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Found 14 results

  1. It’s time! Let’s do this! Who’s in?! Fri Nov 16 - Sun Nov 18 Come out to Emma Long and enjoy some laughs, stories, fish, and some cold beverages! Booking: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/emma-long-metropolitan-park I will be giving out medals for the biggest 3 carp! What I won’t be doing is losing my keys in the middle of the lake. Hey August, can I borrow your boat?! 😜
  2. Team Name: The van Schalkwyk's Team Member #1: Willem van Schalkwyk CAG Forum Name: Willem (JD) PB: 31-11 Team Member #2: Chris van Schalkwyk CAG Forum Name: Christian PB: 32-6 Team Name: CAG-NTX Team Member #1: Clayton Lothrop CAG Forum Name: TX Angler PB: 30# Team Member #2: Pieter Oberholzer CAG Forum Name: Pieter Oberholzer PB: 35# Team Name: Team Flores Team Member #1: Eddie Flores CAG Forum Name: Sasquatch Hunter PB: 35 Team Member #2: Samantha Flores CAG Forum Name: Samantha Flores PB: 15 Team Name: Filthy Oars Team Member #1: Adam Kartzke CAG Forum Name: Adam Kartzke PB: 35 Team Member #2: Chris Munn CAG Forum Name: Chris Munn PB: 36 Team Name: K-1 Baits Team Member #1: Tony Stout CAG Forum Name: Masonic Carper PB: 33.09 Team Member #2: Rick Wilson III CAG Forum Name: n/a PB: 22 Team Name: Mid-State Carpers Team Member #1: Chad Bettisch CAG Forum Name: Chad PB: 32.2 Team Member #2: Tony Donato CAG Forum Name: Tony Donato PB: 28.2 Team Name: Polonia Carp Team Team Member #1: Adam Krysiak CAG Forum Name: Adam Krysiak PB: 38.02 lb Team Member #2: Andrzej Burnagiel CAG Forum Name: Andrzej Burnagiel PB: 32.07 lb Team Name: Mama's Boys Team Member #1: August Wells CAG Forum Name: Texas-Z PB: 35.6 Team Member #2: Derek Konz CAG Forum Name: Derek Konz PB: 38 Team Name: Dos Ricos Team Member #1: Martin Rich CAG Forum Name: Martin Rich PB: 47lb mirror Team Member #2: Richard Tarbert CAG Forum Name: HtownCarp'n PB: 26.1lb common Team Name: In Rod We Trust Team Member #1: Brian Daugherty CAG Forum Name: Brian Daugherty PB: 44lb 2oz Team Member #2: Austin Pass CAG Forum Name: Austin PB: 39lb 4oz Team Name: Team Johnson Ross Texas Team Member #1: Brid Caveney CAG Forum Name: Brid Caveney PB: 35lbs 8oz Team Member #2: Josh Morris CAG Forum Name: Josh PB: 32lbs Team Name: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Team Member #1: Jerome Moisland CAG Forum Name: Jerome PB: 44lb Team Member #2: Iain Murray CAG Forum Name: redcoat PB: 52lb Team Name: Mburg Carpers Team Member #1: Mark Metzger CAG Forum Name: Gefiltafisher PB: 36 something Team Member #2: Bence Matisz CAG Forum Name: TBD PB: 61 Team Name: SOCALCARPERS Team Member #1: Cristian Torres CAG Forum Name: SOCALCARPER PB: 34lb 12oz Team Member #2: Cesar Espinoza CAG Forum Name: SOCALCARPER909 PB: 35lb Team Name: Detroit vs. Everybody Team Member #1: Paul Cienciera CAG Forum Name: Paul Cienciera PB: 34# Team Member #2: Daniel Slaby CAG Forum Name: Daniel PB: 56# Team Name: Two Men & A Dog Team Member #1: Keith Thompson CAG Forum Name: Keith PB: 58lb 14oz Team Member #2: Kristopher Tait CAG Forum Name: Kristopher Tait PB: 22lb 12oz Team Name: The Golden Toads Team Member #1: Chris Fowler CAG Forum Name: BigChrisCarper PB: 29lb 10oz Team Member #2: Benjamin Harshman CAG Forum Name: Bencarpintx PB: 24lb 6oz Team Name: Mid-State Carpers "Plan B" Team Member #1: Anthony Hartung CAG Forum Name: JYB PB: 20.13 Team Member #2: Chris Matthews CAG Forum Name: Chris Matthews PB: 27.4 Team Name: The Unknowns Team Member #1: Danny Wynn CAG Forum Name: Danny Wynn PB: 28lb Team Member #2: Xavier Gonzales CAG Forum Name: PB: 26lb Team Name: NTX Carpers Team Member #1: Josef Raguro CAG Forum Name: Josef Raguro PB: 30.11 lb Team Member #2: Jon Eisen CAG Forum Name: Jon Eisen PB: 42.06 Team Name: H&M Team Member #1: Marcin Szydlowski CAG Forum Name: fishfasol1 PB: 39lb 3oz Team Member #2: Henryk Burza CAG Forum Name: