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  1. Christopher Ondecko

    Monongahela river carp - near Charleroi Pennsylvania

    I have gone down where pigeon creek meets the mon, by sheetz. you can see the carp and all that fun stuff but I have witnessed anything of substantial size. I'm going to Lake Arthur this weekend to try my luck there.
  2. Christopher Ondecko

    Monongahela river carp - near Charleroi Pennsylvania

    I've been to the Aquatorium a couple of times and had a little bit of luck. I was told by some locals that there are carp in that area but rarely anything 30"+. I appreciate the feedback fellas.
  3. Looking for any information or suggestions on good locations along the Monongahela River near Charleroi PA.
  4. Christopher Ondecko

    Twin Lakes Upper Lake meet and great July 25th

    Hello Brian, I was wondering how Twin Lakes is for carp angling. I moved to this location not too long ago and was hoping to get your feedback. Thank you,