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New from Delkim!


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Delkim have launched two revolutionary products for 2009

The DuoCarb Hanger Support is made from high tech carbon fibre and provides a rigid but adjustable length support with a quick release system that accepts all common hanger bobbins (including Delkim's new NiteLite Pro and original NiteLite). Ideal for windy conditions or for those who prefer a swinger style set-up it can be quickly & easily attached or detached from the hanger bobbin. The DuoCarb can be used on any alarm system - not just Delkims!


The New NiteLite Pro brings Delkim Plus alarm users the ultimate in illuminated hanger systems. After months of research and testing Delkim have developed the prefect hanger 'chain' with a smooth outer shell that hangs perfectly and keeps it tangle free. The hanger bobbin features a unique and patented magnetic ball clip that provides the ideal grip and release for a wide range of line types and diameters and has a color integrated LED that matches the LED settings on your Delkim Plus alarm.

For more information and pricing simply download the following pdf fileNitelitePro_DuoCarb_USA.pdfor email Delkim North America for your US Retail outlet.

NiteLite Pro and DuoCarb will be in stock Jan 2009

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