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  1. Try calling feed stores around the area and ask for "Hansen and Mueller Steam Rolled Oats." They run between 20-30 dollars for #50 here in Ohio.


    EDIT: Unless that's what you have already found for 63 dollars.

  2. On 3/25/2016 at 8:46 PM, chris reitan said:

    How do you manage the anise oil?  I had some years ago and it was completly solid below about 65 degrees.  I was convinced it was to solid to be absorbed by my hook baits.  Do you add something else to keep it in a liquid state?

    I don't do anything to keep it in its liquid state. I only soak my foam pieces in it and if it turns solid I just wipe off the excess when putting it on the hair. For what it's worth, I don't fill the entire jar with oil. I pour in just enough to coat the foam, allow for some absorption and add more if needed. If you put too much in a jar and it solidifies, now you have to get your bait out somehow. A little anise oil goes a long way. I've had the same 8oz bottle for 3 years and still have 1/4 of it left.

  3. chicarp,

    As far as hookbaits are concerned, I've done well on World Classic Baits 4Season and PB Crayfish pop-ups. I've also caught on the Compulsion BioActive hookbait boilies. These were used throughout the year in Ohio, Spring through Fall. 

    I've also had good luck with Dynamite Baits Pineapple Banana as well as Tutti Frutti pop-ups.

    I think the main objective in regards to the seasons is to target areas likely to hold fish first and then consider your bait flavor.

  4. Alan,

    Very interesting! I've used Anise during my whole "Euro carping" career of 6 years or so. Even before my days of hair rigs and pack/method baits, I was using anise in my Wheatie balls with decent results. I would definitely give it a shot!

    You can always start with the Anise extract since it is readily available and move to Anise oil. I bought the oil on ebay.

  5. Alan,

    I use pure Anise oil and not the extract (I believe the LorAnn you referred to is Anise extract). The extract contains mostly alcohol and will start to smell like it if you soak your baits for long periods of time or after staying in the sun/heat too long. Ultimately the anise smell will disappear. That being said, if you do get pure Anise oil be sure to use a glass container if you're soaking your baits and not plastic. I will also add that anise oil will "eat away or melt" soft rubber baits such as Enterprise corn. Anise oil will also turn from a liquid to "solid" when the temperature cools down. 

    I only use anise on my hookbaits and never in my pack/method mix. I usually keep that plain. Let the hookbait entice the carp.

  6. 2 hours ago, Bold2013 said:

    Is that lead fixed by the upper plastic stop or just semifixed?

    Nope not fixed, semi. There is a little rubber "stop" to prevent the lead from sliding on a take, but once I get the fish in, the stop is 3-4 feet up the line.

  7. Managed two Carp on my outing yesterday as well as 5-6 small catfish. I used my typical cold water bait, panko with a corn puff on the hook. One rod had a cinnamon flavored puff while the other was anise. It won't be long before the water warms and the action really heats up!

    5-6 lbs

    14lbs and ready to pop

  8. 3 hours ago, Bold2013 said:

    Maumee River was my old stomping ground in med school.

    I also fished out of Walburg park next to the zoo in a spot between the yatch club and Clark island. (Check out a Google map of it)

    Also try promenade park at the outlet of swan creek from the maumee which is essentially on the other side of the river from international park.

    big fish potential with prebaiting

    WHOA! HE LIVES! Make a trip back to Ohio someday, the Carp miss you. :D

  9. Who's all going ???

    Looks like most are waiting to see what this hurricane does....I too am keeping as close eye on the forecast (NO Vince. Do NOT say anyyhing...it changes daily...dont jinx it...lol)

    You know I'll be there. I may bring an old friend with me. She hasn't been out with Rob and I to a CAG event in quite awhile. You may remember her name, MOTHER NATURE! hahah :D See everyone there!

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