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  1. You can clear any brush/bamboo you want to. But the trees cannot be touched. I have a machete in my kit for the ATC. Also rubberboots/waders would be a good idea. Along with some keepsacks just incase.

  2. Do to the amount of construction on LBL the swims have been limited. I have cleared everything I could in the short time I got to spare. We have lost Penn. Tip and middle because they are putting in some kind of pipe in that area. It sucks but it is what it is. While everybody is at their swims waiting for the bite. Please feel free to clear some of it up.


  3. with all the construction going on there is no way to replace any of the pegs. I have a meeting on Tuesday with the parks department. We are going to try to get them to let us into a few areas we havent had any pegs on before. If you know of any pegs I havent marked that can be used for the ATC please let me know.

  4. Thanks man - we really need as much help as we can get.

    I'm NOT in any way asking this in an 'official' capacity, just know we need to get swims cleaned up for it to be good for everyone fishing the event.

    As far as liaising with the city for permission to clear swims - again, I'm keeping my nose out. An ATC official needs to do that ASAP.

    The year I asked (as a participant from out of State) the City for 'Grass Passes' to be able to drive vehicles to far flung swims such as the Gazebo, Redbud etc, they were only too pleased to help, and all you had to do was go to the office and get a pass.

    There are (I assume?) going to be a few pegs that will be a 'bear' to get to this year, and we need to have all the necessary permissions to help us get to our swims - without trauma.

    Only a few weeks till we are fishing -- and much needs doing!

    Neil has excelled beyond imagination for his last ATC, and raised incredible attention. Shall we let it fall on it's face due to matters that CAG officials should be VERY aware of -- yet are NOT addressing -- and could possibly sort out?

    This is my last post asking for help (not my job) and my last thoughts about what Neil has done for us all.

    Raised attention to a level that has never been seen before, and introduced many new sponsors to our event.

    What is his 'Pay Off' ? He will hopefully walk away with a big smile on his face, after all his hard work - and a successful event, and very correctly go down in the annals as the best ATC organizer/event we've ever had.

    Without help getting the swims prepped, talking to the City, we stand a very big chance of letting a lot of folks down with their ATC experience.

    Nuff said,


    Brid so many things I want to say but I will bite my tongue. You can take a look at the peg map and clear any peg you want to. I'm off this coming weds. and will be clearing what I can. We dont have to put a group together to clear swims. A couple months ago I asked to be removed as state chair. Working 14hrs a day is taking up all my time. Im doing these pegs to help out. I am going to need all the help I can get to clear these pegs.

  5. I got the day off. I am going to post a map of the swims and I would love everybodys feedback that knows the lake. If you know of a good spot thats not on there I will be more than happy to work with you. I have scouted these pegs on what little time I have had in the past 4 months. As far as clearing the pegs we have permission to clear anything we want as long as we leave the trees alone. Im not posting this map to hear anybody complain about the swims. I am posting it for help. Thank you in advance.


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