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  1. No idea of length but I'm 5'11" and 300 lbs my hand is 4.5" wide for scale. We all think it was 20# at least. For me I think 25# it felt like a 25# plate at the gym. Bigger have been caught here and WAY bigger have been lost and Jaffar has a story of seeing one roll on top as big as the Loch Ness Monster.

  2. So the ice is out in the backyard, been chucking a few handfuls of boilies out in the water over the last 5 days or so. Today was first day off work, but its cold and grey but since I baited up with carp cakes last night I figured I had to try. Took about an hour but finally had a screaming run. Fish put up quite a fight considering the water has got to be 34f. Pretty excited to get one so early! Was probably high teens to 20ish. I was alone and the dock isn't set up so its a climb down to it and my GF took the pic from shore so no weighing.

    Can't wait to get the dock out and really get to fishing!

    Oh an Aniq and Jafar... Nanah nanah nanah I got the first fish! 

    Umm guys I can't seem to post a pic? Says I can only upload .99mb? When did that start?




  3. You should come up and fish the lake I live on. We had an official fish in and several unofficial ones with guys coming down from the cities to fish. The biggest one we landed was 28 lbs but we lost bigger ones. The average is in the high teens I think out of a couple hundred fish I only saw two under 10 lbs.



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