish. Zooming in reduces the pixilation count on the photo and reduces the quality of the photo. Winners photos will be used for magazine publication and the biggest regional fish photos will be used for awards.

    A good example of a Big 4 Entry Photo that meets the Requirements for Rules # 7 & #10

    The Big 4 logo and Scales are positioned & clearly visible in the foreground.

    The fish is also being held & supported correctly & positioned over a suitable protective mat


  13. $1,250 PRIZES & AWARDS!!!

     - The Top Ten Big 4 Fish Captors -

    will be awarded prizes based on the order of the Total Weight of Biggest 4 Fish submitted

    by a registered angler & caught from anywhere in North America.

    1st - $300 * 2nd - $150 * 3rd - $100 *  4th - $75 * 5th - $50

    * 6th thro' 10th - $30 each

    *Awarded as Gift Certificates to spend with Big Carp Tackle


    Our thanks to Big Carp Tackle for their continued support for the CAG Big 4

    Additional Prizes will be awarded for:


     - Biggest Common and Biggest Mirror - 

    Biggest Common will receive a $150 Gift Certificate from Carp Bait USA

    CarpBaitUSA Banner 2020.jpeg

    Biggest Mirror will receive a $150 Gift Certificate from Orient Tackle USA

    Orient Banner 2022.png

    - Regional Awards - 

    A Photo Plaque awarded to honor the Biggest 4 Fish winners from each of the 5 Regions across North America

    (Anglers will be required to indicate the state in which those fish were caught).

    Regions I - IV shown below Plus Canada & Mexico Region V

    USA Regions Map.jpeg



    Carp Bait USA Square.jpg

  14. Mountain State Carp Challenge 2022 - The Rules!

    TOURNAMENT RULES.                                      

    This is a Big Four Tournament where the combined weight of the four biggest Common or mirror carp (Cyprinus carpio) caught during the tournament will decide the winners. Trophies and Payouts will be awarded to the top three places.

    If we do not have 3 teams with 4 fish each it will then go to whichever teams have the highest weight of combined fish.  A fish must be ten pounds or more to be entered.   

    A Biggest fish pot will be announced before the tournament starts.

    There will be a peg draw to decide where each team / individual will fish. You will be allowed to draw TWO peg numbers and theb decide which one you will keep and return the other to the draw.

    Once you receive your peg you can immediately head to your peg to set up and pre-bait. Baited rods may not be cast out until the start of the tournament at 7am. Each peg will have two boundaries, your fishing boundaries and your casting boundaries. You must fish and land your fish within the boundaries of your peg. Each peg will have casting boundaries set. You cannot cast beyond your casting boundaries or have your baits beyond the boundaries.  

    Do not block the foot path with anything as it will be in use by the general public. You must make sure that no one is near or behind you when casting. Bivvy's and Canopy's are allowed but must not block the pathway or impede others.                                                    

    When you land a fish you must weight it immediately to make sure it weighs above tens pounds. Fish must be weighed safely in a weigh sling. Unhooking mats and retention slings are required.

    If your fish is over ten pound and bigger than your smallest Big 4 fish you should call the Marshall. The fish must be kept safely in a keepsack or retention sling until your Marshall arrives. The Marshall will then tare the sling and weigh your fish. You must then sign beside the weight to agree to the results. The fish then must be released in sight of your Marshall. It must swim away healthy. Any fish covered in dirt or not taken care of properly will not be counted. Fishing will end on Sunday at 2pm. Marshall’s must be made aware of any fish caught right before 2pm no phone calls will be excepted after.  Awards ceremony will start at 3:30pm.                                            

    This is a one or two man team tournament.  Each team may only have four poles with one single hook (no bigger than size 1) carp safe rig on each line.  Treble hooks or snagging devices are not allowed.

    Spods, spombs, spoons, sling shots, are all acceptable means of baiting. No Bait boats, kayaks, wading etc will be allowed.

    Deepers or similar fish finders and marker floats are allowed.          

    This is a Catch & Release Carp Tournament. Fish care is very important. Do not allow your fish to fall or flop around on the ground. Unhooking mats or cradles are a must. Any fish covered in dirt or damaged will not be counted. Fish friendly carp nets are required. All fish must be kept in a weigh or retention sling in the water or keep sack until a Marshall can weigh the fish.                      

