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Found 9 results

  1. Welllllllll, that didn't last long!...Just caught my new PB grass carp!- 46lb 13oz and 48" long!!!!.....Not what I was fishing for, and a very rough day-lost my first carp to a snag, as well as the hair rig, lost an entire rig to another snag, then caught 4 straight channel cats, then a little, pretty, 5-5....switched locations and caught a 12-7, then this massive beast!!!!.....Kinda makes up for the day!..
  2. It was super windy today but I'm sure as heck not going to miss an opportunity to fish. 20mph winds that had the marina I was fishing at almost whitecapping! This was my first time ever at Lake Ray Hubbard, but it definitely won't be my last. All fish were caught on corn and some leftover oats and chili method mix from my last trip at Grapevine, and were released to fight another day! This little guy wasn't even 5ft from me when I was baiting up yesterday, probably not too good that he isn't scared of humans. First catch of the day seems a little wounded or diseased. Didn't touch him and cleaned my mat and net right after. Anyone know what this was? Damon's going to be pissed that I already broke his 18lb PB. Guess it'll give him something to shoot for! Broke my previous PB of 16lb with this 23lb 1oz, 31.5in beauty! 40 minutes later and yet another PB! This gorgeous fish clocked in at 28lb 12oz and 33in! What a beast! Little carp action in between the giants that were biting today Is this a ghost carp? I think so, but I'm not too sure as I've never caught one before. He had some patterning on his back as well. 13lb 9oz It sure is crazy that this was my smallest buff of the day, it's still 4.5lbs over my previous PB! 20lb 8oz, 30.5in Another ghost? Didn't weigh him but he looked exactly the same as the other, even the pattern on top. Last fish I weighed for the day, solid 12lb 1oz Common Carp I had just finished packing up and was just about to pull this rod out of the water when it took off, and I landed this dark little carp. Always nice to get that last bite! _________________________ New to angling. Catch and release. The dream - to catch at least one of every species in our great state! https://txmultispecies.imgur.com/ "Take only memories, leave only footprints, kill only time."
  3. Took my buddy Damon out for another carp fishing trip. It was his second time fishing with me for carp, and he had never caught a buffalo before, so I set out with the plan to put him on his first ever buff. The fish lent me a hand (fin?), and we were pulling them in almost as fast as we could cast out. We had six rods between the two of us, and most of the time there was only one or two in the water. I even had a fish take my bait before the weight even hit bottom! First time that's ever happened! All fish were caught on corn with an oats and chili method mix, and were released to fight another day. First (non-catfish) fish of the day, my buddy's first ever Smallmouth Buffalo! Not a big one by any means, but a beauty nonetheless. 6lb 2oz. His second buff of the day, 10lb 7oz and apparently a good kisser. My first (non-catfish) fish of the day, a shiny 7lb 6oz Common Carp. My first buffalo of the day, and my new PB of 16lbs! This one was actually a double with an 11lb 14oz buff, but for some reason the camera didn't capture the pic of the other fish. Second carp of the day for me, little smaller than the other one. We didn't weigh the smaller fish as the action was too hot! His smallest carp yet! This one is actually smaller than any I've caught as well. I guess at this point in the day the small carp were swarming. He fought very well for his size, though. 'nother buff for me. 9lb 2oz My fourth buff so far! 7lb 13oz Doubled up again! This 9lber had an interesting red mark on this side. This was the bigger fish of the double, @11lb 2oz. Finally we both got a fish at the same time, his buff came in at 8lb 1oz and my carp was too little to justify weighing. Had to get the rod back in! Last carp of the day for me, another little guy. We got lucky right before we had to leave so I could get to work and doubled up again! I'm holding a nice 12lb buff and my buddy has a PB 18lb monster! A great end to a great trip! _________________________ New to angling. Catch and release. The dream - to catch at least one of every species in our great state! https://txmultispecies.imgur.com/ "Take only memories, leave only footprints, kill only time."
