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Found 17 results

  1. (TX) djkleen02


    Ladies and gentlemen! Mark your calendars! 2017 Austin Team Championship will be held February 22nd - 24th (Wed-Fri). Corn boil Wed night, and fishing Thur and Fri. Looking forward to another fantastic event! Registration link and additional info will be released ASAP. Stay tuned.
  2. We are trying to get a preliminary headcount for the 2017 ATC... If we do, it will be the last weekend in February... Who's all planning on signing up? Thanks for your time and feedback. We appreciate it.
  3. It's time for another CAG Central TX Fall Fish-In, here in Austin, TX... We are now able to reserve sites at Emma Long online, but there might be limited availability already. I'll take a look and see what our options are, but I'm thinking about November 12-13, 2016. Any suggestions and questions/concerns are welcomed. Thanks!
  4. I wanted to take the time to welcome all of our new members who have recently joined CAG. My name is Chad Woolard, and I am the Central TX state chair for CAG. I live in the Austin, TX area, and am a co-founder of Austin Carp Angler. We are a small group of locals who enjoy catching carp and smallmouth buffalo. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime, either on the forums, social media, or email. Links below. Hope to share the bank with as many of you as possible. Tight Lines! CAG Central TX fb - https://www.facebook.com/groups/CAGCTX/ CAG North TX fb - https://www.facebook.com/groups/CAGNTX/ Austin Carp Angler - info@AustinCarpAngler.com
  5. Here is the list of sponsors and supporters for the 2016 Austin Team Championship. Thank you so much to all that have stepped up to support, as well as the continued support of this great tournament. **Please strongly consider these companies and/or products the next time you need to make a purchase. We couldn't do this without them.** Thanks again to all of you!
  6. Here are the registered teams, up to date. We will be posting new registrations, as they come in. Let us know if you have any questions, and PM Chad ( djkleen02 ) if there are any edits needed.
  7. Here are the registered teams, up to date. We will be posting new registrations, as they come in. Let us know if you have any questions, and PM me if there are any edits needed. TEAM NAME: Fish For Fun CAG Forum Name: loop2loop Team Member #2 Name: Vicki Stephan Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Carpette What is your CARP PB ? : Common 17.8 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : Common 10.2 TEAM NAME: Team Stout/K-1 Baits CAG Forum Name: Ciprian Muresan Team Member #2 Name: Tony Stout Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Masonic Carper What is your CARP PB ? : 25 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 33 TEAM NAME: Here's Your Sign CAG Forum Name: Texas Carper Team Member #2 Name: Chris Vines Member 2 CAG Forum Name: chris What is your CARP PB ? : 31.6 lbs What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 34.8 lbs TEAM NAME: Big Carp USA Team Member #1 Name: David Moore CAG Forum Name: David Moore Team Member #2 Name: Brian Wingard Member 2 CAG Forum Name: accordbw What is your CARP PB ? : 39 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 38 TEAM NAME: Both Sides of the Pond CAG Forum Name: nick220722 Team Member #2 Name: Colin Ure Member 2 CAG Forum Name: cure What is your CARP PB ? : 26lbs 6 oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 26lbs 8 oz TEAM NAME: Floaty corn Team Member #1 Name: Jake Downing CAG Forum Name: Jake Downing Team Member #2 Name: Kenneth Keaton Member 2 CAG Forum Name: kenneth keaton What is your CARP PB ? : 34lbs What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 30lbs TEAM NAME: Team Soniq CAG Forum Name: soniq Team Member #2 Name: Rachel Boon Member 2 CAG Forum Name: supersoniq What is your CARP PB ? : 39 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 18 TEAM NAME: Motor City Carpers Team Member #1 Name: Brendan Pass CAG Forum Name: Brendan Team Member #2 Name: Nik Williams Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Nik.Williams What is your CARP PB ? : 34lb 2oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 26lb 8oz TEAM NAME: Team Sasquatch CAG Forum Name: Tres Flores Baits Team Member #2 Name: Samantha Flores Member 2 CAG Forum Name: n/a What is your CARP PB ? : 33.14 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 26.12 TEAM NAME: The Thompsons Team Member #1 Name: Keith Thompson CAG Forum Name: Keith Team Member #2 Name: Kristina Thompson Member 2 CAG Forum Name: N/A What is your CARP PB ? : 57lb 14oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 29lb 12oz TEAM NAME: WCB Make it Happen Team Member #1 Name: Denice