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Found 7 results

  1. "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-p", the sound of a screamer!!! A new pb? This was the result of a 16 day baiting campaign with results well worth the time, money, and efort. It all started in late June I was looking for a spot on the Connecticut river the would produce massive carp that was close to where I lived. I settled on a spot that was convenient to get to, but seemed to be overfished, so I took a unique approach to this swim and fished the margins which was rarely done for carp. I fished this area for 2 weeks consistently with m I was presenting pac bait to get a feel of the fish and THE SNAGS which would land devastating blows. After figuring out the area with the smallest fish I had landed was 5lbs and the biggest 21lbs, but the average seemed to be around 11 to 16 lbs. I then decided to commit bait to the area on 7/2/19 from this point on I did not fish until 7/11/19; I chummed a 1/4 of a bucket of corn everyday at the same time. On 7/11 I had my first proper session over the bait using hook baits that were like the chum I was presenting FLAVORED CORN. In this session I lost 5 fish out of 6 takes it was devastating. It seemed to be something with my rig mechanics. I then upgraded my rig of choice to using curv shank hooks instead of my wide gape hooks. (The fish landed in this session was 19lbs ad a common). The next day I stupidly tried the same rigs that had never done me wrong hopping the losses from yesterday were flukes. They absolutely were not!! I lost three more fish. I then changed my rigs to the ones with the new hooks and started to keep the fish on. The first fish landed that day was just under 13 lbs and a common. The next fish was just over 20lbs and then I lost a hog of a carp in a snag. This did not squash my moral. I gave the fish a few day and kept pre baiting with out fishing. Further, I then fished on 7/16 I put out a bucket of corn and got fishing. I got several liners at first than things slowed down...not for long. "Bep-Beeeeeeeep", sounded one of my alarms I rushed over and and grabbed m y rod I could tell it was a smaller fish it was making several jumps and was not staying deep like a big fish. As I'm playing the fish my other rod goes off with a, "BBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP". I knew this fish was bigger but I needed to land the fish I was playing I got the small fantail in the net and had a sight seeker hold the net in the water while I battled my new PB. I saw the beast of a common emerge I wasn't sure if it would smash my PB, but I new it was the biggest fish I had landed in the swim. I managed to land both fish in the same net. I put the net down on the mat and uncovered the fish to a crowd of pedestrians that had been watching I put the smaller fish in my retaining sling and took care of the big fish. I poured a bucket of cool water over it and repositioned it in the net. I wrapped 4 the net back up and put it on my scale with the fish in the net. The scale diale sluggishly moved to 24lbs 4 ozs subtracting what the net weighied that made the fish 23lbs 12 ozs which was a new PB by a 1/4 of a pound. After a quick photo I released the fish into the depths. Now it was time for me to deal with the smaller fantail. I weighed it and it came to 9lbs 13 ozs. I then released it. I recast the rods and waited I was happy with the new PB, but I thought that I could do better with a more substantial PB. I waited almost an hour and I finally got a slow and steady take on one of my rods I quickly ran over and started playing this fish it wasn't the most energetic fish that would make long runs, but I could feel the power of it as it held bottom and went where ever it wanted, after a 20 minute battle I had wrestled the fish off the bottom and it surfaced. I new this was the one. I guided my NGT net o and the fish rolled right in. I yelled YEE YEE. I know this was my new PB. I put the fish on the mat and I could tell it was enormous.I put the fish back in the net after admiring it to get weight on it the scale came in at about 26 lbs 8 ozs making the fish 26lbs even since the net weighs about 8 ozs. I put the fish in my retaining sling and waited for someone to come and take a pic. It didn't take long... I put this fish back into the retaining sling and carried it to a muddy bank were a waded into the water up to my waist and watched the fish swim away back into the gloomy waters of the CT River where there are fish double that size; my next goal is to beat this PB with a higher 20 or low 30 and to do that I will keep prebaiting. I will keep you posted Fda
  2. Colorado 2017 - Master Angler Awards and year end report. The "Highs" 2017 was a challenging year for carp fishing here in Colorado. Old venues that produced consistently were tough challenges for the majority of anglers. It was a wet and cooler year, windy, though we did not experience the crazy flooding we saw back in 2016. Late spring and summer produced the best catch rates and larger fish on average. MA stats dwindled somewhat, with 21 commons being reported (compared to 41 in 2015). However there was an uptick in grass carp catches and reports, 20 fish logged, albeit two anglers caught nearly all of them from the same private water (compared to 5 in 2015). The increase in grass carp catches could be a result of stocking programs for pond cleanup and weed/algae removal. I usually only submit a couple of fish per year to this program (common and grass carp), else the stats/page would be a wee bit skewed. I did manage to equal the best common of the year and topped the grass carp list; though my fish was not officially submitted within the time limits; out of respect for the angler whom invited me to fish that lake. Fly carping remains the showcase