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Found 1 result

  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: LARRY KIRCHNER E-mail: carpfishingnow@yahoo.com or CONTACT: DIXON TOURISM PHONE: (815) 284-3496 DIXON CARP DERBY RETURNS WITH A SPLASH CURRENT UPDATES!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The weekend of SEPTEMBER 17 and 18 2016 We will see the return of Carp Fishing to the Rock River with the "DIXON FAMILY CARP DERBY" Back for the seventh year in a row.....Carp Fishing Now with the help of the City of Dixon, Dixon Tourism, and the Dixon Parks Department will be holding a Catch and Release family style carp derby open to the public. People of all ages are welcome, children must be accompanied by an adult. Cost is $45 for the Advanced Division, $15 for Adults/AmatureDivision and $5 for children 13 and under for the Boys and Girls Divisions. There will be cash and/or prizes for the 20 largest carp caught as well as for the top five for the girls and top five boys catagory. Currently there is a total of over $2,500.00 in cash and prizes to be awarded. So make sure you come out to win big!!! Raffles and kids prizes too!!!! The hope is to give people a chance to win big, enjoy the Dixon Downtown and Parks and get people to experience the majesty of the Rock River. Check in is at the PAGE PARK PAVILLION on Page Drive in Page Park just East of the High School in Dixon Illinois and will be open at 6am on Saturday September 17th and 6am on Sunday September 18th., 2016. All who attend will need to sign in before starting to fish. The actual fishing schedule is 8am to 4pm Saturday September 17th, and 8am to 2pm September 18th, followed by the awarding of prizes at 2:30pm (GIVE OR TAKE) at the Page Park Pavillion. You do not need to fish the entire time to quality for the big fish prizes. There will be demonstrations of new carp fishing methods as well as how to "Helpers" to give you moral support and fishing advice if you need it. And for those who want to see a "REEL" spectacle, there will be Professional Carp Anglers fishing against each other in a Advanced Category inter-mixed throughout the Derby area. There will also be stewards and Industry Specialists walking around and offering insights to the novice anglers fishing the Family category's. Here spectators will be able to walk up to the Shore anglers and see why Carp Fishing in Europe is as big as Bass fishing in the USA, truly something you haven't seen before and won't forget. For more information stop by Dixon Tourism, or contact Larry at the Bait Shanty at Carp Fishing Now (239) 246-2742. As of June 15th you can get the rules, maps sign-up sheets for the Derby at Bunny's Bait shop in Dixon, Il, FishTech in Morton Grove, Ill. Wacker Bait and Tackle in Broadview, Ill., and at the Bait Shanty at 2200 E. Algonquin Rd. Algonquin, Illinois.. or at any time the during the event at Page Park in Dixon. Hope to see you all there!! . DIXON CARP DERBY PRIZES (one winner per person for the Adult, Girls and Boys Divisions) Advanced Division Anglers are Elidgable for the Grand Champion GRAND CHAMPION ----------------------------- $500 and the Grand Champions Trophy All participants are elidgable to Win the Title of Grand Champion, the Trophy and the $500 Prize Award as determined by the single Largest Carp caught during the event. Ties will go to the earlier recorded fish. In the event that a tie still exists the prize money will be divided equally and the trophy will be awarded based on a coin flip. ADVANCED DIVISION ------------------------------------- $45.00 Entry (Advanced Class Event) (If you would like to camp at the Event Head Quarters Friday and Saturday Night, a $10.00 donation to the fund to help tip the Stewards will be requested Winning order will be determined by adding your Three Largest Common, Mirror, Leather, Koi or Hybrid Carp caught over the two days of fishing. Ties will broken giving preference to Largest fish of those tied, then second largest, then third, if still tied. If at this point a tie still exists, the prize(s) concerned will be split equally. Prize totals will be based on the number of entry's and will be split in the following manor First Place: $300 +35% of Advanced entry fees. Plus the first Place Trophy Second Place: $200 + 23% Of Advanced entry fees. Third Place : $100 + 12% of Advanced Entry Fees. ***** Advanced Division Anglers are Qualified for the Chance to Become Grand Champion in ADDITION to the Advanced Division Winner. Adult Division, Girls Division and Boys Division Anglers are Elidgable for ONE prize only and should you become Grand Champion, you will move up and the next angers will move up one in your division.***** ADULT DIVISION ------------------------ $15.00 Entry (Amature Class event) Winning order determined by the Individual anglers single biggest carp caught during the event. $300 1st. place plus The First Place Adults Trophy $200 2nd place $150 3rd place $100 4th place $100 5th place $75 6th place $75 7th place $50 8th, place $50 9th place $50 10th place $25 11th, $25 12th, $25 13th, $25 14th, $25 15th, $25 16th, $25 17th $25 18th, $25 19th, $25 20th KIDS DIVISION(s) -------------------------------------- Entry for Anglers 13 yrs and under is $5.00 for the Boys or Girls Division Boys (13 and under) $50 1st place plus trophy $40 2nd place $30 3rd place $20 4th place $10 5th place Girls (13 and under) $50 1st place plus trophy $40 2nd place $30 3rd place $20 4th place $10 5th place ---All anglers should take note of the following Event Changes---- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Anglers in the Advanced Division as well as the Adult, Girls and Boys Divisions will all be eligable for GRAND CHAMPION payout of $500 and the trophy for the Largest Carp Caught During the event. Promoter reserves the rite to move anglers into this class based on Previous Wins at the event in previous years, Records of Affiliated Clubs and Pro Events, Repeat Participation in Higher Stakes Events, Recorded results from other events, or judges opinion. All rulings of the promoter are final. All Dixon carp Derby Rules apply including the Fishing Boundrys, Other Class Anglers (adult, boys,girls), Baits and Techniques and so on. No preference will be given as to location, and no-one may pre-bait, plumb, or hold a spot. Please be courteous to other anglers and understand this is an open field event, and people can move. All weights will be recorded by roving stewards if available, or weight stations. Please have carp Sacks to hold your fish till Stewards are Available. In the event of limited stewardship of or topography of the anglers location. fish may need to be brought to several fixed lication weigh stations. This will be determined the day of the event. All Advanced Anglers will be asked to set a good example by handling fish in a exemplary manor by using carp friendly gear, nets, slings and matts when possible. And by being good Sportsman before, during and after the event. *****NO CHUMMING/BAITING CAMPAIGNS BEFORE OR DURING THE THE COARSE OF THE EVENT***** (please limit your hand fed corn, no slingshots, spods, or throwers are allowed.) ( Feeder use and PVA are ok provided the intent is to fish, not to "BAIT-UP") Anglers caught violating the intent of the no baiting campaigns could forfeit their entry and be banned. The judges ruling on this is NOT open to appeal. Carp Fishing Now reserves the right to refuse anyone from participating . ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Back-up dates for the Dixon Carp Derby will be determined at a future time should the need arise.
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