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  1. One of my old time fav's!!!

    Makes me think of the world as we now know it.....


  2. Tennessee, the "Volunteer State" is turning into "We're the Federal Government's ###### State"

    The Mae Beavers Bill SB0250 (Tennessee Firearms Freedom act) fail due to the spineless Republican Pieces of #### that didn't support it.

    Thanks for trying Ms. Beavers.

    I've met Ms Beavers and she's a true libertarian !!!

  3. My princess is on her way to become a true marksman.

  4. Anybody stumble across 1000 9mm FMJ Ball rounds, 115gr - 124gr, let me know. I'm looking for plinking rounds. I'm running out.

  5. Ammo situation is getting desperate

    ______________________________ _

    This morning I lucked out and was able to buy several cases of ammo.

    On the way home I stopped at the gas station and this drop dead gorgeous blond was filling up her car at the next pump.

    She looked at the ammo in the back of my car and said in a very sexy voice,

    "I'm a big believer in barter, big boy. Would you be interested in a

    trade of sex for ammo?"

    I thought it over for a few seconds and asked her......"Well, jus...

  6. These people on the TLC channel they call "hoarders" .......hoarders my @ss, they're just plain fcn NASTY SOB's!!!!!

  7. I was in the mood for chicken & dumplings with this cold weather....so I'm making some !!

  8. I can't FCN stand old rude people with no clue.

    You need me to help you, ask nice, not in that ####ty tone!!!!

    No wonder this world is so messed up, people have no manners no more.

  9. I have an eating disorder..

    I'm about to eat dis order of fries, dis order of wings and this order of nuggets!!!

  10. Goodbye Houston on my way to Baton Rouge

  11. It's been a great weekend with all the anglers from all over the country.

    Now it's bed time to get ready for the week....it's gonna be busy busy busy.

  12. On my way to Houston TX.

    Thank you Austin and the TX guys for your hospitality !!!

  13. It's gonna be an early morning.

  14. Cheese checking out the Austin Skyline.

  15. We got our tax Return yesterday... It's only $15 361...........

  16. My Austin ATC visit this month is turning into the "Amazing Race"!!!!

  17. It was a GREAT game to the last second!!!

  18. Can the 49ers keep it up ????

  19. The flu SUCKS, my whole body aches !!!

    Thank goodness the whole family got it at once!!!!

  20. Our family won the Big Four. ...... Looks like we all got the flu at once :)

    Tamiflu for all of us.

  21. “When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.”

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