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  1. I went through the same thing this summer. What finally changed my luck was not settling on somewhere to fish until I found a spot that had active fish showing themselves every few minutes. As a fly fishermen you know a neutral or non feeding carp is just about impossible to tempt when sight fishing. The same logic applies to conventional tackle. Also fishing one rod with a fruity type boilie and one with a fishy seemed to help my odds. Some days the fish preferred one variety over another.

    Good Luck!

  2. I've had luck fly fishing when the carp are feeding on the surface. The best fly for me last season was a black gnat pattern. I used a 8 weight rod with 8 pound mono tippet. I fish dirty water and I was able to drift my boat to the pods of feeding fish then I would try to softly land the fly at the edge of the pod.I really didn't twitch or strip the dry fly I just let it drift on the surface until one would notice it. If you cast on top of them they are gone! I have not had luck fishing for them when they are feeding on the bottom where I fish. I think mainly because they are so hard to see here.

  3. Thanks guys! I'll look into it. I should probably get a mat and a proper net first. Needless to say my carp care has been poor. Living in an area where most people shoot carp instead of fish for them I never learned about proper handling.

  4. I was looking into my first euro setup, I don't really need it for the untouched waters I fish, my walleye rods work just fine. I just thought it would be a nice new experience to try out a longer rod and a baitrunner. Any opinions on the wychwood combo for sale on BigCarpTackle?

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