Hall CAG Forum Name: Denice Hall Team Member #2 Name: Rick Slinker Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Rick Slinker What is your CARP PB ? : 32.12 mirror What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 37.8 common TEAM NAME: NET STRETCHERS Team Member #1 Name: Neil Stern CAG Forum Name: Neil Stern Team Member #2 Name: Carl Norris Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Carlymoomoo What is your CARP PB ? : 34.8 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 28.8 TEAM NAME: WCB TnT Team Member #1 Name: Tony Lett CAG Forum Name: T_Lett Team Member #2 Name: Tom Montez Member 2 CAG Forum Name: TMontez What is your CARP PB ? : 36.4 common What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 26.10 common TEAM NAME: Tito's Vodka Happy Hour Express Team Member #1 Name: Chad Edwards CAG Forum Name: Badchade Team Member #2 Name: Josef Raguro Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Josef Raguro What is your CARP PB ? : 34# 1oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 30# 6oz TEAM NAME: SoCalCarpers Team Member #1 Name: Christian Torres CAG Forum Name: SoCalCarper Team Member #2 Name: Cesar Espinoza Member 2 CAG Forum Name: SoCalCarper760 What is your CARP PB ? : 31lb 8 oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 19lb 14oz TEAM NAME: Those Guys Team Member #1 Name: August Wells CAG Forum Name: Texas-Z Team Member #2 Name: Jason Wells Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Jason Wells What is your CARP PB ? : 35# 6oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 36# 8oz TEAM NAME: Bates Brothers Team Member #1 Name: Michael Bates CAG Forum Name: HappyCamper Team Member #2 Name: Steven Bates Member 2 CAG Forum Name: steven bates What is your CARP PB ? : 6 lb common What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 44 lb common TEAM NAME: The "van Schalkwyk's" Team Member #1 Name: Willem van Schalkwyk CAG Forum Name: Willem van Schalkwyk Team Member #2 Name: Chris van Schalkwyk Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Christian What is your CARP PB ? : 29lb 8oz What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 24lb 12oz TEAM NAME: Team Exsterninators Team Member #1 Name: Brid Caveney CAG Forum Name: Brid Caveney Team Member #2 Name: Bubba Staton Member 2 CAG Forum Name: Bubba What is your CARP PB ? : 35.8 What is your Team mate's CARP PB ? : 34+
  8. Hello fellow anglers, My name is Chad Woolard, and I have just been appointed as the new Central TX State Chairman. I wanted to introduce myself, and state my intentions in this new position. I have been carp fishing for around 3-4 years now, so I'm relatively new to the sport. I dove right in to this sport head first, and have never looked back, since then. I love these fish with all of my heart, and intend to share this love and passion with as many people that I can, for generations to come. It starts with us, now! I am one of the founders of Austin Carp Angler, along with August Wells, Keith Thompson, and Kevin Olivier. We have recently expanded our organization to Kenneth Keaton, and Jake Downing; two well-rounded anglers who can fish with the best of them. Austin Carp Angler is currently working with CAG to organize the 2015 Austin Team Championships (ATC), next February. We have been super busy over the last couple of months, trying to put together a world class event. Stay tuned for more details to come, and don't miss the registration! It should be a great one! Over the next year, I will be organizing as many events as possible, to try to expand the Carp Anglers Group into more hearts. CAG has done great things for this sport, and continues to educate and further the growth of the community of carp anglers. Together, we can work towards getting these beautiful species established as a game fish, and have them protected. It starts with us, now! Please don't hesitate to contact me for anything at all. Questions and concerns are welcomed. Tight Lines, my friends. Hope to share the bank with you real soon. -Chad Woolard
  9. Thanks so much to all of our sponsors and supporters for everything that you have done to make this a great year. We couldn't have done it without you! ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- Big Carp Tackle Cygnet Trakker Reuben Heaton CC Moore Enterprise Saxon St. Croix CARPology Korda K-1 Baits
