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  1. Just to let you know, Simon has always been awesome with anything I've ordered, so I am going to go with this being a isolated issue. He's been always responsive to any issues or questions I have or had. Had some polo shirts I ordered being crazy tight, according to UK standards Im a 3-4 XL as opposed to the standard 2XLs I usually ordered, no issues, he's getting me replacement in monster size from boys at Korda and sending a non defective Trakker polo when they both come in.


    Joe Kalina

  2. I wasn't expecting them to show anything from the sponsors that will be bringing donation items on Saturday. I just wanted to see what was going to be raffled, awarded for position placing, etc... that's all. I was just more disappointed that I was completely ignored after 2 attempts a week apart from the first. An answer of "No, we're not doing that" would've been perfectly acceptable. This is what I was talking about below. An example of what I was looking to see.


    Given a choice, I'd take a lucky peg draw over skill anytime

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    Posted 26 July 2015 - 10:25 AM

    Since the August 29 "Welcome Back" Big 4 Tournament is the first of the late-summer/fall series, a few of the usual prizes will be upgraded or enhanced:

    1st. First place finishers will receive cash - 50% of entry fees - and a medal.
    2nd. Second place finishers will receive cash - 30% of entry fees - and a medal.
    3rd. Third place finishers will receive cash - 20% of entry fees - and a medal.

    4th. Fourth place finishers will receive a used but functional Daiwa Opus Plus 5000 Bite-n-Run baitrunner reel (retails new for about $100). This one is spooled with 15 lb. Korda Adrenaline Line. Keep in mind that finishers have the option to choose a prize further down on the prize list. For example, if he prefers the 4th place reel over the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place cash, he can choose the reel and the money slides down to the next position on the list of prizes.

    5th. Fifth place finishers will receive a rarely used 13', 3.50 TC, Fox Ranger XT carp rod (retails new for over $100). Most rod prizes in subsequent series' tournaments will be 12' Daiwa Maddragons, but I thought a little better rod should be offered for the first tournament.

    6th. Sixth place finishers will receive an assortment of five, new inline or clipped carp leads of 3 ounces of more (5 leads retail new for about $12). For the 8/29/15 event, five, new inline 3 oz./85 g pear leads will be awarded.


    7th. Seventh place finishers will receive a set of five US Crop Pro drink bottles donated by Jim Rink (these bottles are insulated), plus (for this event) a pack of Resistance RTH3 size 6, curve shanked hooks. A set of five insulated bottles will be awarded at each of the five tournaments (25 bottles total).

    8th. Eighth place finishers will receive one container of Big Bob’s mussel flavored corn (all five containers for the series are pictured), plus (for this event), a pack of assorted anti-tangle sleeves.

    9th. Ninth place finishers will receive two, new US Crop Pro caps donated by Jim Rink, plus (for ths event), a pack of Korda quick change size 8 swivels.

    10th. Tenth place finishers will receive two, new US Crop Pro beverage
    koozies donated by Jim Rink (10 koozies for the entire series pictured), plus (for this event), a pack of Resistance/St. Lawrence quick change size 8 swivels.


    That's the list of August 29, 2015 "Welcome Back" Big 4 tournament prizes for up to 10 anglers at Joliet, IL. If there are fewer than 10 participants, we will add additional rounds of choices until the prizes are gone.

  3. HELLO, anyone at home? Why no response to the request for the allocation of donated things? I know you've been on here Bill because I see your posts all over this forum to Frank.

    My first request was on Sept. 11 but still my request gets no response even after a second attempt yesterday. Hmmmm, well that's not how I'd expect a group of organizers to handle things. Am I the only one that feels this way? If so, I'm sorry just thought it would be nice to see what goodies were donated for raffle or place prizes for the CCC attendees. A response would be nice... thanks a third time!


  4. Bill/Chad:

    Will you guys please create a list and post here the sponsors and the items they are donating. How will they be distributed for the CCC? Raffle, prizes for position placing, etc. I think most of the participants as well as on the fencers would like to know how the goodies are going to be distributed. I know this may be a sore spot, but just a list with pics (or no pics) like Frank Rink does for all his J-Town events. Thanks again guys for stepping up and organizing this Classic. Much appreciated...


  5. Can we see a list all the items donated by our gracious sponsors and how they will be distributed as prizes, raffles, etc. here on this thread? Thanks Hodge and Chad, I'm sure everyone wants to know. It could even swing a couple of on-the-fencers to join up...


  6. Nice to see some old faces and a few new. Thanks Frank for putting on a great event as always. One of these days I won't bring everything, and the kitchen sink, and make it to the awards presentations. LOL!

    I think Dennis and I were the only ones not fishing from our vehicles and Dennis was the most compact carp angler I'd ever seen. It goes to show that you don't need a van full of carp gear to win at these events...

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