for carp in our state. A strong contingent of fly anglers target these fish year long and the "Trout Unlimited" Carp Slam event on the South Platte river for charity remains popular (albeit very expensive entrance fees and requirements). The gold medal consistent water for carp in Colorado remains "Chatfield Reservoir". This venue holds carp in excess of 30 lb's, both mirrors and commons. It faces substantial angling pressure and recreational activity. CPW patrol on a regular basis and are very "watchful" of all behaviors of carp anglers, especially from afar with their binoculars! Tightline Outdoors, a local outfitter, hosted 2 Catch & Release Carp Tournaments during 2017. Attendance peaked at just over 30 anglers. For Team CarpQuest I managed to WIN the day/night event at Chatfield Reservoir with my partner James. For me, it was a huge highlight, my 6th tournament entered and 1st individual win. Team CarpQuest also won the 2016 day/night tournament, this time James taking 1st with me as his partner. It would appear Team CarpQuest fishes well in the blackness of night. The tournament at Lake Arbor was won by a new angler to carp fishing, Bleu Patino and his partner Ryan Quist; I had previously met Ryan and Bleu a month before to provide some encouragement and advice on carp fishing tackle & tactics. They certainly learned fast! CAG membership wise, we remain steady at "2" We lost a member in 2017 and gained a new one. The challenges we face with regards to CPWs view of the sport, the tactics and the species as a whole, present a serious uphill climb here in Colorado. Next to Utah, Colorado is arguably 2nd on the list of carp hating states. Oh well ! The "Low's" Whilst 2017 saw an increase in the local anglers targeting carp, this also brought increased attention from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Many angers were being "enthusiastic" about their use of packbaits, especially with regards to Colorado laws requiring the bait be attached and with packbaits, inside of the pack. This resulted in numerous tickets being issued to anglers. Though CPW realizes carp angling is becoming popular here; they are still no fans of the species. Individual wildlife officers can be openly negative. Bow Fishing for carp continues at all venues where shooting is legal; however their endeavors are rarely posted in a social media context; all but driven underground here locally. Catch & Release has become the new "trendy" behavior for Trophy fish of all species. On a personal note, my own carp fishing adventures during 2017 were seriously curtailed (my trips out were reduced by 75%); mainly due to personal health and family reasons. I am hopeful 2018 will be a great new year with some excellent carp fishing during the season. Closing 2018 is set to be another great year here for carp fishing in Colorado. With the mild winter there should be an early ice-off and a great season ahead. Colorado has stunning wild carp, both commons and mirrors, with many venues holding 20s and some with a very rare 30s. Our fish are typically slender and powerful fighters. If you are looking for an opportunity to wet your line and hold a stunning wild mile-high carp in your hands, then Colorado should be on your list of places to visit. By all means drop me a PM, or message if you are looking to come to Colorado to fish for carp, I can certainly provide assistance, local information and advice, especially with regards to our draconian regulations with regards to bait use.
  3. Just in time for the eclipse, before the world's end, it's time to refill your mug, put up your feet, sit back and enjoy our latest episode ! A busy work schedule had too long kept me from the water. Finally we managed to get out and put in a couple of sessions at the Fairgrounds. With the clear skies, burning temperatures, it was always going to be tough fishing. Yet we stuck it out and managed to land a few nice fish. Victory Coffee, tastes as good ever ! Hope you Enjoy ! John
  4. HERE WE GO AGAIN ! Season 5 is off and running ... Get your coffee cups out (this is a two cup session), fill with hot java, and sit back and watch the show ! In this weeks opening episode of CarpQuest Season 5, we look back at the great time I spent with my brother when he visited last summer. We had some excellent carp fishing adventures, a dawn sunrise at the top of Pikes Peak and some night photography. We hope you enjoy! Tight-Lines, John CarpQuest
  5. In this weeks new episode of CarpQuest a short session at a favorite venue produced a huge surprise capture, a new PB grass carp for me. Yet this capture was bitter sweet. A few months later the lake was all but totally drained to repair an inlet. As the lake was being refilled a local angler spotted the corpses of a dozen or more big carp in the shallows. Such a sad end to so many beautiful fish that had called this water home for over a decade. Before the work commenced some of the lakes inhabitants, hopefully including a few of the big carp, were relocated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to another lake in the city. We were only aware of a pod of around 30 or so carp that once lived here. We will return to the lake in Spring of 2017 to see if even just a couple of these majestic fish may have survived. Nature is always full of surprises ! Hope you enjoy. John
  6. In this weeks episode of CarpQuest we met up with my friends, James, Ron and his son, Jordan. With water temps cold I decided to go back to basics and fish simple rigs with a range of CC Moore Hellraiser pop-ups. For those that have often asked, who want the "how-to", hopefully this episode shows you a bit more of the rigs I use in action. Hope you enjoy! Tight-Lines, John
  7. I am new to this forum and love Carp Fishing! Tight Lines To All!
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