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  1. I, Larry Kinsler, will have the following items for sale at the March 8th Social....

    Abu - Garcia 6500 TCCM-HS Burgundy Carpmaster - new $125.00

    Shimano 4500 reel -new $75.00

    3 each Shimano 4500B Spare Spools - new $25.00 each

    Assorted Rig Boxes $2.00 - $5.00 each

    If interested, let me know. 937-477-1075

  2. Sorry, I'm not able to do it at my place, due to the daughter being flooded out (The Carp Manhole is full of household goods). I think something in the middle of the state would be more fair to all that would like to attend. May I suggest we select a topic to ponder over, such as baits, rigs etc. Then maybe we can again, have a swap meet, for the extra stuff we have laying around.Just saying....

  3. Bob and I (Larry Kinsler) have been talking about me becoming the Ohio State Chair. I have had several issues come up in my life since then that will prevent me from accepting the position at this time. I am looking at the possibility of at least 3 surgeries this coming year that may lay me up for several weeks, so I feel I could not do a proper job. Bob and I have continued to talk and I told him I feel he is doing the State Chair job and all he needs is the title (again). Bob said " if no one else wants it or if there are no objections, that he would go ahead and accept the title and continue to do the job".I hereby nominate (Buckeye Bob) Bernowski as our Ohio State Chair.

  4. Just update everyone.Rick is out of the hospital for the moment, after 2 angioplasticies. He must go back in soon to have a toe amputated and to have some vein work done on his legs. Thanks for all the prayers and keep them coming until he is completely out of the woods.

  5. I do not agree that taking a photo of a sunrise should get you in the FFF Hall of Fame. I spent many New Years mornings ( 12:01 to 6:00 A.M. ) ( 3 to be exact ) on the bank before I got my fish that qualified me for the Hall. Frank, I appreciate you taking over the FFF, but, how about a discussion on how the membership feels about this.

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