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  1. We are in the process of finalizing a fish in for Sunday April 22nd
  2. I’ll be providing an update end of this week on the next steps we need to take. Still not letting this go through without a fight!
  3. Exception to bow fishing attached to HB #5360
  4. Trophy Carp Regulations update! Please visit: https://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/menu/CommDocTmyBillAllComm.asp?bill=HB-05360&doc_year=2018 If you submitted testimony please check to see if it was added. If not please send and an email as follows: Please send you email to: envtestimony@cga.ct.gov Subject line: HB 5360 exceptions to Trophy Carp Regulations I am against the exceptions for bow fishing introduced and added to HB 5360, especially for the Connecticut River & its Coves. As a catch & release angler I fully support and endorse the legislation to create Trophy Carp Waters and Creel Limits for common carp. The Connecticut river offers an exceptional opportunity to create a trophy carp water without impacting other fish species or the water quality. As noted by DEEP Fisheries scientists common carp rarely, if ever, pose any issues to water quality in Connecticut & surrounding New England states. Since their introduction in the 1800’s common carp have become naturalized and their spawn and fry provide exceptional food resources for other fish and wildlife. Where you find big carp you invariably find big bass, walleye, pike, perch and other species. The killing of many hundreds of trophy carp by bow fishers during the spawn is not only highly detrimental to creating a trophy carp fishery but has been documented to result in potential problems due to an increased biomass of smaller carp. The rapid growth in catch and release trophy carp fishing and the creation of Trophy carp waters, especially the CT River, is of significant economic importance to Connecticut. <Your Name , State> Please indicate if you travel to carp fish in CT?
  5. I’ve messaged Willem to help you.
  6. Thank you everyone. I’ll be posting an update as and when I get more information.
  7. URGENT! So here is the update on CT Fishery Regulations and the Trophy Carp Waters and Creel Limits. There is a meeting TOMORROW to get exemptions to allow unrestricted bow fishing in the following areas. CT River below Middletown, Housy below Derby Dam and the Quinnapiac River. It is therefore critical to send an email and request that NO decision or exemption to the new regulations be made WITHOUT allowing all interested parties to be engaged in the discussion. Please send you email to: envtestimony@cga.ct.gov Please also consider contacting Senator Craig Miner who helped support the new CT Fishery Regulations http://ctsenaterepublicans.com/contact-miner/ Here is my response below. PLEASE feel free to copy and paste my response or send your own email - but do it today! Also go to the link for Senator Craig Miner who supported the CT regulations and use the contact form to voice your concerns. Re: Meeting of Environment Committee on Wed March 14th 2018 As a catch & release angler who supports and endorses the Connecticut Trophy Carp Water and Creel Limit regulations for common carp I am extremely concerned to hear that there are changes or amendments being sought without an opportunity for discussion among ALL interested parties. It is my understanding that the changes would give an exemption to bow fishing on the CT River below Middletown, the Quinnipiac river and below the Derby dam on the Housatonic River. These are without doubt the areas bow fishers most wish to target as it gives them the easiest access to kill Trophy sized carp, especially when spawning in shallow coves and marsh areas. Bow fishers focus on killing big fish. This is perhaps the greatest area of contention for regular rod & line anglers. A single bow fishing boat can boast of killing 20-30 trophy sized carp in a single night. Carp are long lived and a specimen carp weighing over twenty pounds may be 10-12 years in age and a 30 considerably older. Killing these valuable trophy fish not only destroys the sporting opportunities for the growing numbers of catch & release anglers but can also have significant impacts on the natural environment and balance of fish populations, including native species. While common carp are sometimes considered ‘invasive’ they are not to be confused with Asian carp species. In many waters such as those in New England