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  1. I agree don't boil them for 2-3 minutes. boil them less and after getting out of freezer put them in a bag with a bit of oil and a few drops of flavour.

    anything you need help regards bait making please don't hesitate to send a pm or post. made so much bait and actually love making it as much as using it!


  2. bob

    just want to check something in the rules regards no fishing lines... maybe its lost in across the pond carp jargon?!!!

    can you use fishing line to pre bait a swim ie spod/method blaster? if so, can you cast a marker float out to aim the spod/method blaster at? it say's no pluming till 5.30 but what is the point of putting bait in the day before if you don't know where your putting it? I can deal with whatever way but please let me know as it might alter what I bring for bait!



  3. why hold this on a lake whereby you have to put loads of fish back because they are under a measly 1.5kg? hope team usa's baits out fish mainlines crap.

    as an aside to tom....not surprised your whining about natural born anglers. you wouldn't pass the casting trials mate. since when did an American grandmother not count anyway. see video below for a casting lesson.

    also see follow my leader and some serious sour grapes. fips who again holding it at the same lake?


  4. josh

    great to hear you are now getting results from your hard effort of making the bait. my brother and I toil making our own but know the reward is greater than the hard effort!

    please keep us up to date on what else you manage to haul out1

    thanks for posting


  5. welcome from over here!

    agree with where you your fishing as a guide but a 2.5 to 3.5 lb test as a rough guide. go lighter and you might feel you will want to upgrade at some stage for big venues or strong flowing rivers. other tips....there are plenty on here but if anything is left unanswered...feel free to post as many people are keen to help.



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