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Here are some great reasons to add some imitation plastic baits to your kit...

- On their own over method or pack mixes they make an ideal 'pick-up'

- Especially with soft baits or boilie pop-ups they help keep the bait on the hair or the hook.

- In combination with the real thing they can provide a balanced bait effect.

- The bright fluorescent colors of the imitation corn can be a winner for added attraction to make hook baits really stand out.

- Bait Logic offer two convenient sized boxes holding a selection of Mimik imitation baits

post-479-0-55379900-1334062146_thumb.gif post-479-0-25546100-1334062142_thumb.gif

Each box offers a selection of Critical (neutral buoyancy) & Pop-Up Corn plus imitation Pellets, Tiger Nuts, Chum Mixer and Maize, while the large box has more Corn color choices plus fluoro Maggots and an incredibly realistic Floating Bread imitation.

Great Savings! - Not only will you save on real bait but the Box selections of Mimiks also represent a saving of nearly 20 - 25% over individual packs plus you get the handy compartment box free!

For more details and your local dealer outlet: http://saxontackle.com/?page_id=1398

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