  4. My friend Eric and I went out for a session on our local river this past weekend. It certainly didn't disappoint! We were only on the bank for around three hours but managed 2 nice fish! Eric got the first fish, and it ended up being an immaculate, 20-pound even common! It was a new PB for him, and his first fish from this swim. I was rewarded soon after with a chunky 22, my first carp of 2018! It was a nice session; didn't produce any giants but it was nice to get out there again. Tight lines, everyone!
  5. Well i decided to put few pictures together from 2013 since its almost over. I can say it was a truly great year for me, with lots of good laughs, sharing the banks with friends, and few nice fish. Would like to Thank K-1 Baits for supporting me with such great bait and knowledge to carp fishing. I have spend most of my time this year fishing boilies mostly. 95% of my fish have been caught on K-1 Boilies, the rest 5% on K-1 Maize. Favorite rigs of this year were, the Chod Rig which hAs banked me most of my bigger fish, also lets not forget about the Blow Back Rig, which i have used a lot this year as well and has done about the same damage as the Chod. Favorite Flavor of boilies are, Toffee, JTF, Pineapple Ice cream, Squid and Strawberry, Juicy Tutty Fruity Pineapple. Pop Ups and Bottom baits have caught me a fair share. Enjoy guys, Happy Holidays !!
  6. Here are few old and new pics from the past months... The fish weight between 15lb and 39lb which is a new pb grass carp for me.. I have decided to cut down the pack bait and strictly use boilies this year.. I have been using K-1 Tutty Fruity and Pineapple mix which is a concept and sweet corn flavored boilies.. Strictly baiting only boilies and using PVA sticks woth crushed boilies, sizes 12mm and 16mm soluble and hard boilies.. Enjoy... The bait and baiting in action... And some more fish !!! The most beautiful thing of fishing... The nature and wilderness !!!
  7. Well here I am again.. Monday night i was bored and with few days of free time i decided to go off in the woods and fish somewhere !! Looked the weather and boom, Wednesday and Thursday rain shower on and off, perfect timing for fishing... I got all packed up on Tuesday after work and took off at 6pm, i was at the swim around 12am .. Now it came time to decided where i want to fish, closer to my car or farther out where i cant really charge my phone.. I decided on the close swim just cause I didn't feel like walking out with my gear.. Quickly I settled down, got everything together and took out the marker float, did some exploring of the bottom, drop offs, weed beds, and snags, unfortunately there was only weeds on the bottom, depth about 4-7 feet.. I quickly tied up new rigs and made some PVA sticks with crushed K-1 Pineapple soluble boilies and tigernuts. I goal was not to bait up and see if fish would move in on what i had in the water, one rig was with Pineapple Ice Cream Maize, and the other rod i had on a tigernut with night glow peace of corn. After casting out, the bivvy set up began... It didn't take me long enough to be all cozy and comfy in bed :) it was 4am and i was ready to crash out and hopefully to get waken up by a screamer !! It was a quite night i Woke up around 9am, first thing was for me to start making the bait and the spod mix... I baited up with K-1 Strawberry Squid Boilies Solubles and hard ones.. For a spod mix i used sweetcorn mixed with chopped up boilies.For Pack i used Oats with Cream Corn chopped boilies and K-1 Strawberry Ice Cream flavor. This is how it looked !!! Knowing there is weeds in the water I decided to play around with the rigs and change one of my set ups, using only two rods does not give you much options but I went off and put a chod rig with 16mm Pineapple Ice Cream Pop Up on... After baiting the swim with 20 balls of Pack, some boilies, and 10 spods of spod mix the waiting game began... It was about 2pm and i needed a nap, kind of rainy and cloudy perfect time for napping, well but I guess the fish didn't think this way. Around 2:30pm my hanger dropped down and it picked back up with a screaming run, quickly i got out from the bivvy to find a nice little 10lb mirror laying on my mat !! Didn't take long enough after i got one more run with a BIGGER fish I would think around the high teens... Here are the photos take by my self.Both fish came on the 16mm Pineapple Pop Up Chod rig I had decided to put out !! This quick action gave me 120% confidence in my spot and baits. I quickly got the rod out and put 3 balls of pack on each rod and about 