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Demon final update

Guest Red Demon

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I say final update as this will be the absolute last post for Red Demon Bait.

As of March 1, 2008 I am closing for good.

I was very optomistic about this year, but as things always have it.

there are many reasons for the closing, biggest is the mass influx on pricing of ingredients, and I am unwilling to sell lesser mixes, and refuse to sell at $12 per pound.

It has been the finest pleasure to serve the Carp community with our products, as it has been a pleasure meeting everyone I have met. I am not quitting fishing, just mass production of boilies.

All orders will be filled, as our deals as well including the CDDW prize will be filled as well!!!

If there si anything you need, you have a few weeks left, after that most everything will go up for sale. I will keep a few things to make bait for myself for my fishing excursions.

Best of luck to everyone out there in the Carp business.

Thanks for everything


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The best to you and all your future endeavors. Red Demon baits will be missed. Glad to hear that your not ending your fishing. Hopefully we'll meet on the bank soon Ed W.

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