Thunder PB: 31lb 13oz Team Name: Team Rod Hutchinson Team Member #1: Jason Aylott CAG Forum Name: Jason Aylott PB: 45lb Team Member #2: Frank Kessler CAG Forum Name: Katy Carper PB: 34lb Team Name: Rip Off Baits Team Member #1: Chad Edwards CAG Forum Name: Badchade PB: 39lb 6oz Team Member #2: Jake Downing CAG Forum Name: Pig Slayer PB: 38lb Team Name: Team End of the Line Team Member #1: Barry Howard CAG Forum Name: Barry PB: 37lb 8oz Team Member #2: Ed Wagner CAG Forum Name: sullypool PB: 37lb 8oz Team Name: Baits Brothers Team Member #1: Michael Bates CAG Forum Name: HappyCamper PB: 6lb 1oz Team Member #2: Steven Bates CAG Forum Name: Steven Bates PB: 44lb Team Name: Old School Carpers Team Member #1: Brian Nordberg CAG Forum Name: Carpaholic PB: 39lb 12oz Team Member #2: Zach Van Fleet CAG Forum Name: lonestarcarper PB: 38lb Team Name: Marmite Munchers Team Member #1: Iain Sorrell CAG Forum Name: savayman PB: 55.02 Team Member #2: Lee Fenner CAG Forum Name: leebfenner PB: 35 lb Team Name: K-1 Baits Chicago Team Member #1: Bogdan Bucur CAG Forum Name: PB: Team Member #2: Ioan Iacob CAG Forum Name: PB: Team Name: Team Kilt ‘n’ Cap Team Member #1: Levi Flood CAG Forum Name: KiltedCarper PB: 27lb Team Member #2: Ty Buchanan CAG Forum Name: TBD PB: 28.35lb Team Name: Order of the Carp Team Member #1: Zach Testa CAG Forum Name: Zatesta PB: 36.8 Team Member #2: Evan Cartabiano CAG Forum Name: Evan C. PB: ? Team Name: 617/508 Team Member #1: Tim Columbo CAG Forum Name: Tim Columbo PB: 22.3 Team Member #2: Robert Clark CAG Forum Name: (NH) 401_KoCarp_Clark PB: 35.15 Team Name: Dirty Water Team Member #1: Clifford Sharp CAG Forum Name: csharp PB: 33.14 Team Member #2: Martin Columbo CAG Forum Name: Martin Columbo PB: 42.8
  3. If you haven’t already... **Leaderboard Registration Required** We need to get all registered anglers to go the following site, and register as an angler: https://tourneyx.com/app/register/angler Feel free to put a pic and a bio, if you want, but not necessary. You can also type in your sponsors, and upload an image. Leave the Angler Subscription box UNCHECKED, and make sure to agree to the terms of service. After you have registered your account, you can find the 2018 Austin Team Championship, under TEAM TOURNAMENTS, and add yourself to the tournament. Thank you for your cooperation. 😜 Let me know if you have any questions!
  4. **2018 ATC Itinerary** Wed Mar 21st - Corn Boil: 3pm-8pm - Team Registration, Team Photos, Bucket Pick-up, Food, Drinks, Chit-Chat, Scale Certification, T-Shirt pickup, Tournament Briefing, etc. Thur Mar 22nd - Day 1: 5:30am-6am - Peg Draw 7am-7pm - Fishing 7pm-8pm - Turn in Scorecards Fri Mar 23rd - Day 2: 5:30am-6am - Peg Draw 7am-7pm - Fishing 7pm-8pm - Turn in Scorecards 8pm-11pm - Dinner at Threadgill's and Awards Ceremony
  5. **REMINDER - Scales* All teams must have a scale. All scales will be certified by Keith Thompson at the Corn Boil, on Wed March 21st, from 3pm - 8pm. Scale certification stickers will be stuck to the back of all scales. Teams with a peg next to them will have their weights verified by a member of the neighboring team, and then they will sign the scorecard. Teams in a remote peg will need to call a marshal to verify their weights (ph numbers provided at peg draw). All weight verifiers must make sure that the weigh sling is tared on the scale prior to weighing the fish. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
  6. 2018 ATC T-shirts are now available for purchase! They will be available for pickup at the corn boil, or you can have it shipped for an extra $5. All shipped orders will be fulfilled after the ATC. http://bit.ly/2C0bAH5 Cutoff date for t-shirt purchases will be March 12th. We're excited to announce that Uncommon Common Screen Printing will be making this years t-shirts, and we would like to thank Scott Ferguson for all his help!