20 free boilies spread around my hook bait.. It was around 4pm already and i decided to go back in my bivvy rain moved in and it was drizzling outside, perfect time for big fish... I laid down in my bivvy for a half a hour and watched my hangers. It was 4:35pm i know for a fact because i was just on my phone and had hanged up, when my left rod dropped back, by the time I ran out from the bivvy it was screaming and tearing my drag...when i lifted the rod this fish just stopped no movement at all... It felt heavy, no head shakes. I slowly started getting him in and not long after there was this nice looking mirror in my net. Sure it looked big and it was heavy.. Quickly I took out the scale and the weight sling. The scale stopped at 38lb 4oz NEW PB MIRROR !!! I was amazed.. Started taking pics with the self timer but there we go rain move in again i sacked the fish to do some more photos after the rain shower... Before I get further lets see the NEW PB Mirror taken on K-1 Pineapple Ice Cream Pop Up, on a chod rig lifted about a inch and a half from the bottom !!! After sacking the fish for few minutes finally I had sometime to cast out my rod back out, I was on the phone with Istvan and Mihai during the whole time, the one thing they told me is stay on the fish, quickly i packed up a ball and put it out 70 yards out.. As I laid it on the rod pod i turned around to make few balls to bait up the swim since the fish were there, I heard a BEEP BEEP behind me as I looked my hanger was going up and down, I continued on making bait but the BEEPING continued for about a minute and all suddenly it started taking line out, but it was not a screamer, slow moving fish = bigger fish. I picked up the rod and boom this fish was on, it took some drag out and few head shakes but it was heavy, knowing that it could be a bigger fish than the one in the sack I did not put much pressure on the rod. About 10 minutes i had something unbelievable in my net I look at it, and took a seat on the ground with my net and rod in hand.. My heart was pumping and i could feel the blood going faster throughout my vanes. Finally i calmed down got up and took my net apart to lift the fish, picking up the 38+ before this one it felt very heavy, but the second fish was a TANK !!! Again he took the 16mm Pop Up Pineapple Ice Cream. As I put him on the scale and had no tripod lifting the fish was very hard, my hands were shaking but the scale was bouncing between 46lb and 50lb.. Picked up the phone and called Istvan right away for a tip how to weight the fish, he told me to tie my scale with a rope to a branch, but who carries rope with them?!? At this time there was a local guy coming in to fish for bass and i had spoke to him earlier. He was kind enough to give me a peace of rope and witness the weight of the fish and take few photos of me. The scale topped at 47lb 2oz Mirror !!! NEW PBB !! WOW I just beat two new PB's in a hour !! Here are few pics with both of the fish !!! 47.2.... I was in Shock !!! " OMG what has just happened" I asked my self !!! After seeing that the chod rig does great in the weeds I quickly change my second rod to a chod as well ! It was a quite night with rain shower. In the morning around 6:30am I managed a nice 32+ to wake me up, it came on 16mm Squid and Octopus Pop Up !! After quick photos there he goes off back in the water. As usual I put out few balls of Pack and spread some boilies around. Around 11am I pulled out the spod and did 5 spods over the area i was fishing.. Made some Steak for lunch, and here it came time to sleep... As i went to take another nap around 2pm once again I thought of what happened the previous day. Closing my eyes was easy, but trying not to think about the new PB was hard ) !!! Falling asleep very light i heard my receiver go off, quickly got out from the bivvy and grabbed the rod, ill tell you it was a baby this time lol, every time I heard my alarm go i was thinking of the 50+ that was lurking in there. BUT, Around 4:30pm I had another run, not too long after I ended up with another big fish in the net, taken on 16mm Toffee Pop Up. This fish was a TANK... The scale topped at 42lb 1oz !! Had another one at 29+ and the night was quite. In the morning as usual i picked up one more beauty at the high teens.. It was great time but I had to pack up after a 3 night session !! Managed one more before i left as well in the High Teens... It was a Great Great trip with less action but quality fish, relaxing and drinking beers by my self or with buddies over the phone !!! 29+ to end this EPIC SESSION !!!