they have become naturalized and rarely if ever pose the water quality issues or over population that some claim. Where you find trophy sized carp you will invariably find trophy sized bass, pike, walleye and other species. Catch & Release Trophy carp fishing has seen a significant growth in recent years here in North America and especially Connecticut. It is already valued at over US $ 7 billion in Europe. CT has seen significant revenue growth for local businesses who sell carp angling bait and tackle and many others who benefit from the influx of visiting anglers. The new carp regulations (without exemptions) would certainly support further growth. The new CT fishery regulations provided ample opportunity for discussion over the past year. I would respectfully request that the regulations remain unchanged without any amendment for such exemptions. I am opposed to any exemptions or changes to the recently adopted CT regulations for Trophy Carp Waters and Creel Limits until ALL interested parties have had an opportunity to be engaged in further discussion. Sincerely, "Add Your Name"
  8. I'm sure some of you may already know that Horace (Ol Captain) LaFavor's son Chad passed away recently after a long battle with cancer. On behalf of CAG and all it's members we offer our sincerest condolences to Horace and his family. Obituary for Chad Matthew LaFavor Mr. Chad Matthew LaFavor, 42, of Powder Springs, Georgia passed away Monday, March 5, 2018. He was born January 30, 1976 in Atlanta, Georgia, the son of Mr. Horace Frederick LaFavor and Mrs. Ramona Jean Gifford LaFavor. He was a standout basketball player at Lithia Springs High School. He married Meredith Lawhon on June 22, 1996 in Lithia Springs. He was a hard worker with a strong work ethic. He was employed as a Forklift Operator for Argos USA Cement. He enjoyed weightlifting, coaching basketball and spending time with his family. He enjoyed watching and supporting his daughter in travel softball. He was an avid fan of the Duke Blue Devils. He was a devoted Christian man and loved his family dearly. He was a member of the Villa Rica First Baptist Church. He was a man who made a difference in the lives of others. He is survived by his wife of 21 years, Meredith Lawhon LaFavor of Powder Springs; daughter, Macie LaFavor; son, Jake LaFavor; his parents, Horace and Ramona LaFavor of Eatonton; sister and brother-in-law, Lauren and Chris Brown of Milledgeville; his maternal grandmother, Dorothy Gifford of Austell; one granddaughter, Sadie Brooke LaFavor; four nephews, Gage Brown, Carter Brown, Caleb Schmidt, and Noah Schmidt; niece, Hannah Schmidt; several aunts, uncles and cousins. The family will receive friends at the Villa Rica First Baptist Church, 1483 W. Highway 78, Villa Rica, GA 30180, Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 12:00 PM until 2:00 PM. Memorial Services will be conducted immediately following the visitation at 2:00 PM at the Villa Rica First Baptist Church with Dr. Kevin Williams officiating. In lieu of flowers, contributions in his memory may be made to Jones-Wynn Funeral Home & Crematory, 2189 Midway Road, Douglasville, GA 30135, for the continuing education of the children. Messages of condolence to the family may be sent at www.jones-wynn.com. Jones-Wynn Funeral Home & Crematory of Douglasville is in charge of arrangements. 770-942-2311 http://www.jones-wynn.com/obituaries/Chad-Lafavor/
  9. CAG Trifold Brochure - Inside Page View File CAG Trifold Brochure - Inside Page Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 03/09/2018 Category General
  10. CAG Trifold Brochure - Front Page View File CAG Trifold Brochure - Front Page Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 03/09/2018 Category General
  11. I would like to welcome Stuart Black as the new CAG State Chair for Arizona. Stuart is active in the Phoenix area and you can follow whats happening in AZ via the following pages. Arizona Carp Anglers: www.facebook.com/groups/1458151887778334/ AZ C.A.R.P. www.facebook.com/AZCARP He’s been organizing local kids fishing events as well as tournaments such as the current ‘Tightlines Cup’. It would be remiss of me not to mention Carl Gardner as the outgoing chair and his efforts to promote carp in Arizona. Carl (aka Carpman) became state chair back in Dave Moore’s term as President and helped highlight the many opportunities that AZ has to offer. Our best wishes to Carl and we’ll continue to follow his fishing adventures.