  7. Here is the 2018 list of sponsors! Thanks so much to each one of them. We couldn't put on this amazing event every year without each and every one of you! Anglers, please consider these companies first on your next tackle/gear/bait purchases! The Carp Anglers Group Austin Carp Angler Headwater Photography Quickprint of Weatherford Big Carp Tackle Deeper American Carp Society Treaty Oak Brewing & Distilling Trilogy Carp Baits World Carp Masters Korda Developments American Carp Gear Trakker Products Cygnet Tackle Aqua Products CC Moore & Co Ltd TourneyX.com K-1 BAITS CarpPro Texas Guide Service The Carp Angler Magazine CarpOholics Anonymous Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx Johnson Ross Tackle - USA CARPology Magazine Mid-state Carpers of Illinois Linear Bait Co. Rod Hutchinson Austin Bait Company Wacker Bait & Tackle
  8. Just a heads up... There are still a few teams that don’t have a partner yet, and there are teams on the waiting list. If you are still unsure of who your teammate will be, you may want to consider teaming up with another angler without a partner, so we can open up another spot. If you are considering dropping out, please let us know ASAP, so we can get another team on board. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  9. About ATC 2018 Wednesday March 21st - Corn boil, rules, and BBQ at the Wyndham Hotel Thursday March 22nd - Peg draw at Wyndham Hotel and Fishing Day 1 Friday March 23rd - Peg draw at Wyndham Hotel and Fishing Day 2 - Awards Banquet at Restaurant Whats the same and whats different: 32 Teams It will continue to be a two-person team event. Teams will be allowed one runner, who will not be allowed to touch any rod/reel with bait, or fish on. Draw will remain the same, with Chad pulling a team name out of a hat. That team will pick first, and then they will draw the next team out of a hat. Rinse and repeat. On day one, teams will pick in order, drawing two pegs and choosing one, within 15 seconds. Day two, the same procedure will apply, with teams drawing in the reverse order of day one. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners will be determined by Big 6 format Teams DO NOT need to have 6 fish to qualify Corn Boil will still be at the same place and time (Wyndham hotel pool area), and good ol' Texas BBQ will be the fare. Traditional buckets will contain scorecards, and goodies. Lunch will be provided for both anglers, on both days, by Thundercloud Subs, or Delaware Subs. Teams may choose from a limited selection of subs when registering online (Turkey or Ham). Post event celebrations and prize giving will be held at Threadgills on Riverside Dr, near the S. 1st St. peg. Teams must choose from the restricted menu, which will be available at the banquet dinner. Non-team members/guests choosing to attend may pay $15.00 to join in for banquet food. Special Award for the largest Carp (Commons, Mirrors, or Koi). Special award for the largest Smallmouth Buffalo. Special award for the largest Grasser! Non-club sponsored pots for Total Weight, largest Carp, largest Smallmouth Buffalo, and largest Grasser! Hotel info coming soon! 2018 ATC Registration Info Modest registration fee of $175 includes: Two Anglers (One Team) Registration Corn Boil Activities (Barbeque, Sodas). Light breakfast and coffee, each morning of the peg draw. Lunch delivered to the pegs on Thursday and Friday. Complete dinner at the Awards Banquet. And of course, the friendship of fellow carpers - meet the faces that communicate on the CAG board and social media! Both team members must be CAG members. Entry fees can include membership at $25 for one non-member ($200 team total) and $50 for two non-members ($225).
  10. Prepping for the FFF, and carpin in general, I was continually frustrated driving to a swim, going through the woods, etc. and getting my rods tangled; whether in the car or walking to the swim...........I don't like putting my hooks off my method feeders to the hook holders, or line guides on the rods-it damages the hook point, bends the shrink tubing and puts pressure on the line at the rod tip-sooooooooo, I tried a simple, simple thought-I looked for little nylon bags to cover the hooks, but after not finding any, I used zip-lock sandwich bags-simply placed my method feeder/hair rig in the bag and zip-lock....no tangles, no hooked on brush, etc.!!!......worked well hauling gear for the FFF!!
