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Found 2 results

  1. Here is the list of pegs, as we are sitting now. Each time a new team registers, we will add another peg to this list. Same thing with the peg map; it will be updated regularly. Stay tuned for that. ATC 2015 Peg List: WWD WWD 2 Gazeebo Thompsons 35 W Boatramp 35 E Bridge 35 W Bridge Holiday Inn OJ’s Kiddy Park Somerville South 1st St. SRV Statue Peninsula Tip Peninsula Mid Power Plant Redbud B&J’s The Rocks Ballfields 1 Ballfields 2 Peg Maps:
  2. Just wanted to give all the entrants a quick update on the pegging for this years event. All of the Austin Carp Angler crew have been working hard clearing swims in preparation for this years event. We have lost a few of the traditional swims due to construction and as of right now there are still three swims on our list that may or may not be available (depending on the city to finish working in the area). We have added two swims that have never before been used during the ATC (both are swims we have fished and caught from so there are definitely carp to be caught there) as well as bringing back a couple of swims that did produce reasonably well in previous ATC's. We are still working on a few more potential new swims that have never been used before and one that has but may not be fishable by a team of two without more hard work. I will say that all of the swims we have cleared and fished have produced numbers of carp so the lake is still pretty healthy even after the flooding at the end of October 2013. Once we get the pegs finalized we will release the peg map to Neil and Willem in case they want to post it here in advance of the event. Stay tuned for further updates as the date gets closer.
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