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Found 11 results

  1. View File NACA Q4 2019 NACA Q4 2019 Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 01/07/2020 Category NACA  
  2. Hit the creek today, tryin to prep for the FFF, and had these two, a great golden 16-8 and a darker 10-0 and lost another. Very soft bites and slow fight but beautifully fat fish!!..........good fishin all!- go to the creeks- the fish are always there!! MO
  3. View File NACA 2018 Q1 North American Carp Angler Magazine 2018 Q1 Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 05/25/2018 Category NACA  
  4. (CT) Savayman

    NACA 2018 Q1

    Version 1.0.0


    North American Carp Angler Magazine 2018 Q1


  5. Are you ready? Saturday April 8th will be the first ever Carp Angling Conference to be held in North America! Learn all about Fishing for Carp! Doors Open 10am and event runs till 6pm Venue: Elks Lodge, 44 Maynard, RD, Middletown, CT Entry on the Day: $20 ($15 CAG member) - Under 16's admitted Free when accompanied by an adult - • TAG Sale – Bring along your carp gear to sell or swap! • Rig, Bait & Beginner Clinics • Tackle & Bait Vendors • Expert Panel Q&A – We are planning a live video link with one of the UKs top carp anglers! • Guest Speakers – talks from top level carp anglers. • Door Prizes / Raffle – Over $5000 worth of top tackle prizes! • Food & Beverages on sale during day www.facebook.com/NECarpConference
  6. Got this bad boy Walleye fishing, during the fall River'S Edge contest.
  7. A few years ago, I found this fishing spot that grew on me in that I have had the most success, and know the most about this particular spot. After baiting several spots of the waterbody and undergoing some classic "trial and error" fishing, I started favoring this spot. Just last year, in the autumn months, I dedicated all my fishing endeavors to this particular spot. One of the beauties of carp fishing is when you can see the shadows of the fish swimming across the waterbody in packs. Of course, here in the states, most anglers will come up to and say something like, "Boy, those are some enormous bass!" or "Look at those Pike!" It is always laughable, the ignorance of many here in the states regarding Carp. Just the talk of the local fisherman gave me the optimism that this spot has never been fished appropriately for Carp. (I am so glad that Carp are such an intelligent fish and are generally not caught by average fishermen because I am a huge supporter of Carp care and become enraged when people are bow and arrow fishing carp, or killing them for the soul purpose of killing them.) With such optimism and the broad view of the carp, I began to bait preferably when no one was around to avoid others from questioning me what I was doing and why. I baited 2-3 times a week, for a few weeks. Each time I went back, I could see more and more activity in the water. But was that just my minds instinctive impulse assuming things? I figured there was only one way to find out... To get the lines in the water. I arrived a about 5 hours before dusk would set in the first day. I threw out a bait spread of maize, casted my rods right around the spread, and set them up on the bite alarms. I sat there, in the comfortable weather, playing the infamous, peaceful waiting game. Patience will forever remain a huge necessity for true carp fishing success. One never can know when the gentle giants may take the bait causing the reel to scream. Confident that my bait was where I wanted it to be, as I cradled the hooks in PVA Nuggets, I let the bait sit in its initial location. 4 hours passed, and I began to grow weary that perhaps I put out too much bait, or that I didn't cast right. I decided to fight the impulse to move the rods and began taking stuff up to the car. As I walked back after packing in everything except my net and set up rods, I saw a carp surface and splash. It was a split second sight, but I knew the carp was large from the sound and the fact that the head was all that came out of the water, I reinforced such thought that the fish was large. It was another second or two till my reel screamed and I realized that fish was on the end of my line. Having been the first time I fished the location, adrenaline was pulsing through me as I worried about underwater structures the carp could get stuck in. The thing ran me clear across the other side of the waterbody, and was heading for what seemed to be a fallen down tree. It was then that I decided to play back with the fish and use the authority of a 12' rod. Slowly but surely, I kept it away from the tree and soon enough it was in my net. A 23lb common it was, and a memorable one. At the time my PB. This would be the fish that would inspire me to keep fishing the spot. Ever since this catch, it has been to my surprise that every fish I have caught has been in the upper teens to mid twenties. However, it wasn't until the summer months that I realized there was a lot more to be had than just a superb spot for a beautiful 20lb common carp. I seen an orange koi, and a white koi, the orange koi looked massive. A very wide head and long body would be very visible in the water and compromise the other carp in the spot. From that point on, it became my dedicated goal to get that koi. I knew that it was just a matter of time and I could have it on the end of my line. A couple months into summer, my father and I went to carp fish. Showing my Dad a thing or two, I tied up hair rigs and put his bass rods out there in the hopes he could experience the pleasures of reeling in a plausible carp and have a fun time doing so on a 6' bass rod! I'm sure you can only imagine what happens next, the 12' poles laid silent as the 6' bass rod started to scream off. My father grabbed the rod, tightened his drag and began tug of war with whatever it was on the other end of that line. If I say so myself, it was a pretty one-sided war as the Carp was dominating my Dad, running him almost to the end of the spool of line on the dinky bass rod. As my dad realized he was losing line he began tightening the drag, in the hopes that powerful surges from the fish would not snap the line, rod, or lead to a hook slip. Soon enough, my Dad began to gain on the carp and as it began to surface, sure enough, it was the monstrous orange koi. As it got closer and closer, the line raced back and fourth. Soon enough the line seemed to stop moving and while My Dad could feel the fish on the other end of the line, it was clearly stuck. My Dad did the best he could trying to allow the fish to free itself, but it has been my experience that often times, that is not always the case. So there we stood, the one got away. We were fishing safety clips and I have seen the fish, healthy and well this season. I hope that we can get him back and get a glimpse of the beaut who broke our hearts that day.
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