    No snagging. Fish must be hooked in or within one inch of mouth.  Foul hooked fish will not be counted.                                                   

    All fish must swim away properly in sight of the Marshall to count.                         

    Respect your Marshall. The Marshalls decision is final. Anyone badmouthing or arguing will be excluded from the tournament.

    Anglers must wind in their lines when leaving the peg for any reason.                                                        

    This is a public water and we have been granted permission to hold this tournament and fish overnight. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

    Respect other anglers and anyone else in and around our tournament. This is a public area and anyone who is disrespectful to others will be disqualified and banned from future evens.                                               

    Keep the walking path unobstructed.

    There are bathrooms are on-site. Please use them. If you cannot leave your peg use a bucket out of public view. Please bag waste and dispose of properly. 

    You must keep your peg clean of trash and or clutter.              

    You cannot pre fish or pre-bait the lake from Sunday Oct 9th 2022                                           

    ALL State fishing laws apply and you must have a valid West Virginia fishing license.                           

    Anyone ignoring or breaking of the rules will be disqualified and banned from future events.                                   

    REGISTRATION BEGINS SEPT 1ST AND IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Until all 15 pegs are filled or registration ends on Oct 1st

    Registration fee is $50 dollars per team and the balance of $225 (cash) must be paid on the day of tournament and before the peg draw. Any no shows will lose their deposit.                          

    All anglers must be a current CAG (Carp Anglers Group) member on Oct 14th to fish the tournament.                                                   

    All participants must sign a liability waiver to take part.

  15. Mountain State Carp Challenge

    Lake William, Barboursville WV  -  15 & 16 October 2022



    REGISTRATION: BEGINS SEPT 1ST AND IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Until all 15 pegs are filled or registration ends on Oct 1st

    Registration fee is $50 dollars per team and the balance of $225(cash) must be paid on the day of tournament and before the peg draw. Any no shows will lose their deposit. 

    $50 Registration x 13 = $650 (covers trophies, expenses, site rental, and balance of prize money $75)

    $225 x 13 = $2925 + $75 = $3,000 (Cash Prizes)* First: $1500, Second: $1000, Third: $500

    *Payouts based on 13 Pegs being sold. Fewer teams will result in adjusted payouts.

    A Biggest Fish Pot will be available. All anglers can take part (not just teams). It will be a winner takes all outcome for the angler catching the biggest fish.                     

    All anglers must be a current CAG (Carp Anglers Group) member on Oct 14th to fish the tournament.                                                   

    All participants must be aged over 18 and sign a liability waiver to take part.

  16. 2022 CCC RULES

    As a minimum there shall be prizes for the Biggest Carp, and Biggest 4 Carp (total weight of 4 biggest carp caught by angler). Additional Prizes for Total Overall Weight, Section Winners, First Fish, Smallest Fish and Biggest Mirror are also being planned.

    Carp King Belt Buckle awarded for the capture of the Biggest Carp

    North American Champion Trophy awarded to Biggest 4 Carp


    1.The Peg Draw shall start no later than 7:00 am on Saturday morning (Anglers who are arriving early in the morning must register and have their scales checked before 6:30am), with Fishing from 8:00am to 4:00pm. The Award Ceremony will follow at the advertised time & place. Scale certification will also be available on Friday evening at the Meet & Greet.

    2. All anglers must hold a valid NY fishing license. All anglers must have pre-registered and have pre-paid all entry fees before the draw. There is to be no fishing by anglers along the venue on the day PRIOR to the CCC date; any competitor found pre-baiting, plumbing, or fishing after this time and before the official start of the competition will be disqualified, and their entry fees forfeited. 

    3. This is a catch-and-release competition; no fish will be weighed unless it was caught fairly (hook must be within 2 inches of the fishes mouth), has been handled safely, and can be released alive. 

    4. Any angler found attempting to weigh in fish that are snagged, foul-hooked (hook is in a part of the fish’s body more than 2 inches from the mouth) or caught by any other unfair means will be disqualified from the competition. The Weigh Officials’ decision in all such cases shall be final.

    5. Only Carp ( Common or Mirror ) can be weighed in and counted for any awards or prizes. All other fish (including Game Fish) do not count, and must be returned immediately to the water. Anyone attempting to retain a Game Fish will be disqualified from the competition.

