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  1. Ill be there after work for the night session will have grill moon is bringing food for gril l please let us know here if your gonna be there for dinner and i fi missed anyone let me know .

    I may bring a friend, but we'll probably be gone before dinner (five-ish..)
  2. I took advantage of the gorgeous weather around DC and went out a couple of week-ends.

    First, Columbus Day proved to be an excellent day for fishing. I reeled in 5 fish, three of them in low twenties. Total of some 80lb.





    Then, last week-end was also fun! I fished with a couple of friends and we managed 6 fish (all on my rods... B) ) again three over 20lb.





    Please excuse the shoddy quality of self-shot pictures...

    Looking forward to the DC fish-in!

  3. [...] Do you believe even a carp can digest that Arma Mesh stuff? [...]

    I don't think the Arma Mesh is intended to be ingested, let alone digested. It's intended to hold the hookbait (wether directly on the hook or on a hair) and shouldn't end up in the carp's belly. My $0.02...
  4. Hey Darius, Welcome!

    I saw you down the way, but thought you were catfishing. My apologies for not coming over and introducing myself.

    Thanks, Craig! Not a problem, I should be the one apologizing, as the newbie... But I have an excuse: I don't use any alarms, and as you remember, the bite was "super hot" so I couldn't take my eyes off my rods.. :rolleyes: I did it once about a month ago, just for a second, and I watched my rod literally flying over the rails and in the water, being tugged by a 7 pounds carp like it was a jetski! Luckily the rod is telescopic and it was floating, so my good friend Hoppy came to the rescue and with a few skillful casts, he snagged the line, retrieved the rod and gave me the chance to reel in the fish! Chapeau, Hoppy!

  5. Hello everyone. My name is Darius and I'm a long time lurker, first time poster here. I was first introduced to CAG and this forum by Hoppy4 and I thank him for this. It was a pleasure to meet Moon, Franklin and Craig yesterday at Hains Point.

    I live 5 min. from Hains Point and I have to confess it's pretty much the only place I fish at. I'm the big guy in green who crashed your party yesterday and caught the second carp of the day, netted by Franklin and photographed by Hoppy (thanks to both!):


    I came back today with my family and fished again lot 11, the exact same spot as Saturday. I did a bit better today, with a total of 4 fish, of which the biggest (d'oh...) snapped my line before I could get him in my ridiculous small net... The rest are below:




    Again, it was nice to finally meet the "frenemies" face to face, after reading about their "battles" on banks around the country. As Hoppy and Moon are "fixtures" at Hains Point, I'm pretty sure I'll see them again soon.

    I thank the forum for the wealth of information shared and I hope someday to become wise enough to give some back. Gotta go now to pay my dues and become full member of CAG, to finally find out all those BIG secrets behind the "closed doors" threads... :D .

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