  11. Get your extra Awards Banquet dinners HERE for $25, for any friends or family that will be joining us. The more, the merrier!
  12. This year, our banquet dinner and awards ceremony will be held at one of the best local joints in Austin! South location 301 West Riverside Dr. Austin, TX 78704 (Near S. 1st St. swim) Website Anglers will choose from the following options on the night of the banquet dinner: Entrees: (Choose 1) Chicken Fried Steak Fried Catfish Grilled Chicken Breast 5 Vegetable Plate Sides: (Choose 2) Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Red Beans and Rice Garlic Cheese Grits Fried Okra Corn OFF the Cob Dessert: (Choose 1) Peach Cobbler Banana Pudding Drinks included: sodas, tea, coffee, and water. **Cash bar available for beer and cocktails.** Extra persons will be $25 for the same choices seen above. Link coming soon!
  13. Here is how you can book a room at the Wyndham Hotel. This is the hotel that we will be having the corn boil at on Wednesday, March 21st, as well as peg draw each morning. Let me know if you have any questions. Rock on! Pictures Attached
  14. ATC 2018 Rules: All anglers are required to have a VALID Texas fishing License ; you may purchase them by phone at (800)895-4248. Or online at: http://tpwd.texas.gov/business/licenses/online_sales/ Licenses are also sold at Wal-Mart, Academy, and other sporting goods stores. No pre-fishing in Ladybird Lake (Town Lake)from Sunday, March 11th through the start of the event. Anyone seen not complying with this will disqualify his or her team from the competition and the entry fee will not be refunded. All participants are allowed to plumb and research the lake; this includes the use of SMART CASTS. If you would like to fish prior to the tournament, we can recommend areas that will be permitted. Austin Lake has a campground (Emma Long) and it is a very similar type of venue (see rules). Another Venue is Decker Lake, known for Large Buffs. A representative of each team MUST be present at the peg draw, if one is not present that peg will be forfeited and the team will be issued whatever peg is left. You will draw 2 pegs and pick 1 within 15 seconds. The peg chosen is the peg you must fish. All of the city park rules must be observed. This will be a Big 6 event. This means that the team's 6 biggest fish will be the only ones that count towards the team's score. Teams DO NOT need to have 6 fish in order to qualify for the leader board or podium. Only Cyprinus Carpio count for Big 6 and Big Fish (no buffalo, grass carp, old tires, tennis shoes, dead anglers, lousy team members, etc.) A special award for the biggest Buffalo (any variety) will be presented. ALSO, a special award for the biggest Grass Carp will be presented. Each two-person team may fish anywhere within half the distance of opposing team pegs, ( this means the casting distance, you may not physically walk to and fish in the other teams peg) including pegs on the other side of the lake (you must, however, be in the same Zip Code & County). Each team MUST have 1 knot-less net that provides a safe way to land fish. Nylon knotted nets will not be allowed. Each team MUST have a scale that has been checked and calibrated at the Corn Boil for the event. We will calibrate with 5 pounds of water in a bucket, check your scales before you get there. Each team MUST have a well-padded unhooking mat and weigh sling. Each team MUST have a tape measure; all fish are to be measured and recorded on the score cards. We do this to assist Parks & Wildlife. A max of 6 rods in the water (having hooks on them) per team, at any one time. One hook per rod and no treble hooks or any multi-pronged hooks allowed. SPOD rods and Marker rods are permitted, but they must not have hooks on them. Opposing teams will weigh and record captures. Remote locations will have a Weigh Marshal to do this. Fish must be weighed, measured, and then verified by an opposing team member or a Marshal. Please return fish to the water promptly, after taking your photo(s) releases should also be verified by the opposing team member or Marshal. Only one fish per sack, if necessary. All Scorecards MUST be turned in. The scorecards have the opposing teams verification on them. These must be submitted at the end of each day, irrespective of whether you caught or not. If the scorecard is NOT turned in at the end of the days, angling captures WILL NOT COUNT!! Turn them in to HQ. Scorecards not turned in will result in DISQUALIFICATION Boats will not be allowed during the event; this includes kayaks, row boats, submarines, and bait boats. If a fish is hooked before the competition ends, there will be a 15-minute extension time limit allowed to land the fish. Any foul hooked fish will not count; all captures must be hooked within one inch of the mouth. CAG and non CAG members may attend, please see registration form for details and fees for each category.
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