    6. If two anglers, as a result of travelling together or a requirement for extra assistance, need to fish adjacent pegs then they must notify the Draw Official no later than the evening BEFORE the peg draw.  These anglers will be allowed to draw first. One of the two Anglers will draw a peg number and the next peg will be assigned to his partner. In the event the first angler picks an end peg the two pegs above or below will be assigned. This will ensure that there are always independent anglers either side of the Two anglers for the purposes of weighing as in Rule 18. Please note: The CCC is an Individual tournament and EACH angler MUST fish independently of any other.

    Each angler must fish and place all of their fishing equipment within a rod-length (12 feet) either side of their peg.

    Anglers can cast to any point up to halfway between their peg and the pegs on either side, or up to 15 yards from their peg in the case of end peg in the section. Any infringements in placing their fishing equipment more than 12 feet from their peg, or in attempted casting outside their peg area, will make the Angler concerned liable for disqualification from the competition.

    7. Big Carp are hard-fighting fish; there may be a need for an angler to leave their peg location momentarily, to play a fish that is running parallel to the bank. Please be considerate of other anglers; try and avoid playing your fish in their pegged areas. Adjacent pegged anglers are encouraged to help an angler in difficulties with a big fish by removing their lines from the water while the fish is being played. Neighboring Anglers can help by netting fish or removing other rods for the Angler; no other assistance is allowed.  

    8. Anglers may leave their pegged area to answer a call of nature, etc.  All lines must be reeled in before leaving. If the angler wishes to leave during the competition, they need to record their leaving time with the Anglers either side of them, and remove all their equipment from their pegged area. Anglers must be present at the end of the Awards Ceremony after competition closes to be eligible for any prizes and awards.  

    9. No boats, bait-boats or wading, use of floatation devices or swimming (except in an emergency!); fishing from the shoreline only. Exception – an angler can enter the water by authorization from a Weigh Offficial or Angler at the next peg, to free a fish caught in a snag, weed or otherwise in distress or possible danger. Please ensure that you receive a verbal authorization from the Angler at the next peg or Official present before you enter the water. 

    10. Only 2 RODS per angler may be used at any time, with 1 single hook per rod. Hooks can be no larger than a size 1, recommended hook patterns are barbless and micro-barbed (e.g. a standard Carp Hook), or have the barb squeezed down with pliers. Hooks larger than a size 1, multiple hooks, double or treble hooks and hooks with an oversized barb are not allowed. Weigh Officials have the right to inspect angler’s hooks, and can disallow fish caught on any other type of hook; Weigh Officials decision in all such cases will be final. The angler can use an additional rod for spodding, spombing, or controlling a marker float; no fishhooks can be attached to any part of the line on this rod. The angler can have additional rods pre-rigged at the peg; but they can only have a maximum of two baits in the water at any time. Any angler found breaking these rules or fishing or attempting to fish in an unsportsmanlike way will be disqualified from the competition. Any angler breaking the 2 rod & 1 hook per line competition rules will be disqualified from the competition. 

    11. Required for each angler: a well-padded unhooking mat, a carp-specific weigh sling, a set of scales & tripod/monopod for weighing the fish, and at least 1 mesh style/CAG approved & well ventilated carp sack or retention sling (for retaining fish in the water before weighing), and a soft, knotless mesh “fish friendly” landing net of the appropriate size.  

    Anglers will not be allowed to count fish towards their total if they do not have a suitable mat and landing net. 

    12. Pre-Baiting will not be allowed. No breaking of the water is allowed before the start of the competition, except to plumb the depth, position a marker float, wet nets, unhooking mats and carp-sacks. Anglers are allowed to draw a small amount of water in a suitable bucket or pail, to wet and prepare ground bait (chum) before the start.  

    13. The competition will start promptly at the advertised time; fishing time will be signaled by one long blast on a car horn or by Weigh Officials. The fishing period will last a maximum of 8 hours with competition close announced by two long blasts on a car horn or Weigh Stewards. All fishing lines must be removed promptly at the end of the competition. Any angler playing a fish when the competition end is announced must call out and signal “Fish On”. The angler will have a maximum of 15 minutes to play the fish in and net it; timekeeping will be the responsibility of the Anglers at adjacent pegs

    14. ALL Baits and Chum / Ground bait must be fish safe. Allowed baits include bread, corn (sweetcorn or boiled maize), particles, boilies, pellet and paste baits, etc.  In addition, anglers can use natural baits such as worms, night crawlers, maggots, mealworms, wax worms, crickets and hellgrammites, etc.  Artificial baits, attached to each hook/hair rig system (e.g. artificial corn, boilie, crayfish fly, etc.) can be used, but no spoons, plugs, jigs, or other metal lures can be used. The Weigh Officials have the right to inspect all baits, and disallow any bait they deem illegal, offensive or dangerous. 

