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  1. What a beautiful river to fish.
  2. For rod ties we found these velcro straps at Lowes. They work so well and are easy to use.
  3. The Spring Big 4 2020 was canceled due to fishing restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. Anglers who chose to move their registration to the Fall Big 4 2020 were entered into a drawing. The winners: Bill Kandis- PinPoint Hook Sharpening Kit Aaron Withers-Signed copy of Pursuit of Carpiness II Craig Welch- Signed copy of Pursuit of Carpiness II Thank you to all! Stay safe and healthy
  4. Thank you! I'm excited to get people motivated to go out and fish!
  5. Amy Demrovsky Ghost Carp 😉 4:00 pm Colorado
  6. Your name: Amy Demrovsky Your CAG forum name: Amy Demrovsky The state or states in which you will be fishing: Colorado
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