  8. This year the Chicago River has been producing beautiful fish across the map. One spot, discovered by my two friends Pawel and Andy, has become quite a honey hole. A consistent baiting campaign done by Andy for last two months, using K-1 Baits boilies provided these results. Many of my friends from Polonia Carp Team can boast about a few 30lb+ from this spot as well as a slew of fish in the 20lb+ range including three 29 lb. My time to fish this swim finally arrived. The day before I made plans with my friend Jacob, and we were set to go. On March 24, 2013 with overcast sky and temps in the low 30's we set out our lines. Into the water goes 2 lbs of soluble boilies squid-strawberry flavor and 1 lb of 12mm fruity peach boilies, all K-1 baits products. On my first rod I was using a blowback rig with a snowman 12mm and 16mm fruity peach bottom boilies. The second rod had a new product from K-1 Baits still in testing process, BioActive soluble boilie topped with a plastic corn. The third rod contained 2 pieces of plastic flavored corn, fruity peach and pineapple. As a metod mix I was using K-1 Baits products: boosted oats with Fruity Pineapple flavor. We didn't have to wait long for the first run of the day and it was on the 3rd rod with the plastic flavor corn. I lost the fish and quickly reeled in to examine my hook and rig setup. After a few adjustments, I recast and my line is back in the water. I get another run and loose another fish. I reel in and change rig and recast. Now our carp fishing Eldorado begins. Within the next 3 hours, I bring in a bunch of fish starting with a 21lb 6oz as well as 14lb+ 16lb+ 18lb+ and a few smaller fish. After this things got calm with no runs for about an hour. I decide to re-bait and cast closer to shore and a certain distance away from the baited area. Soon after we are on the fish again, but this time the bites come faster and with bigger fish on the end of the line. Jacob lands his first fish, a 21lb 13oz, just as we are releasing it one of my alarms starts screaming. Fish on! After a short fight a beautiful 27lb 4oz common is laying on my mat. We carefully took some pictures and calmly released the fish and got back to our rods. Throughout the next hour I continue catching some nice fish in the 15-20lb range. Around 12pm I get a violent run on one of my rods. The bait was 2 pieces of K-1 Baits Giant Corn topped with a fruity peach plastic corn. The fish was putting up a fight, but Jacob was doing a great job with the landing net today, so the fish had no chance to escape. A beautiful 23lb 2oz is added to our list of catches. I didn't even have time to recast my rod while I get another run. I set the hook and without much of a fight i start pulling the fish towards the shore. I had no idea what was to happen next. I told Jacob not to hurry with the net because this is probably a small 15lb fish. Jacob goes into the water with the net and I hear loud and clear "MAAANNN YOU GOT A THIRTY". I could not believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. Jacob nets the fish and I see him struggle to lift the net out of the water. I help him bring the net to shore and then it hits me. This fish must be bigger than 30, and it was. We carefully put the fish on the mat and the 23lb from before looks like a 10lb compared to this beast. We released the other fish and got to weigh the big one. My scale goes from 35-37-39 and stops at 39lb 3oz. Here it is! My new PB! After a while I realize this is the biggest fish to come out of the Chicago River! We put the fish in a keep sack and carefully put it in the water and make a few phone calls. Soon enough the entire K-1 Baits squad appears at our swim along with the person responsible for taking care of this spot and baiting it, Andrzej Burnagiel. After a short photo session, we take a release video and the New Chicago River Record swims away into the wild waters of the river. Thank you everyone for the kind words and congratulations I received. Thank you Jacob for landing fish the whole day, without you I could not land one fish. Thank you Andrzej Burnagiel for keeping the swim clean and baited. Thank you Pawel Sander for discovering this great swim. And thank you Bogdan Bucur and Jacob for the great photos and video. Thank You K-1 Baits for providing the most effective products to catch a carp I have ever used. Also I want to very thank you all of my carp fishing friends from our Polonia Carp Team, who also catch great fish from this spot. Thank you K-1 Bait Pro Staff Marcin Szydlowski
  9. I got my PB the other day from Chicago River. Started getting serious about Carp almost a year ago and finally broke the 20lb mark. I got a 23 Lb 8 oz Common Carp on Thursday. I was fishing from 4-pm until 830pm when this thing came in. I was about to pack up the last fishing rod and then BAM! Got this guy!
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