    15. All standard, Carp-safe rigs are allowed; all rigs should include either a Safety Clip or allow the lead/sinker to slide over knots in the case of an Inline, Helicopter, or Method Feeder rig. Zig Fishing, Fly Fishing, Float Fishing or Pole Fishing Rigs must include a lower breaking strain leader/hook length/tippet, to avoid a Carp breaking off the whole rig. All rigs are liable to inspection by Weigh Officials; any unsafe rigs found must be changed immediately, or the Angler concerned will be disqualified from the competition. Weighing Officials decision in all such cases will be final.

    16. Ground baiting (chumming) is allowed only after the advertised start time. Spods / Spombs, PVA bags, nets & string, catapults (fishing slingshots), throwing spoons, and feeders of all types are acceptable. Please bait intelligently and only within your peg area. 

    17. Scales Calibration Check - Any Angler wanting to use their scales to have their fish weighed by a neighboring Angler must present their scales for calibration check to the Weigh Officials on Friday evening (or at 6:30am on Saturday morning for those Anglers arriving on Saturday). Weigh Officials will mark checked scales for neighboring Anglers to identify which scales can be used for weighing purposes. 

    18. Weighing System – Each angler’s fish will be weighed and recorded by a neighboring Angler on the Anglers Weigh Sheet with exact weight, type (Common or Mirror Carp), and time caught. The neighboring Angler will also sign the Weigh Sheet. It is each angler’s ultimate responsibility for ensuring that his/her fish is recorded accurately, and that the Weigh Sheet is delivered to the Weigh Officials at the  end of the competition. In the event of any weighing disagreements or discrepancies, please notify the Organizer or Weigh Official immediately, within 1 hour of the end of the competition day, in person.

     The Organizer and Weigh Official will examine the Angler’s Weigh Sheet, talk to the Recording Angler, and will advise the angler of the decision. In all cases, the Organizers decision shall be final and binding.

    19. In the event of a tie for any total or big 4 weight awards & prizes, the angler with the biggest single fish shall be judged the winner. In the event of a tie for the weight of a single fish award or prize, the award of trophy will be decided by a coin toss.

    20. A Runner (Angler’s Guest) is allowed to be with the Angler at their designated peg, to support the Anglers by netting fish, assisting the Weigh Officials with the weighing and recording of fish, and by releasing fish safely back to the water. In addition, the Runner can leave the peg at any time, to fetch food and drink, carry the Angler’s gear, and liaise with spectators, the Weigh Team, and Media Representatives.  The Runner cannot bait the hook for the angler, cast out, or otherwise touch the fishing rod until the fish is netted; at that point the Runner may move the rod and net out of the way, assist with unhooking the fish, and liaise with the Weigh Official.  

    21. Anglers are responsible for their own property, safety and liability for any damage or injury to others. The Organizer of this competition, and the Sponsors, wave any liability for any personal loss or injury, howsoever caused; this is an “enter-at-your-own-risk” event. Please remember that there are likely to be spectators and children present at all times. Look behind you before you cast!

    22. You must be a Fully Paid CAG Member over the age of 16 (on or before the date of the event) to enter the CCC. The $65 Entry Fee must be fully paid to CAG before the draw on Sept 24th. This event will be limited to a maximum of 50 Anglers. 

    23. If the event needs to be cancelled, due to extreme weather conditions, Covid restrictions etc any refunds will be at the sole discretion of the CAG BOD; their decision will be final.

    24. Anglers will be required to sign a waiver of liability before being allowed to enter the draw; any refusal to sign will result in instant disqualification of that Angler. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian also sign the waiver.


    A valid NYS fishing license must be with you when fishing. Licenses can be obtained on line. http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6091.html   Out of state members can purchase a one day license for $10


    The Hudson River is a tidal river and as anyone who has ever fished a tidal river knows adjustments have to be made for the flow and changes in depth.

    Be prepared!


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