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Found 7 results

  1. Hey folks, I put together this animation detailing some basic rigging and baits for carp for people who don't know where to start. I hope you guys will appreciate it. Simple Rigging And Baits For Carp
  2. Hey all!! The weather finally warmed in KC so I took the opportunity to take a stab at one of the very few open water access, which is a reliable, though smaller-fish venue. Set one corn-rig, and two hair rigs, and viola!- this beautiful 4-13 golden carp- it fought like a summer fish and just before netting I thought I had a mirror, but alas, not to be......still, nice to get out -only a couple months til ATC!!!!......hope everyone had a great holiday season!!.......
  3. Hello all!!. Weeeelllllll, we had all-time historic flooding in KC so it put the clamp on creek fishing, so I had no choice but to fish flooded ponds and focused on tying more hair-rigs, which I just hadn't refined and been successful on ( I've caught a total of 3, yes 3! carp on hair rigs in the past year and have been very disheartened, but this week has been different!.....One afternoon I caught 6 carp,(ranging from 2-6lbs) this 2lb 15oz goldfish, 2 snapping turtles, and 3 channel catfish, -one half on a hair rig, and the others on the subtle bit technique including 2 doubles! (cat/carp and goldfish/carp)......then, yesterday caught this lone 2lb 13oz carp on a hair, and today, finally, this last pic of a nice carp- 14-1, (with a squared tail) on the hair, plus one catfish and one smaller carp (~2lbs) that I didn't get a picture of........the method was the same- 30g ribbed method feeder packed with a combo of panko, sweetcorn, sweetcorn juice, and strawberry jello, with a very short (3-4") hook link, a piece of fake corn with a piece of sweetcorn and the eye buried in the pack...........worked well and gave me some confidence as I shift to nighttime lake fishing!!.......appreciate the forums and advice -it all helps!!!!
  4. Tried a local lake very early this morning with no hits, then went to a local creek and was 5 for 5, anywhere from 8-17lbs, the latter of which had a broken hair rig with shrink tubing and 3 pieces of fake corn-my hook was right next to it!!!!.. couldn't tell how long the fish had it; I've never seen other fisherman here at all, so maybe the fish come from upstream, but it's be a ways-no good pools for a mile or so.......Soooo, I gained tackle today instead of losing a rig!!....
  5. So....I have caught a total of two! carp on a hair rig with an in-line NNB method feeder packed with a strawberry, corn, panko and oat mix and both fish were small. No carp on straight hair rigs with or without egg sinkers, weights, etc... Neither fish "self-hooked" like I've seen on videos, and both were caught on #4 Gamakatsu #4 octopus circle hooks. I have used eagle claw #6 straight shanked hooks with NO Carp, but plenty of catfish and turtles....To me the slack-line subtle bite sweet corn rods are out-fishing the hair rigs (poles are side-by side) 100x better...Both were hooked with the swivel tucked into the base, but I am seeing video of (mostly in England) having the swivel free, so that the pick-up is not interfered with by the weight?.......what I am I doing wrong here?....It also seems to take far longer bating up a hair rig, than the simple weight/hook line I am using.....any and all comments welcomed!!
  6. Hi all! Brand new newbie to carp fishing- been fishing mostly sweet corn and sweet peas on free-line with very small circle hooks and a split shot on ultralight rods and having good success, but i'm intrigued and have seen that hair rigs appear to hook more fish. I've tied numerous hair rigs with either 30lb green braided or 8lb monofilament to a #6 straight shank Eagleclaw hook ( or the two hooks provided by CAG-membership-thanks!) or circle hook tied to a small crane swivel, tied to monofilament (8lb test) with a bead and small egg sinker or bullet sinker. I've even just used split shot or two, to no avail.......The braid is anywhere from 6" to 12" away from the terminal hair.......I have caught channel catfish, bullheads, blue gill, green sunfish, but NO carp!!. I use a 2-3 rod system, and every time, the carp are caught on the other lines-I'm a pole watcher (no alarms) and I watch the subtle tapping and catch a lot of carp, but not on the hair rig. I've tied them according to the tutorials, either right on top of the curve, up to a couple inches away. I thread 2-3 kernels of sweet corn, (thanks again to CAG for my membership needle threader!!) or one boiled chick pea, or sweet peas, and have not hooked a carp!.....frustrating!!- do I need to tie the hair from the curve of the hook too?...(Im providing a photo of about half the lines I have-some of the others have very short "hairs) ......Ive seen a couple like that but not sure what the difference is achieving.......any additional advice from what I'm seeing on the forum would be appreciated!... Also, as I see leaves accumulating in my "swims" (cool term I just learned ) I'm thinking my corn/peas sink into the litter, so I devised a hair-rig with a small colored foam float that looks like corn (yellow) or green (peas) which I have swiss-cheesed with needles, then soak in either corn juice or pea juice and use the foam as the first piece close to the hook, then 1-2 kernels sweet corn, or peas.....I am fishing mostly slow moving creeks, and wondering if both (hair rigs and my modified pop-up) are not appropriate for creeks-maybe the movement lays down the rigs in the leaves/gravel, or maybe the fish see the set up?- I have a split shot near the eye of the hook for the pop-up and in the water it look perfect!!, but no carp!!!,.....HELP PLEASE... :).....thanks to all-Im very impressed with CAG!!
  7. When ever I use corn on my hair rig sometimes it will tangle around the hook on the cast. Any suggestions? I have it secured in place with a small piece of tubing if that's important.
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