  10. Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin Extends Discounted Rates to Carp Anglers February 26th, 27th and 28th 2015 Group Code: 02256702CA Last day to make reservations: January 29, 2015 Hotel Overview: Located 3 miles south of Downtown AustinComplimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property Spacious and airy fitness center Large work spaces and Sealy Posturepedic pillow-top bedsRestaurant, room service and bar ***How to book your Austin hotel*** Guestroom Options: King , Double , Poolside Casitas Call 1-800-WYNDHAM or 1-800-996-3426: Give the associate your desired dates of stay and ask for the Carp Anglers room block. You will then guarantee your reservation with a credit card. Or Book Online: Go to www.wyndhamaustin.com. Select the Reservations button. Enter your desired dates of stay. Then, click Special Rates & Codes and enter 02256702CA. If you need assistance, please contact 512-744-4831. We look forward to your visit! Wyndham Garden Hotel 3401 South IH-35 Austin, Texas ~ 78741 Hotel Line: 512-448-2444 ~ Fax: 512-443-4208
  11. I hear all the time from friends, “we have to go fishing man..”. Well, don’t talk about, be about it! Come out this weekend, no gear required! Austin Carp Angler's “Next Fish is Yours” event is this weekend March 22nd and 23rd at Decker Lake! If you want a chance to catch your first smallmouth buffalo, and learn a bit in the process, then join us on the bank this weekend. No gear or bait required! https://www.facebook.com/events/579084072160429/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&source=1
  12. Just wanted to give all the entrants a quick update on the pegging for this years event. All of the Austin Carp Angler crew have been working hard clearing swims in preparation for this years event. We have lost a few of the traditional swims due to construction and as of right now there are still three swims on our list that may or may not be available (depending on the city to finish working in the area). We have added two swims that have never before been used during the ATC (both are swims we have fished and caught from so there are definitely carp to be caught there) as well as bringing back a couple of swims that did produce reasonably well in previous ATC's. We are still working on a few more potential new swims that have never been used before and one that has but may not be fishable by a team of two without more hard work. I will say that all of the swims we have cleared and fished have produced numbers of carp so the lake is still pretty healthy even after the flooding at the end of October 2013. Once we get the pegs finalized we will release the peg map to Neil and Willem in case they want to post it here in advance of the event. Stay tuned for further updates as the date gets closer.
  13. A quick reminder to all that Sunday 8th December 2013 is the final event of the WCC of Austin monthly series. We will meet and draw for partners and swims at the I35 bridge. Draw time is 6:30 am, fishing from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Each angler will draw a chip from the bag. Chips are paired together and the nuymber of the chip will determine the order of the walk off. Pairs must decide on their pegged area together and decide where in the peg each would like to fish. Rock, Paper, Scissors in case of any issues at the swim. In the case of an odd number of anglers attending there will be one solo number in the bag (it will be the last number), the angler drawing this number will have to ensure that they fish near to one of the pairs to ensure that his or her fish are weighed/witnessed by another angler. There are plenty of locations that three anglers can be close enough that this can happen. Anywhere on Ladybird Lake is open to fish but be aware that lots of swims are currently overgrown so you may need to beat down some of the growth to fish some spots. The lake is currently fishing very well with multiple fish being caught on a daily basis. Come and join us and enjoy some end of year sport on Ladybird Lake.
  14. My name is Chad Woolard, and I am new to carp fishing. After seeing Kevin ATX's 57lb grasser, I had to try this out. So I went down to LBLake, and "set up shop" with Mike, August, and Kevin one day. The first alarm that went off, I was on. After landing the 13lb common, I was definitely hooked. I remember telling them, "Well, that fish just cost me $500 dollars." It was a good time. I recently enjoyed the fish-in at Emma Long, this past weekend with Mike, August, Kevin, Jason, Ted, Mark, and all the other guys. We had a blast. Our feet were numb, but we had a blast. I will be attending the WCC this weekend, at Decker, and I will be winning 1st place this year, at ATC, so I'll see you there Thanks for welcoming me to your community, CAG!
  15. Just wanted to start a new discussion on our next fish-in. I know everyone is gearing up for ATC, but just wanted to get everyone's heads to start rolling around some ideas, on the backburner. Let me know what you think. Word!
  16. Just wanted to see how many of us are in or around Austin...
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