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Found 4 results

  1. zippyFX

    My first common

    Hi All, I have not posted here in awhile but I have been trolling regularly. Just wanted to drop in and say I got my first common in Ottawa this evening. One of the local fishing groups had a troll about Carp in a storm management facility near my home. I pinged the individual but never got any follow-up. I went there in the spring but did not see any signs of fish. Earlier this week I had some time at lunch so I decided to take a walk and see if there were any signs of fish. The water was cloudy but I did see allot of bubbling and I did see the some fish disturbing the water; Then out of nowhere a carp surfaced at a shallow area near where I was standing looked me in the eye and just slipped back into the water. I went back to the spot this evening and figured I try for carp at night. I thought it maybe more difficult at night but thought I would give it a go anyway. Hammercarp had recommend a paylake style pack of oats and cream corn last year so I gave it a try. My mix was a little on the dry side and would not ball up sufficiently for a gentle toss. so I used it as a chum and threw in a couple of kilograms of corn to boot. I figured the pop up corn I had purchased would be better for a clearer water so tossed in a worm on #6 circle hook. The end result was a 6 brown bullheads and 1 common carp. Thanks for all the help guys.... I think that now that I have dialed into what is required I maybe able to catch more in some more scenic locations in town. This is a great group with lots of good advice. Thanks! Estimated weight about 2 pounds.
  2. Hi All, I am looking for some suggestions about shore fishing for Carp in Ottawa. Some basic research indicates the spawn near the Carp river in the spring. I have seen videos of people catching Carp at Watsons Mill along the Rideau. I would like to know where I should be trying in the fall. some have suggested the rideau canal but given the water level is being drawn down I am not sure how good this will be now. Given what I have read, this alternative species needs a lot of special techniques to catch so I can understand why I have not caught any by accident. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, new to the forum and looking for Carp in Ottawa!
  4. Hi, Does anyone know where they sell carp fishing supplies in Ottawa? Specifically looking for Boilies, and corn.
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