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I first started wishing for Carp as a child with my grandfather. He use to put my brother in a Little Cesar's Pizza dumpster to get left-over pizza dough. I remember the fight they put up! When you're a 7 or 8 year old kid first starting to fish, and you have a Carp on your line, it feels like you're hauling in a shark! Sadly after my grandfather passed in 2001, I stopped fishing. Recently however; I got an itch to wet a line. I decided to find a local pond to fish in. I wasn't targeting anything specific that evening, but decided to place two pieces of corn on my hook just to see if there was anything on the bottom. The first time I lost my pole. I had stopped to help my fiance remove a catfish from her line, and I looked over and my pole was gone. I quickly took her pole and went back to where I was and threw two pieces of corn onto it. Within seconds of getting it in the water, BAM! Like a freight train something hit my line and took off running! Instinct kicked in and I set the hook and put up a long overdue fight. As I reeled in my 8 pound beauty, I felt like I was on the bank with my grandpa again, hearing him laugh and tell me not to let my pole go. The satisfaction that common brought me, and the closeness I felt to my grandma was amazing, so amazing in fact I realized I didn't wanna stop fishing for Carp, so here I am.

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