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North American Carp Conference - Vendors


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Here is the final list of Vendors for the 2019 Carp Conference.

  • Fishing Factory 3
  • Carp Maxx
  • Orient Rods
  • Record Bait & Tackle
  • Carp Mart
  • World Classic Baits
  • CT Carp Leads
  • Carp Bait USA
  • Linear Bait & Tackle

This will be a great opportunity to get your bait & tackle supplies for the start of the new season and to see some great new products for the first time!

An updated list of products you can expect to see will be posted in this thread.

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Orient Rods will be displaying their excellent range of rods at the show.

Orient 002.jpg


Orient rods have also donated not one but TWO of their stunning throwing sticks for the Carp Conference raffle!




Orient 003.jpg

Orient 001.jpg

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CT Carp Leads will be offering an extensive range of leads!

CT Carp Leads Prize.jpg

RJ at CT Carp Leads has also kindly donated this truly heavy weight raffle prize!.

Who’s going to be lucky enough to take this lot home from the Carp Conference?

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In addition to the extensive range of bottom baits Tamas at CarpMaxx has been busy making these pop ups exclusively for visitors to the Carp Conference on Saturday April 6th!

CarpMaxx 001.jpg

Carp Maxx 003.jpg

CarpMaxx 002.jpg

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Lorenzo Rosaci's Carp Bait USA will be at the NACC for the first time and launching two new products!

Look out for their High Attractant Tiger Nut hook baits and a new line of 'Fast Action Boilies'.

Carp Bait USA 001.jpg  Carp Bait USA 002.jpg

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Linear Bait & Tackle will be showcasing their Juicy Pear and NOG flavors at the NACC. You will also get a chance to see the BMG range of Tackle plus many of the award winning Ridgmonkey products.

Linear Poster.JPG

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The Fishin’ Factory in Middletown will be bringing a huge range of the latest & very best in carp tackle & bait to the Carp Conference on Saturday!



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