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Found 5 results

  1. My grandson, Brody and his brother Cooper, had fished with me a while back at another venue. The carp were small and this venue has produced some nice carp and buffs. I prebaited a day before with about 10 lb. of cracked corn and deer corn, flavored with anise. Anyway, Cooper opted out as he is in the early teen stage and is more of a stay-at-home guy. Brody spent the night and we hit the river about 9 AM. I put out more bait and let it settle while setting up. I mixed some bird seed with the corn and catapaulted range cubes. I had another 10 lb. of corn as I wanted to spod during the time we were fishing. I took Brody's Zebco outfit to keep him occupied while waiting for a run. The wife, Nancy, scrounged around and found some worms. Odd, but he didn't catch one bluegill! He was fishing over by the boat ramp when the alarm sounded. He was running so fast, he created a vacuum and sucked up small twigs and leaves behind him! I set the hook and he started to drop and crank like I had showed him. He is small and Nancy helped hold the rod. The first carp in the net was 15-4! Not bad for a first fish. We were glad he landed it as it ran under the dock and we were afraid it would cut the braid on the pilings. His previous PB was around 5 lb. Will post this on my signature to keep track. He landed two carp; the second was 14-4. Had two hook pulls with two other carp. One got right up to the dock and he tried to keep it from going under the dock. I guess there was too much pressure on the line. We did see it. It was decent; as Horace (the Ol' Captain) would say, it was between 4 and 40! Check out the photos. He is holding the 14-4. Wouldn't kiss it or lick and release like Max, the Ultimate Carping Hound. We are planning on Brody and his cousin, Noah, spending the day, swimming and playing, spending the night and carping then next day. Looking forward to it. Yes, I feel that I am really blessed!
  2. Maybe it should read: Take Pop-pop carping. My grandsons are in between summer program at our church and the beginning of the school year. We had looked at fishing before but the weather was too hot, raining or both. We went up to our secret place and put out some bait. I used vanilla cracked corn, range cubes (actually range tubes), and some rubber rice to get them feeding on it. The boys will be here tomorrow. Brody said, "We should have spent the night." Never thought of that but we will grab a quick breakfast and off to the carp hangout. We did see lots of bubbles, shadows just under the surface and some swirls that were too big for bluegill. While spodding, two guys in a pickup truck were buzzing over the culvert up from where I was and they came to a screeching halt and backed up to watch. Hoping that they would stop and ask what was going on. Will spod some more this evening.
  3. Cooper and Brody spent the night and got up ready to go carping. I had the truck loaded as the van wouldn't hold all the stuff necessary for a proper carp safari. We fished a backwater off the Hiwassee River here in east TN. I didn't get a chance to put our some boiled corn Sunday afternoon. I had to settle for about six spods yesterday evening and three this morning. We got up to the gold mine about 8:30 and were set up and had hooks in the water before nine. The white rod had a hair rig and a TF popup. The black rod had a bolt rig ( hook, swivel and egg sinker), if that is correct term. It was baited with plain ol' canned corn. The sun came out and we set up a canopy for some shade. The only drawback to this venue is no restroom, few trees, houses and streets all around it! Anyway.....we sat back and waited (you know all about this). The time was used to talk and they asked about carping, tackle, etc. Hopefully, I gave the correct answers. Finally, about 10:30, we got a hit on the corn. Since Brody is the youngest, I gave him first bat at the bank. It was a good sized carp- about 5 or 6 pounds. He got it about 20 feet from the bank and he lost it. When he reeled in, the hook had come off. Bummer! So we retied, rebaited and tried again. This time it was Cooper's turn. I had changed the popup to corn on the hair rig. This was a good move. We got a hit on the that rod and the fight was on. Cooper pumped and reeled like I had shown both of them. I netted a decent carp. It weighed five pounds even- weighed the fish and net and subtracted the weight of the net. Have to figure our the tare system for the scale. We practiced C&R with both fish, by the way. Now it was Brody's turn at the rod. A bit later, we had another hookup. We got it in and it weighed 2-2. Not big but the dictionary defines fish but doesn't say how big it has to be. We are already planning another trip up there. We will take more snacks and food so we can stay longer. I would like to take them up to Kingston for a day. Now, I'm going to try to attach some photos. How do I get the captions with the photos?
  4. cory jr that is boo gets a 18.2 to break his pb by 2.1 lbs.....wtg heres some pics of the venue ...caught a few 20 plus and alot 12 to 15 ..zach will post up pics also.....
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