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  1. On 11/5/2019 at 9:10 AM, ThatchickJ said:

    Hi all

    I'm Bernie's neice. Sat in a coffee shop over here in the UK with Bernie's elder sister, my mum. We never knew how much of an impact uncle Bernie had on people's lives and seeing this message board by chance today is truly humbling. The old photos are really something and for mum to see her brothers face after all these years is just amazing. Thank you all for your kind words. Uncle Bernie wasn't around in my life much as he lived in the USA but when he did come to visit he was such an immense personality. Mum had the pleasure of visiting him before he died and steered his boat down the St Lawrence! 

    Once again thank you all for your messages and I hope he inspires many more fishermen and women 

    Best, Jennifer 


  2. 25 minutes ago, Tom S said:

     Hi Willem , I unfortunately deleted the first two Carp I put on the leaderboard. My phone has so little memory I can’t keep pictures or I won’t be able to take anymore pictures. ####! These two that I caught today were 20 pounds  6 ounces and 20 lbs. 4 oz. 

    I don’t know what I should do about the other two, which were 24 lbs. 12 oz. and 19 lbs. 8 oz. I guess I should just go catch some bigger ones, right?

     Please advise, thanks! 




    I suggest you start emailing all your pictures to yourself. 
    if there’s any questions regarding a catch, the original pictures will be needed regardless to check the raw data like time/date. 

    if the server crash you won’t have any proof either. 
    When in a competition, I STRONGLY suggest ALL data is saved until the event is concluded. 

    In the meantime I guess you better up those pounds on your upcoming catching and get some 25’s ???

  3. It seems like our 3rd party image reducer is not reducing image sizes enough when uploaded. 
    most mobile phones now save images 50” x 40” and bigger. We can handle images up to 15 MB each, but not with a large physical dimension. 
    I’m working on a fix for this. 

    in the meantime email me your images and include the weights for each image and I’ll manually reduce and upload them in the meantime. 

    email them to big4@joincag.com


    2019-10-14 14.45.56.jpg



  4. 19 hours ago, michael chancer said:

    If I was in the spring big 4 do I have to register for the fall big 4? I received confirmation that I have paid but my name is not in the leaderboard and  cannot access the practice leader board. 




    You follow these instructions for the Leaderboard. Try password recovery. If your email doesn’t exist, register. 

  5. You should be good now. The automatic reply from PayPal didn’t come through. 

    I do see the payment and adjusted your status. 


    As as far as the Newby go, it’s just a forum setting. 

    Some have over 8000 posts, and the forum auto change your status after x amount of posts. 

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