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  1. There is nothing like a hot drink to keep you warm on these increasingly chilly Fall days... and better still when its in an insulated Delkim mug for $12.95! Available from your Delkim dealer outlet And don't forget to keep your head warm with a Delkim fleece hat for only $14.95! Fish not included...
  2. Here's an in-depth review of the Saxon hexalite 3.25 rods with Dynamite Field Consultant & top British and now USA based carper Craig Parkes. Not only did Craig take a string of big fish but also landed himself a new USA PB at 40.06 You can either follow the link or download and read the attached file. http://saxontackle.com/?p=1782 SaxonReviewCraigParkes.pdf
  3. Here's an in-depth review of the Saxon hexalite 3.25 rods with Dynamite Field Consultant & top British and now USA based carper Craig Parkes. Not only did Craig take a string of big fish but also landed himself a new USA PB at 40.06 You can either follow the link or download and read the attached file. http://saxontackle.com/?p=1782 SaxonReviewCraigParkes.pdf
  4. After a prolonged wait the much anticipated Delkim Smart Clips have been officially launched! Simply attach the Smart Clip to your rod and clip in the line to create the perfect "V" to support your hanger, bobbin or other line indicator. No matter what the rod angle the indicator will positioned to give the maximum sensitivity and bite or drop back detection. Smart Clips are tangle free and can stay in position while casting. Allows perfect adjustment of the line angle for maximum sensitivity and bite detection Smooth strike release - no risk of line catching Mounts quickly and easily to almost all rod diameters with a flexible band Stays on the rod when casting Allows micro adjustment to increase or decrease the effective bobbin weight Works the ALL makes of bite alarm, hanger, bobbin etc - NOT just Delkim! Available from your favorite North American Delkim outlet. Retail: US$ 22.50 for a pack of 3 Smart Clips inc 3 'O'-rings Special Introductory Offer: Save over 10% if you order before Sept 30th for only $19.99
  5. I think my position on the 'commercial' side would be seen as a conflict of interest...
  6. The flyfishers moved over to the 'free' UsCarpPro forum and now account for 60-80% of the total forum activity. Shame to see them go and I think its a B-I-G mistake not to make access more 'freely' available to them on CAG. It is estimated that there are 500,000 folk fly fishing for carp in North America. We could certainly do with their input and support if we want to further the sport of carp fishing as a whole. And if we are lucky a few might even pay the $25 to join CAG...
  7. Savayman


    Same here... seems fine now.
  8. Me neither and my email is up to date...
  9. Stubborn will always win through... well done everyone involved!
  10. Here are some great reasons to add some imitation plastic baits to your kit... - On their own over method or pack mixes they make an ideal 'pick-up' - Especially with soft baits or boilie pop-ups they help keep the bait on the hair or the hook. - In combination with the real thing they can provide a balanced bait effect. - The bright fluorescent colors of the imitation corn can be a winner for added attraction to make hook baits really stand out. - Bait Logic offer two convenient sized boxes holding a selection of Mimik imitation baits Each box offers a selection of Critical (neutral buoyancy) & Pop-Up Corn plus imitation Pellets, Tiger Nuts, Chum Mixer and Maize, while the large box has more Corn color choices plus fluoro Maggots and an incredibly realistic Floating Bread imitation. Great Savings! - Not only will you save on real bait but the Box selections of Mimiks also represent a saving of nearly 20 - 25% over individual packs plus you get the handy compartment box free! For more details and your local dealer outlet: http://saxontackle.com/?page_id=1398
  11. Mini Spombs will be in stock and ready to ship from our dealers by the end of this week... Appreciate everyone's patience! Brilliant bit of kit - loaded one up with boilies and at 3oz it cast a mile (OK - well over 120yds) on a 3.25 test curve rod. Weighs a bit more with a wet mix.
  12. The new mini Spomb will be available in the next couple of weeks! About 1/4 the capacity of the original Spomb the mini spomb can easily be cast on any regular carp rod capable of throwing a 3oz lead. Just like its big brother the mini spomb can be loaded with boilies (up to fifteen 15mm) or any other chum material - either wet or dry. Spombs are simple to use... just Load, Close, Cast & Retrieve! Unlike spods the Spomb will not lose material mid flight and can be retrieved instantly without waiting for it to empty. Retail price in North America is $16.95 but order yours now for a special introductory offer of only $14.95 Order now from Big Carp Tackle, Carp Kit International, Resistance Tackle and Wacker Bait & Tackle
  13. Delkim have added a range of colored hard cases to their range... At only $8.99 each they will certainly brighten up your alarms and make it easier to determine the LED color when setting up. They should be available from North American dealers by the end of March. Note: Delkim Txi and Standard Plus alarms already come with a standard black hard case as standard.
