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  1. You can come to my Lake do a search for Minnesota fish ins here in the forums you can see its a pretty good lake. Two fellow fisherman one who is flying in from England are coming to fish with me Friday. You are welcome to join us. Brian, the guy from England is a very knowledgeable carp angler.

    Its Lake Marion in Brownton. Shoot me an email or PM if you want details.

  2. Think I missed the window. Water is super clear the last time it was like this was after ice out. Had to get in the water to get the canopy off the boat lift and the water feels like it did in the very early spring when we got the boat lift from another lake and had to get in the water.

    Water got colder faster this year I remember we were catching into November here last fall.

    Bummer :-(

  3. So I'm a nice guy I volunteered to host a fish in. I fed everyone BBQ. They all get food poisoning and die.

    But hey I'm a nice guy and I volunteered so I'm not really responsible for it right???




  4. Just because someone volunteers they shouldn't not be held accountable for a piss poor job.

    Perhaps the membership, you know the people who pay to be members should vote on which things volunteers can handle and on which things should be done by paid professionals???

    You know like screwing up the forums. Trust me in the end that's gonna cost you way more in lost membership fees than paying to have it done right.



  5. Baloney, I've been thru the upgrading of some of the forums I am in before some 2 or 3 times and never was the forums screwed up like ours was. The loss of years of data, is inexcusable. Some of the members who contributed that stuff are either dead or have moved on because of all the BS. All that knowledge is GONE.

    Perhaps you should have spent some of that money we all paid to be a member to have a professional do the upgrade/changes.

    Sorry but you and whoever else was involved will get no thanks from me for doing a piss poor job of it.



  6. Careful with boilies in my experience you have to "teach" the carp what boilies are if they haven't been exposed to them before. This isn't Europe so most wild carp haven't seen or eaten them before. Stick to corn or fake corn and a method feeder (oats and cream corn are easy and effective) to start. When you find spots with Carp that you want to keep coming back to start throwing boilies in when chumming. After a while they will start recognizing boilies as food and you can fish with them.

    Not saying you can't use boilies right off. If they on a feed they'll eat anything. But in my lakes boilies didn't really start working for me until I'd kept throwing in a couple spoonfuls every couple of days for a couple of weeks. In my backyard lake I often just fish with a boilie and no method/pack bait now and catch. But I still throw some out everyday I'm there.

    For me I feel boilies catch bigger fish on avg and I have cats and bullheads in my lakes they tend to take my bait less when it's boilies than corn.

    In one of the lakes I fish I will catch more with corn but at this point I prefer to chase monsters over number caught. But when they aren't biting on boilies I will always try corn. At my home lake it hasn't made a difference since I think I've worked really hard at getting them used to boilies as a food source that if they aren't taking them they aren't taking anything.  But on other lakes it has made a difference.

  7. Not just post counts were lost but hundreds if not thousands of actual posts and all the info and tips they contained were lost. By an unnecessary and unneeded forum upgrade that the membership didn't ask for or approve of.

  8. Mille Lacs will be easier, more fun, with the bar and restaurant nearby and lakeside camp sites. But as Joseph says it's hard to find the fish. So we could go fishless.

     Better chance of catching and catching big fish is Lac Qui Parl. But while there is a nice State campground there they are not lakeside.

    I'm good with either. I start my new job on the 16th. Every other weekend I get 3 day weekend off. After the 16th I will know my schedule.



  9. I know a great place to camp, a bar, restaurant, bathrooms\showers just steps away and campsites right on the water. Are there carp on that part of the lake or can we bait them in? I have no idea. But be fun to try tho.

    I think we'd have better luck at Lac Qi Parl tho. Nice campground but no bar or restaurant nearby BUT I know there are huge carp there and where they are.


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