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Found 5 results

  1. Over the past 4 years, I have worked hard to promote carp fishing here locally in Colorado. The most challenging vs. attitudes, yet positive and productive efforts, have been through the most popular local fishing forum, FishExplorer.COM. The Carp Anglers Group had a presence, though quiet voice, on FXR even before I became the State Chair. I wanted to note my thanks to the owners and moderators of that forum for having the vision, wisdom and "balls" for their of support catch & release carp fishing in our state, especially given the initial hailstorm of negativism I received with my first carp posts. Wind the clock forwards some 4 years now, after hundreds of posts, articles, shared videos, we have a thriving and passionate group of anglers in Colorado that enjoy the sport. Hopefully in the future we will see a few more join CAG's ranks as members. As a thanks to it's members each year, FXR hosts a Winter GiveAway, where popular/notable local anglers from the media, vendors and local outfitters, give back something back to the membership for FREE, be that tackle items or a free "guided" trip for a particular species. It's a VERY popular event and is run on the basis of all individual members having a "point" they can spend each day throughout December, to vote on a particular trip, or prize, they would love to receive. Each prize goes to the member whom submitted the most "points" for it during the month. It's a secret ballot/vote with the winners announced early in January. I was asked back in 2013 if I would offer up a carp fishing trip with CarpQuest - I readily agreed, honestly not really expecting many people to "vote" for carp fishing as a prize. I was wrong, and a number of anglers submitted their "daily" votes in a feeding frenzy for a day out with CarpQuest. The 2013 GiveAway was won by Ron Altman, who I took out in 2014. He later joined CAG after succumbing to the carp fishing addiction - we have become very good friends and the dynamic duo of carping in Colorado throughout this year. Again, towards the end of 2014, I was asked if I would host a day's fishing with CarpQuest, as a Winter GiveAway prize. Hell yes, I quickly agreed. This time the winner was a popular, and very well known local walleye fisherman, James, nicknamed, "MileHighNightStalker". The challenge for me was that James usually only fished at night, thus he requested a "night session with CarpQuest" as his prize. Given the miserable and chaotic weather this year in Colorado, we finally got around to scheduling his trip in September. It turned out to be a great evening spent with him, talking about carp, walleye and how we both got into the sport. It was a real honor to spend the night on the bank side with him. He eventually landed a couple of great carp, which also turned out to be his largest captures so far this year! He left, a VERY happy man with a new found understanding and respect for carp and carp fishing. Perhaps one day he may take up the Quest on his own and another carp angler is born. Perhaps mine is an extreme version of promoting carp fishing locally, but it seems to work, especially the one-on-one approach. It get people out there and hopefully, a carp in their hands at the end of the day with a beaming smile upon their faces. I highly recommend to everyone, try to take the time in 2016 to take someone new to carp fishing out with you on a session. I put together a short CarpQuest video of our adventure that evening, mainly for the winner James, which you can view here. If I get asked again this year for my CarpQuest to be a "prize", I certainly hope to be able to get it done. Perhaps I could giving away a FREE years membership to CAG, along with the session and video production, as a prize to the winner - a real "package" for passionate future carper in Colorado ? Tight-Lines, John
  2. I'm pleased and a little surprised by the overwhelmingly positive feedback to my recent announcement of TeamUSA Carp Squad, for the upcoming 2014 World Carp Championships. Thanks ALL, for your interest and support, I know all the guys in the Carp Squad appreciate your enthusiasm! An ideal scenario for me would be having 8 Anglers and me, at the World Carp Championship in Romania, in October. This would allow me to focus on my captain's duties and also field a couple of reserves, ready, trained and willing to step in if we have anyone develop an injury during the 72 hours of the tournament. So, I know it's a "big ask", but I'm wondering; is there anyone out there who would be willing to attend a TeamUSA Carp Squad Trial? I've asked the USF3 if i can hold another Carp Squad Trial, probably in the late Spring, and they are certainly supportive. Before you answer "Sure!" I should of course give you the elevator pitch on what it takes to get in the Carp Squad: 1. Able to cast a WCC-compliant Carp rig a minimum of 150 yds, throughout a 72-hour Tournament 2. Familiar with WCC-compliant long-range groundbaiting methods, and experienced at using at least two of the approved methods, throughout a 72-hour Tournament 3. Familiar with the WCC-compliant Carp rigs, and experienced in their construction, tactical use, and applicability for different baits and conditions 4. US Citizen and valid US Passport Holder (Green Card Holders working through their US Citizenship may also apply for the Trial for 2015 Carp Squad places, as they may also be eligible under the FIPSed “Foreign Angler” rule) 5. Willing to contribute a minimum of $1,000 towards your personal travel and TeamUSA Carp Squad costs 6. Able to take a minimum of 10 days vacation, to attend the World Carp Championships 7. Physically fit enough to make a working commitment to the Team, throughout several days of preparation, intensive training, and the entire 72 hours of the World Carp Championships 8. Able to make a Carp Squad Trial, probably in Mid-May (Venue TBA), where we can run through a Trial with you (details provided on request, but basically it will be proving you can tests 1, 2, 3, and 7, above). Hope I haven't put you off? If you are interested (and, it may be that you would be interested in 2015, rather than this year?), PLEASE pm me here, or give me a call on 920-246-3434, or reply to the TeamUSA Carp Squad Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TeamUSAcarpsquad Thanks in advance, and if you have any questions, please let me know and I will try and find you the answers. Tight Lines! Lee
  3. We are trying to do the first Va fish-in this spring but am scratching my head for a place where we can bring plenty of people and have a reasonable chance at catching something. Any ideas? If you are interested in doing a fish-in post what county you are in so we can get a rough idea of numbers and locations that are convient for as many people as possiable. .
  4. We will be running four side pots this year 1. $20 per team for Total Weight and ATC Champions 2. $20 per team for Team Big Four Carp 3. $10 per individual for Biggest Carp 4. $10 per individual for Biggest Buffalo
  5. We will be running four side pots this year 1. $20 per team for Total Weight and ATC Champions 2. $20 per team for Team Big Four Carp 3. $10 per individual for Biggest Carp 4. $10 per individual for Biggest Buffalo
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