  12. CAG Logos View File GAG Logos Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 03/08/2018 Category General
  13. Please Release the Big Carp Flyer View File This is a handout flyer that invites people to release big carp. I used Google Translate so not sure how accurate it might be but hopefully it will help! Please Release the Big Carp Please take only smaller carp to eat and release any fish greater than 5Kg or 12lb. This will allow the bigger fish to grow and breed so you will always have fish to eat and it will make good fishing for everyone. Danger! In many places the water and sediments are polluted with dangerous chemicals and toxins. Eating only small fish will be safer for you and your family. It is recommended that you eat only one fish meal each week. Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 03/06/2018 Category General
  14. Here's a flyer I made up a few years ago. I used Google translate so cannot vouch for the accuracy of the translations but hopefully it will get the message across! You can print out a few copies and hand them out as you see fit. Please Release the Big Carp.pdf
  15. As President of the Carp Anglers Group of North America I'm immensely proud of this achievement. Common carp are often considered a 'trash' fish here in North America and most states offer no protection for carp (of any size), nor limits on the number of carp that can be killed or taken and in some cases actively promote their destruction. So I'm delighted that my home state of Connecticut has just announced the following new regulations for the creation of trophy carp waters and limits on the taking of carp from all other state waters. COMMON CARP There is now a creel limit of 5 common carp per day, with no more than 1 fish greater than 30 inches in length, except in Trophy Carp Waters. TROPHY CARP WATERS Batterson Park Pond, Connecticut River (including the portions of tributaries open year-round), Squantz Pond and West Thompson Reservoir are designated as Trophy Carp Waters with a one carp per day creel limit and a 26 inch maximum length for Common Carp. This is a true milestone & recognition for the work that we've been doing behind the scenes over many years. I'll be making another post later to thank those who helped make this possible! #trophycarpwaters #carpanglersgroup #joincag
  16. This year we can announce that Mark Pitchers has agreed to join us on the ‘big screen’ for our 2018 NECC Live Link. Mark probably needs no introduction but his bio simply reads: Carp Angler, Angling Journalist, Fishery Owner, Consultant & self proclaimed carp freak! Mark’s series ‘The Challenge’ has been a huge hit on TV & YouTube. His DVD “In Pursuit of Carpiness” with Harry Charrington featured their fishing adventures including a visit to the USA and a July 4th session on the CT River in Middletown. Now that's Carpy! The 2018 North East Carp Conference is being held Saturday April 21st at the Elks Club in Middletown CT (same location as last year). Tickets are now on sale in the CAG store! http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/73-north-east-carp-conference/
  17. Go into you Faebook "Settings" (its the little white 'V' on the right of the blue tool bar at the top of the page Then click on Notifications where you can manage what gets sent to you email.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to the latest edition of the CAG Newsletter. This can be downloaded and printed or read on your computer screen or mobile device.
  19. There are always some great deals on bait & tackle to be had at the NECC making it an ideal time to stock up in preparation for the season ahead! Keep a look out for updates from our vendors. If you don't have your ticket yet please don't wait!
  20. Update on Treasurer position. Paul Cienciera has notified the Board that he is no longer able to take on the role of Treasurer. As a result I will assume the role until we can find someone to takeover. Jerome has also agreed to help provide logistical support. If any CAG member wishes to be considered for this key position please get in touch.
  21. I'm delighted to announce that Dave Pickering has stepped forward and been elected as the new Vice President for CAG. Dave has been a longtime member of CAG and currently serves as the State Chair for Rhode Island and on the Board of Directors as CAG Secretary. His depth of knowledge and understanding for running of CAG makes him well very qualified to take on this role.
  22. The 2018 North East Carp Conference is being held Saturday April 21st at the Elks Club in Middletown CT (same location as last year). Tickets are now on sale in the CAG store! http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/73-north-east-carp-conference/ After the success of last years NECC we are anticipating that this will be a sell out event. Please get your tickets now. Rig, Bait & Beginner Clinics. Tackle & Bait Vendors. Expert Panel Q&A – We are planning another live video link with one of the UKs top carp anglers! Guest Speakers – talks from top level carp anglers Door & Raffle Prizes – Hundreds of $$$ worth of top tackle prizes. Food & Beverages on sale during day. Vendors include: Big Carp Tackle, CarpMaxx, Trilogy, Advanced Fishing Rods, World Classic Baits, Fishing Factory, Carp Mart, Trilogy Don't miss it!
  23. Welcome back mate! PM me your contact details and I'll get in touch.
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