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Found 8 results

  1. I had thought this was posted earlier in the year, alas, either I didn't post it, or it vaporized, so here it is again ! Colorado 2015 - Master Angler Awards and year end report. The "Highs" 2015 was another good year for catch and release carp fishing here in Colorado. With the aid of the "CAG Colorado Challenge 2015" event, we had a good number of anglers across the state submitting proudly their photo's of carp, released, to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife MA program. Stats remained flat year on year, from 2014 to 2015, with 46 carp being submitted, 41 commons, 5 grass carp for a total of 46 fish. The uptick was in 2015, NO carp were submitted for the "Kept" category - hopefully a great step in the right direction. I usually only submit a couple of fish per year to this program (common and grass carp), else the stats/page would be a wee bit skewed ! "Mile High" carp fishing continues to be very popular with the fly fishermen, whom again hosted their "Trout Unlimited" Carp Slam event on the South Platte river last year for charity. The number of bank anglers for carp steadily increases as does the positive dialogue on local fishing forums. The South Platte River, in Denver, remains the "golden mile" for urban fly fishing. The big three reservoirs remain popular for carp and produced a steady stream of captures, Chatfield, Pueblo and Cherry Creek. A 30 lb'er was caught at Chatfield last year, and released. Tightline Outdoors, a local outfitter, hosted Colorado's first Catch & Release Carp Tournament at Lake Arbor in fall. The event was attended by over 20 anglers. It was won by a young 15 yr old lad, whom had never fished for carp before. He was very pleased to go home $1000 the richer. Though I did manage to blank during the event it was great to meet and talk to other anglers interested in carp fishing. TLO will be hosting the event again this year, on July 9th, again at Lake Arbor. The permit was a nightmare for them to obtain so there was only a couple of weeks notice for anglers to sign up and attend. Fingers crossed, it will be another good turn-out. Membership wise, we remain steady at "2". We lost a member in 2015 and gained a new one. I hope to encourage a few more anglers to sign-up, this is still a work in progress. We did have an impromptu CAG member local fish-in, with myself and Andrew Holt. We banked a ton of carp and had a great time. If only we could grow the membership then others would come to realize just how much more fun it is to share the bank with other like minded individuals; we could then start hosting events with a far greater turnout and audience to the locals. The "Low's" During 2015 we had record rain and flooding across the state. Many of the usual big water and big fish venues suffered badly. Hopefully 2016 the weather will be more stable and these venues will again return to their full potential with regards to carp fishing. Late Summer through Fall in 2015 was excellent for fishing with 80%+ of the big fish captures coming in the months of Aug thru Oct. Catch and kill hunting/fishing for carp remains a staple for many in Colorado. There are still plenty of Colorado State Parks and local communities that sponsor and support kill tournaments, either with bow, or rod & line. There were 5 state sanctioned bow fishing tournaments in Colorado last year and the plan is for 5 further events throughout 2016. One particular venue (Barr State Park) had over 1 ton of carp removed during an additional "round-up" event, with the majority of the fish being very small. The officials at this park have even gone so far to announce in 2016 they will be obtaining a number of "carp" shaped targets to add to their collection of archery targets used in their training and education programs for youth archery ! Chumming remains illegal in the state of Colorado though many carp anglers are using packbaits - this keeps the bait "on the line/hool when cast" and thus meets the letter of the wording of the law. Debate and confusion continues on the use of PVA - so anglers, beware! Colorado has a 2-rod limit (with the purchase of a 2nd rod stamp). I have submitted a couple of "Citizen" petitions (one in 2014 and one in 2015) to have the rod limit raised to 3, however these have gone nowhere. Closing 2016 is set to be another great year here for carp fishing in Colorado. We have some stunning fish, both commons and mirrors, with many venues holding 20s and some with very rare 30s. If you are looking for a Mile-High opportunity to wet your line and hold a stunning wild fish in your hands, then Colorado should be on your list of places to visit ! By all means drop me a PM, or message if you are looking to come to Colorado to fish for carp, I can certainly provide assistance, local information and advice. MA Awards For 2015: (angler, size in ", venue)
