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Found 10 results

  1. I went out fishing today for the first time this year. I had prebaited yesterday and showed up at the same time again today. Heavy storms were rolling in and the air pressure was extremely low, 29.3! I was very confident in catching fish: Overcast skies, light rain on a quiet shallow bay isolated from the main river current... sounds perfect, right? Not only did I end in a blank, but the most confusing part was that the carp were showing all over my swim near the surface. They weren’t spawning, as water temps are only 55F, but they were jumping often and their tails were sticking out of the water that was deep enough for them to avoid it. They seemed active but were not feeding (at least, not on my rigs ) . Any ideas as to why they may have behaved like this? I normally observe this sort of thing on a high pressure front, on a cloudless and hot sunny day. Maybe a zig would have worked?
  2. My friend Eric and I went out for a session on our local river this past weekend. It certainly didn't disappoint! We were only on the bank for around three hours but managed 2 nice fish! Eric got the first fish, and it ended up being an immaculate, 20-pound even common! It was a new PB for him, and his first fish from this swim. I was rewarded soon after with a chunky 22, my first carp of 2018! It was a nice session; didn't produce any giants but it was nice to get out there again. Tight lines, everyone!
  3. I fish West Point Lake along the border of Georgia and Alabama and can catch fish up to 10lbs bank fishing but was wondering where the best place to catch the big fish are? I don't fish the north part or up on the river much, I stay towards the dam area and up to the bridge on 109 most of the time. Could the bigger carp be in the deeper water or in the river channels? I'm going fishing this weekend and might try a different area even if I don't catch any at least I might catch a big one or some nice catfish. Anyone ever tried these deeper hole or maybe along the dam in the deep water for carp?
  4. Last week I went on a vacation with my parents on a private riverside cabin.. the carp madness that followed made this the best session of my life! We arrived at the cabin for the weekend and I immediately began by chumming 2.5 gallons of particle bait. The sun set behind the woods on the opposite bank, and I entered my bivvy ready for my first night session ever... This 18 pound beauty so rudely disturbed me at 3:00 AM... I was having my favorite dream, where I'm on a weekend vacation and get to fish for carp the whole time. Oh wait.. The river went quiet for the remainder of the night, and I thankfully got some sleep. Little did I know how much I'd need it for the coming day.. Around 9:00 AM my cygnet grand sniper pod almost dove into the river, all thanks to this cracking 19 pound common. Midway through the battle with this one, my other rod set off.. Thanks to this other high double, my lines crossed multiple times. It's almost like they were communicating, "how do we mess with him the most?!" I reeled the rods in and took a short break to eat breakfast, and then fed the fish another 2.5 gallons of particle. I was soon rewarded with this immaculate 20.. I love it when they put their dorsal up! Of course, this vacation wasn't just about fishing... my family and I decided to do some sightseeing and returned to the cabin around sunset. With the final minutes of daylight I chummed the final gallon of particle I had brought with me, and set up my sleeping bag. I was in for the craziest 45 minutes of my life. I lay down in my bivvy, exhausted from a long day of battling carp and hiking in the poconos. As soon as I begin to fall asleep, my fishy friends decide it would be a good time to set off a rod.. This 30 certainly helped boost the average size! I couldn't believe my luck! on the last night of the trip, I was blessed with this gorgeous carp. As I posed for the above picture my shallower rod ripped off, almost entering the swift current of the river below.. I set the fish into the water and sprinted toward my rod pod. Despite being the smallest fish of the session at only 14 pounds, it fought as though it was a state record. Sometimes, the smallest carp put up the biggest scrap! I released it, satisfied with my weekend of fun. I returned to the bivvy, made my sleeping bag and lay down for a nights rest. "Not so fast!" as my rod pod proved to me a mere 10 minutes later. I sprung out of the sleeping bag and, with it still zipped around my legs, hopped down to the pod and began the legendary fight that ensued. I use a big pit reel with 500 yards of 30 pound test braided line, and this fish pulled the line down further than I had ever seen it. I lost track of the time, and I began to tremble from the excitement of what could be on my line. As the fish broke the surface, suddenly everything became more serious. I scooped the net up to reveal my second largest carp to date... Clocking in at a whopping 34 pounds, this common came only ONE POUND AWAY from breaking my PB! I couldn't believe it. This past weekend session has been the best I have ever experienced. Let's just say that I'll be returning to the cabin again, to catch many more immaculate carp!!
