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Secret Trap Leaders offer the avid Carp fisher a quick and easy system that delivers the ultimate in line & leader control.


Developed by Matt Hayes these unique leader systems utilize a strong nylon core with a special polymer coating that is available in a choice of sink rates to offer precision control of the leader.

Clear Neutral or Tungsten Loaded Quick Sink & Extra Heavy models ‘pin-down’ the leader so that wary fish are not spooked and ‘line bites’ are avoided. Available as ready made Helicopter & Regular rigs they are ideal for a range of fishing situations.

Each leader has a strong fused loop to connect to the mainline plus a Swivel & O-ring for your hook length greatly simplifying rigging and ensuring reliability.

Unlike braids and other materials the smooth coatings of Secret Trap Leaders are abrasion resistant & fish friendly so they won’t lift or damage scales when playing fish.

For more details: Email Angling Solutions

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