  2. For some light holiday humor, and in honor of the release of Star Wars the Force Awakens, I was fortunate to get the very latest item from Next Generation Tackle's development department as an early Xmas present - the NGT Lightsaber! I think it will even be available in a carpy green. Available in stores in 3015, plenty of time to get a pre-order in now. Wonder if Big Carp Tackle will stock them in future ? Tight Lines and Happy Holidays Everyone, Hope you Enjoy! John
  3. Here are the registered teams, up to date. We will be posting new registrations, as they come in. Let us know if you have any questions, and PM me if there are any edits needed. TEAM NAME: Fish For Fun CAG Forum Name: loop2loop Team Member #2 Name: Vicki Stephan Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Carpette What is your CARP PB ? : Common 17.8 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : Common 10.2 TEAM NAME: Team Stout/K-1 Baits CAG Forum Name: Ciprian Muresan Team Member #2 Name: Tony Stout Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Masonic Carper What is your CARP PB ? : 25 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 33 TEAM NAME: Here's Your Sign CAG Forum Name: Texas Carper Team Member #2 Name: Chris Vines Member 2 CAG Forum Name: chris What is your CARP PB ? : 31.6 lbs What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 34.8 lbs TEAM NAME: Big Carp USA Team Member #1 Name: David Moore CAG Forum Name: David Moore Team Member #2 Name: Brian Wingard Member 2 CAG Forum Name: accordbw What is your CARP PB ? : 39 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 38 TEAM NAME: Both Sides of the Pond CAG Forum Name: nick220722 Team Member #2 Name: Colin Ure Member 2 CAG Forum Name: cure What is your CARP PB ? : 26lbs 6 oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 26lbs 8 oz TEAM NAME: Floaty corn Team Member #1 Name: Jake Downing CAG Forum Name: Jake Downing Team Member #2 Name: Kenneth Keaton Member 2 CAG Forum Name: kenneth keaton What is your CARP PB ? : 34lbs What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 30lbs TEAM NAME: Team Soniq CAG Forum Name: soniq Team Member #2 Name: Rachel Boon Member 2 CAG Forum Name: supersoniq What is your CARP PB ? : 39 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 18 TEAM NAME: Motor City Carpers Team Member #1 Name: Brendan Pass CAG Forum Name: Brendan Team Member #2 Name: Nik Williams Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Nik.Williams What is your CARP PB ? : 34lb 2oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 26lb 8oz TEAM NAME: Team Sasquatch CAG Forum Name: Tres Flores Baits Team Member #2 Name: Samantha Flores Member 2 CAG Forum Name: n/a What is your CARP PB ? : 33.14 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 26.12 TEAM NAME: The Thompsons Team Member #1 Name: Keith Thompson CAG Forum Name: Keith Team Member #2 Name: Kristina Thompson Member 2 CAG Forum Name: N/A What is your CARP PB ? : 57lb 14oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 29lb 12oz TEAM NAME: WCB Make it Happen Team Member #1 Name: Denice Hall CAG Forum Name: Denice Hall Team Member #2 Name: Rick Slinker Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Rick Slinker What is your CARP PB ? : 32.12 mirror What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 37.8 common TEAM NAME: NET STRETCHERS Team Member #1 Name: Neil Stern CAG Forum Name: Neil Stern Team Member #2 Name: Carl Norris Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Carlymoomoo What is your CARP PB ? : 34.8 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 28.8 TEAM NAME: WCB TnT Team Member #1 Name: Tony Lett CAG Forum Name: T_Lett Team Member #2 Name: Tom Montez Member 2 CAG Forum Name: TMontez What is your CARP PB ? : 36.4 common What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 26.10 common TEAM NAME: Tito's Vodka Happy Hour Express Team Member #1 Name: Chad Edwards CAG Forum Name: Badchade Team Member #2 Name: Josef Raguro Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Josef Raguro What is your CARP PB ? : 34# 1oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 30# 6oz TEAM NAME: SoCalCarpers Team Member #1 Name: Christian Torres CAG Forum Name: SoCalCarper Team Member #2 Name: Cesar Espinoza Member 2 CAG Forum Name: SoCalCarper760 What is your CARP PB ? : 31lb 8 oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 19lb 14oz TEAM NAME: Those Guys Team Member #1 Name: August Wells CAG Forum Name: Texas-Z Team Member #2 Name: Jason Wells Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Jason Wells What is your CARP PB ? : 35# 6oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 36# 8oz TEAM NAME: Bates Brothers Team Member #1 Name: Michael Bates CAG Forum Name: HappyCamper Team Member #2 Name: Steven Bates Member 2 CAG Forum Name: steven bates What is your CARP PB ? : 6 lb common What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 44 lb common TEAM NAME: The "van Schalkwyk's" Team Member #1 Name: Willem van Schalkwyk CAG Forum Name: Willem van Schalkwyk Team Member #2 Name: Chris van Schalkwyk Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Christian What is your CARP PB ? : 29lb 8oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 24lb 12oz TEAM NAME: Team Exsterninators Team Member #1 Name: Brid Caveney CAG Forum Name: Brid Caveney Team Member #2 Name: Bubba Staton Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Bubba What is your CARP PB ? : 35.8 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 34+