  5. Hi all. Recent CAG member and newbie to Euro style carp angling (though I have fished for carp all my life, but now trying to go full Euro). Had a recent very frustrating river fishing outing I was hoping you good folks could assist me with. Fishing the Potomac River. Saw lots of nice carp jumping but way far away from my swim, across the river about 40 to 50 yard ( I estimate) or more. So at least knowing fish were present, I baited up and cast and spombed a good bit, hoping to draw some fish to my swim. It never happened, and I fished 7 hours catching but 1 small catfish! Here’s my frustration. I know with my present set up I could never reach were I saw those fish (an inaccessible from shore spot on an island). I have standard bait-runner reels using regular 7’ and 7’6” medium heavy spinning rods (I got maybe 20-25 yard casts max). If I got 12’ 3TC rods and Big Pit reels, could I expect to be able to cast that distance? Second, I was plagued all day long by piles of debris (mainly floating weeds in the moderate current) catching on my line, causing a huge bow until I learned to tighten my bait runner drag a pretty good bit, but still ended up with tons of debris (heavy!) and bows, and maybe my lead being dragged (no way to know for sure). I re-baited and re-cast often due to this. To minimize this (I doubt it can be completely cured) would I: -Use a heavier lead (a gripper type), keep my line as tight as possible, and keep my rod as high as I can in my bank sticks (or maybe use a pod like the Cygnet Grand Sniper D/L), while still keeping good contact with my bite alarms? Or is there some other strategies I should be employing? BTW I was using cured sweet corn as bait, with an oatmeal, grits and sweet corn pack on 1.75 oz. method and 2.5 oz. square in-line leads, both on bolt rigs, 1 rod with braid and the other mono. Sorry to be so long-winded, but would really appreciate any help. Many thanks! BTW I love reading the forum and am learning a lot!
  6. I hate November. It's when my carp fishing experience comes to an unfortunate pause due to freezing water temperatures. I planned my last session of the year next Thursday and Friday, November 9th and 10th, as the weather recently has been quite warm. I'm aware that the forecast will likely change somewhat, but it's not looking good. A major high pressure system and cold front will move through my area late next week (sunny weather, colder water temps). In my carp fishing experience, the best time to fish is during a warm front and a low pressure system (I've attatched a picture of the weather forecast). The only thing I have going for me is the tides, which should be at slack high at the time of my session. That is when I catch most of my fish from my 'secret' swim. I'm aware that in the cooler months overfeeding the fish is a bad idea, but since it's a tidal river I'm fishing I figure there will be enough carp to mop up the chum. My normal fall baiting routine involves chumming 5 gallons of bait a day, for 5 days. I've reduced that to only 2.5 gallons a day for 3 days, but I've never done sessions this late in the year so I'm not sure if I'm overfeeding them. Does this seem good? Additionally, what water depths should I be fishing this time of year? Thanks so much! -Lizard
  7. This year has been my first time fishig large tidal rivers and I'm getting quite annoyed with the results. I've tried pretty much everything I know how but nothing seems to fix my problem. I'll use my latest attempt at a session as an example: I had found a nice swim on the Delaware river, and prebaited the spot for a week in advance. When I showed up to fish, the water looked fine. I casted out and it wasn't more than 15 minutes until all 3 of my rods were snagged. Now I don't know if it's because of the current or the spot itself... I'm using a Cygnet Grand Sniper rod Pod, angled as high as it will go. 3 Sonik s3 3.5 pound test curve 12' rods, with 3 Wychwood Exorcist big Pit reels spoiled with 30lb power pro braid along with 5oz Korda grippa leads. This should eliminate any current problems, yet my mainline keeps being dragged either by current or by floating debris. can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? thanks!
  8. Hi all!! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!.......I am shifting from creeks (no carp) and local lake (tougher and tougher to catch fish-colder) to the big river- Missouri, which I have never fished....Frank gave me some initial tips, but I have attached 5 annotated images-a birds-eye view, then 4 numbered slides ...where would you suggest, and with what?- is 109ft too far out for river fishing?- I assume not, but the next closest piers are 400 ft in the middle of the river at least....haven't been there yet so some of this may change in real life.....not the safest area so likely no night fishing...some areas may not be accessible.....I would rather fish the opposite shore but the entire length is levee and not accessible from the other side.....and I have no boat........really appreciate any thoughts.....some image are from the river angle of the other "birds-eye views"...please refer to either the slide # or, the very first slide.......thanks all!! Kirk Slide 1 is overall view of barge lift, downstream bridge and water intakes Slide 2 is upstream from slide one and the only bridge with a close pillar....also has an intriguing platform just 10 ft above water line-fish here? Slide 3 is the barge lift Slide 4 is a more detailed view of the shoreline of slide 3............
  9. These collosal dinosaurs deserve all the attention and passion we can spare. River Monsters Stories: Darek's Sturgeon [i'm Not Ready for a 1,000lbs fish! Are you!?:
  10. I am new to carp fishing and have what may be a stupid question. I found a spot on a river with a ton of carp and tried to catch them with corn and bread both on the bottom and under a cork and no luck. I wasn't using any fancy rigs and wasn't chumming. So I did a bit of research, and I want to go try and catch some of them using packbait but my question is, will the current in the river just sweep the packbait downstream once it breaks up and just leave the corn pop all by itself? This section of river is below a dam and has moderate flow. If using packbait in a river isn't a good idea, does anyone have any other suggestions for a beginner? Thanks
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