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  1. Don’t forget to register for this event!

    Come support The Ladies Carp Club! 

    • There will be gift bags full of donations by different vendors. (More info to come!)

    • We’re working on shirts for the event. 

    It’s open to men, women, and children. This event is to introduce The Ladies Carp Club, and hopefully introduce some wives to fishing, gentlemen  ? 

    A big thank you to those  who have already registered! This is going to be a great time!

  2. I’m Lynn, and I’m the Women’s Program Director for CAG. You can find my group, Ladies Carp Club, USA, on Facebook. Please feel free to join. The Ladies Carp Club, USA page is for females only, so gents feel free to communicate, and interact with us here in the forum. 

    This group has been created to promote carp angling amongst women, educate on carp care/preservation, meet other female anglers, and better your carp angling skills.  

    Here on the forum is where we can post and update the general public on what’s happening with the women’s programs, and upcoming events.  Please check-in from time-to-time. 

    General info:

    Lynn Newsome, Director Women’s Programs. 

    Chris Sampson and Amy Demrovsky, I brought on as my co-chairs. 

    Feel free to reach out to any of us with questions. 

  3. Hello, 

    As the new Director of Women’s Programs I want to announce that a new club has been created for female anglers. 


    Please join us! We are still associated with CAG, but want to promote a Carp Angling culture amongst each other! 

    The group emphasizes on growing the sport amongst the female population, skills building, friendship, and fish preservation.  This is the Facebook link for the group, please join us as we embark upon a new adventure!

    Tight lines! 



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