  4. Here is the list of pegs, as we are sitting now. Each time a new team registers, we will add another peg to this list. Same thing with the peg map; it will be updated regularly. Stay tuned for that. ATC 2015 Peg List: WWD WWD 2 Gazeebo Thompsons 35 W Boatramp 35 E Bridge 35 W Bridge Holiday Inn OJ’s Kiddy Park Somerville South 1st St. SRV Statue Peninsula Tip Peninsula Mid Power Plant Redbud B&J’s The Rocks Ballfields 1 Ballfields 2 Peg Maps:
  5. They even have sizes for us big boys, too http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?%2Fstore%2Fcategory%2F54-atc-2015-merchandise%2F
  6. CarpQuest is never over ! The release date for Season 3 of CarpQuest on YouTube is set for Spring 2015. Here is a teaser for you, to get your carp juices flowing ... The new title teaser trailer has been re-edited and produced in full HD with new footage from the past two seasons of CarpQuest. Carp Fishing, Fishing, Family, Friends and Fun Note: This video would not have been possible without the assistance of my brother, Peter Finney, and his production skills. Thanks Bro for all your hard work, patience and dedication in working with me to this finished for the fans! Hope you enjoy the new titles ! Tight-Lines, John
  7. Thanks so much to all of our sponsors and supporters for everything that you have done to make this a great year. We couldn't have done it without you! ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- Big Carp Tackle Cygnet Trakker Reuben Heaton CC Moore Enterprise Saxon St. Croix CARPology Korda K-1 Baits
  8. I'm pleased and a little surprised by the overwhelmingly positive feedback to my recent announcement of TeamUSA Carp Squad, for the upcoming 2014 World Carp Championships. Thanks ALL, for your interest and support, I know all the guys in the Carp Squad appreciate your enthusiasm! An ideal scenario for me would be having 8 Anglers and me, at the World Carp Championship in Romania, in October. This would allow me to focus on my captain's duties and also field a couple of reserves, ready, trained and willing to step in if we have anyone develop an injury during the 72 hours of the tournament. So, I know it's a "big ask", but I'm wondering; is there anyone out there who would be willing to attend a TeamUSA Carp Squad Trial? I've asked the USF3 if i can hold another Carp Squad Trial, probably in the late Spring, and they are certainly supportive. Before you answer "Sure!" I should of course give you the elevator pitch on what it takes to get in the Carp Squad: 1. Able to cast a WCC-compliant Carp rig a minimum of 150 yds, throughout a 72-hour Tournament 2. Familiar with WCC-compliant long-range groundbaiting methods, and experienced at using at least two of the approved methods, throughout a 72-hour Tournament 3. Familiar with the WCC-compliant Carp rigs, and experienced in their construction, tactical use, and applicability for different baits and conditions 4. US Citizen and valid US Passport Holder (Green Card Holders working through their US Citizenship may also apply for the Trial for 2015 Carp Squad places, as they may also be eligible under the FIPSed “Foreign Angler” rule) 5. Willing to contribute a minimum of $1,000 towards your personal travel and TeamUSA Carp Squad costs 6. Able to take a minimum of 10 days vacation, to attend the World Carp Championships 7. Physically fit enough to make a working commitment to the Team, throughout several days of preparation, intensive training, and the entire 72 hours of the World Carp Championships 8. Able to make a Carp Squad Trial, probably in Mid-May (Venue TBA), where we can run through a Trial with you (details provided on request, but basically it will be proving you can tests 1, 2, 3, and 7, above). Hope I haven't put you off? If you are interested (and, it may be that you would be interested in 2015, rather than this year?), PLEASE pm me here, or give me a call on 920-246-3434, or reply to the TeamUSA Carp Squad Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TeamUSAcarpsquad Thanks in advance, and if you have any questions, please let me know and I will try and find you the answers. Tight Lines! Lee
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