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Found 1 result

  1. Windy City Carp League 2012 Event Format Hello fellow carpers! Hope you had a happy and safe holiday. It's time to start thinking of the upcoming season and planning. There have been changes to the league. Trying to juggle a league that caters to both novice and tournament carpers has been challenging at best. Also having the individual matches twice in one weekend has been very hard on myself. So I have consolidated the league into a competition league so as to best serve the most consistent attendees. We will be fishing on Sundays this year. The other major change is how the league will be scored. In order to level the playing field so one carper can't take an insurmountable lead, we will be using a modified matchfishing system. The league will be divided into sections of carpers. This will be determined by how many sign-up. A blind draw will determine who fishes which peg each week. So we will have 3 sections of 4 or 5 or have 4 sections of 4 or 5 carpers. A carper will fish against the other carpers in their section for points. 1st will 5/4 points, 2nd will be 4/3, 3rd will be 3/2 and so on. If there are 16 carpers there would be 4 sections of 4. Maximum amount of points for the year would be 20 if there are 4 sections of 4. In order to separate any carpers that end up tied is by taking the average of their 10 LARGEST FISH. The carper with the highest point total and, if a tiebreaker is required, highest average per fish of 10 largest fish will be CHAMPION. In order to make up for the lost day of fishing, we will expand the number of rods available to use from 2 to 3. YES, 3 rods if you wish. We will also be fishing an extra hour and that has been added to the beginning. Therefore, we will be starting an hour earlier. The league is going to be comprised of 5 individual events or matches that will be held during the summer of 2012. Matches will run from 7am to 4pm. The draw will be at 6:30am. This event is to determine the best Windy City carper. The fee for this year will $100.00 and 100% pay-out. 1st=40%, 2nd=30%, 3rd=20% and big fish will be 10%. RULES AND REGULATIONS. 1. The draw will be EXACTLY 30 minutes before the start of fishing. 2. Pegs/flags shall be 10-20 yards apart and must be staked out by club official(s) and numbered PRIOR TO DRAWING PEGS. 3. Anglers may go to their pegs after the draw is completed. 4. During the preparation period, competitors may set-up their gear, test their rigs, and plumb depth. NO FEEDING IS ALLOWED DURING THIS TIME! No bait on hooks during this process. 5. Ground bait/chum may be thrown-in by hand, by catapult, throwing sticks, spods and bait droppers. 6. Anglers must be positioned NOT farther than 3 feet to either side of their peg/flag. An angler may fish up to HALF THE DISTANCE TO THE NEXT PEG on either side. THIS ALSO GOES TO THE ANGLER WITH AN END PEG! If pegs are 20 yards apart, you may only fish 10 yards to either side of your flag/peg. NO 50 yard casts to the side if your of an end peg. 7. Wading is not permitted. You may go in after something that has fallen into the water, but NO fishing from the water. 8. Anglers will be restricted to 3 poles, 3 lines, 3 hooks at a time. An angler may have as many spares set-up ready at any time, but may only use 3 at a time. 9. Ledger, feeder, hair-rigging, and float fishing are allowed. 10. NO artificial lures,jigs, may be used. 11. An angler MUST STRIKE, PLAY the fish UNASSISTED. No help from other anglers or guests or interested spectators. A fish may be played into the next peg area but only for the shortest amount of time as possible. NO walking over to where the fish is. It must be played and landed from your peg/flag. Netting the fish may be done by anyone. 12. Anglers under the age of 13 are allowed to fish but MUST be accompanied by supervising adult. The supervising adult is allowed to assist the minor angler. 13. Competitors MUST STOP FISHING when the horn sounds to end the match. All lines are to be removed in a timely manner. 14. We will use the weigh as their caught format. There will a board with the current standings of fish caught. 15. IF A FISH IS HOOKED BEFORE THE HORN SOUNDS. THE ANGLER WILL GET 15 MINUTES TO LAND THE FISH. The angler must let an official know that a fish is being played so the time count down can be monitored. IF THE FISH IS STILL TOUCHING THE WATER WHEN TIMES-UP, THE FISH WILL NOT COUNT! 16. There will a weigh station in each section to record all catches. Weight must be verified by 2 members of that same days section. 17. In case of any violation of the above rules, where a complaint has been launched, the decision of the official(s) will be final. 18. Angler's shall conduct themselves in a manner not prejudicial to the sport of carp fishing. Any questions to this rule will be decided by the local law enforcement officer. MIND YOUR MANNERS!!!!!!! 19. All penalties will be assessed in the form of weight. The bigger the infraction the larger the amount of weight will be removed from that angler's total. 20. ALL FEE'S MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO LEAGUE START. Tournament Venues June 10 Rowing Canal Next to Lincoln Park Zoo Fullerton and Lake Shore Drive June 24 Jackson Park Harbor(outer) 6400 S. Coast Guard Dr. July 15 Montrose Outer Harbor(lakeside) August 12 Diversey Outer Harbor(lakeside) September 9 CHAMPIONSHIP DAY!!! Diversey Inner Harbor East side just north of Fullerton
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