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This weekend - CAG Social Thomas Bull, NY


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This weekend Saturday June 29th 2019 - CAG Social Thomas Bull, NY

CAG NY Free Fishing Day 06-29-19.jpg

This social will be held on a NY free fishing day. That means no fishing license is required for anyone from anywhere. That being said it is a great opportunity to get people from everywhere together to wet some lines and teach the youngsters a thing or 2. The venue is just a few miles off I-84 in the town of Montgomery NY 38 min from PA & NJ and 50 min from CT.

This social is aimed towards introducing the next generation of carp anglers to the sport and or helping them hone in on there skills. Bring your kids and their friends. 
We would prefer if you brought you own bait and tackle and maybe an extra pole or 2 if you could, but if you don't have the proper gear don't worry we will get you set up.

This park lake was stocked with Mirror carp some time ago. It is believed that there are mirrors up to 20lb but the majority of the stock are in the 5-12 lb range. The fish see bread often from people feeding the birds and do respond to corn and other hook baits. 

I hope to see some of you there. Tight lines until then.

Johnny Jackets

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