  14. Delkim Headwear Delkim have added a very stylish baseball cap to their range of clothing items. 100% high quality cotton in black with the Delkim logo embroidered in color. Only $14.95 and available from your favorite Delkim dealer outlets. Even with spring approaching there are bound to be some cool day or night sessions... Keep your head warm with a Delkim Fleece Hat for only $14.95 Polo Shirts - New sizes available! Also available are the Henbury 100% Cotton short sleeve polo shirts in Black or Olive with Delkim logos embroidered on the chest and sleeve. Great value at only $29.95 Sizes available: M, L, XL and XXL
  15. Even with the launch of several new alarms in the past 18 months there is still only one alarm that continues to top the awards list...
  16. We’ve had lots of requests to create a storage case for your Delkim alarms… And as with all Delkim products it’s top quality!. The Delkim Black Box has space to hold four alarms and a receiver (with or without hard cases) in super protective foam cut-outs. There is also a neat zipper pocket to store your accessories such as NiteLites and DuoCarbs. The durable outer shell complete with the Delkim logo and a comfi-grip handle will ensure the safe transportation & storage of your alarms for years to come. Delkim Black Box Storage Case Price: $34.95 I'm hoping to get delivery of the first batch in mid December - If you are interested please place your order with your local DELKIM stockist ASAP.
  17. There is nothing worse than enduring a fishing session while feeling the cold... These Delkim logo fleece hats keep your head warm & will go a long way to keeping you comfortable and ready for action as the temperatures drop. At only $14.95 (inc postage within USA) its a small price to pay to stay warm & cozy this Fall & Winter. PM if you want to order and One size fits all... ... and of course wearing one is the perfect compliment to any big fish photo!
  18. Saxon Tackle exclusive importer of Bait Logic's Mimik Imitation baits has added more products to the range... In addition to the highly successful Carp Box selections we are now offering the following: Pop-Up Imitation boilies Pop-Up Imitation Sweetcorn Imitation Fluoro Maggots Floating Bread Flake For more information check out our web page: Bait Logic Mimik Baits Mimik Bait Retail 2 Page.pdf These items are now available through our leading retail outlets.
  19. We now have in stock the long awaited Delkim D-Stak Hanger Weights... Each pack contains 6 x 5gm hanger weights that have a standard 2 BA thread that is compatible with most hanger systems including Delkims NiteLites. The D-Staks can be screwed together to allow additional weights to be combined to adjust for wind, drift and other forms of line drag to ensure the perfect balance. The D-Stak weights are made from a mat black finish stainless steel. Each pack of 6 weights retails at just US$ 11.95 For more information and retail outlets please visit: Saxon Tackle Website
  20. Wow - thank-you to all those who took up the offer on the Saxon rods. This was clearly a bigger hit than I'd imagined. There are just a few pairs now left at the special rate.
  21. A lot of folk have asked about getting the Saxon rods but could not quite squeeze the budget together for them... Until now that is! This is your opportunity to buy any of the Saxon models (2.50, 2.75, 3.00, 3.25 & 3.50) for just $199.95 each. I'm putting up 20 pairs of rods up for a limited period only - first come first served. Remember these rods normally retail for between $228 - $274. This offer is open to North American customers only. Buy Saxon rods at Big Carp Tackle
  22. For those who have been waiting patiently... The new MIMIK imitation bait selection boxes are now in stock at Carp Kit International and Big Carp Tackle! Each box contains a selection of imitation baits (such as pop-up or critical balance corn, maize, tigers, maggots, pellets etc) Mimiks can be used on their own, in combination with the real thing, as a boilie stop or even as a pick-up when using pack baits. They are very durable and will stay on the hook or hair and can be re-used time and again. Mimiks will also absorb flavors for added attraction! The box selections save 20-25% over individual packets of imitation baits and include a free compartment box. More details: Mimiks I've also attached a picture of the floating bread flake (2 pieces included in the large box)... the only stuff I've seen that actually looks and behaves like the real thing without falling off the hook!
  23. Saxon announces the introduction of its Mimik range of artificial baits. These stunningly life like bait imitations are resistant to attack from nuisance fish or crayfish and can be side hooked or hair rigged alone or in combination with real baits. Available in Pop-Up or Critical (neutral buoyancy) balance options they are also ideal as visual boilie stops. A choice of two Carp box sizes (Small & Large) offer a selection of Critical & Pop-Up corn plus imitation pellets, tiger nuts, chum mixer and maize, while the large box has more corn color choices plus maggots and floating bread (and it really looks like bread!). Each Mimik bait can be soaked in your favorite attractant or flavor and the pellets also have a recess that can be filled with paste or foam soaked in flavor for added success. The box selections of Mimiks represent a saving of nearly 20 - 25% over baits bought individually plus you get the handy compartment box free! Saxon website link: Mimik bait box combos Email or PM if you are looking to place and order and we'll arrange with one of our vendors. Small Carp Box: $14.95 Large Carp Box: $29.95
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