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  1. tigerdongal

    Chub Cyclone EZ

    Is it still available?
  2. tigerdongal

    Fox Stratos 12000 S Reels $100 ea

    Wow they look brand new!
  3. I will be working in Plymouth early April and would love to do some fishing. If anyone knows of any reasonable sport in the area, please let me know. I will no doubt have a day or two off, so for that traveling an hr or two is no big deal. However if there is something close by that I can just go to for an hour or two fishing, that would be appreciated too. Thanks, Duncan
  4. I will be in Newport News next week, and looking to find some sport for a day or so. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks, Duncan
  5. I am going to be in the area around the 27th for a couple of weeks, does anyone know of any decent sport not too far away from the Waterford area? Scott O said there was, however I'm not sure where to start. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Duncan
  6. tigerdongal


    I am looking for a pair of alarms, Fox or Delkims. Must be in good condition. Pictures and paypal a plus. Cheers Duncan
  7. tigerdongal

    Daiwa Emblem Pros 5000

    Gone, sold to the fastest buyer in CAG!
  8. tigerdongal

    Daiwa Emblem Pros 5000

    Bloody hell that was quick! Sale Pending.
  9. tigerdongal

    Daiwa Emblem Pros 5000

    I have three very lightly used Emblem Pros, 5000 size, and they are one year old and immaculate. They've caught some nice fish, and the one pictured was an August 08 well spawned out 27-12. $220 shipped, paypal only. 2 Spools have fresh 15lb big game, 3 others used but decent condition 12lb big game and one empty. my 1lb spool of Big Game 15 ran out! Thanks Duncan
  10. tigerdongal

    Fox MK II Swingers

  11. tigerdongal

    Fox MK II Swingers

    I have four MKII Swingers in a case, plus Isotopes. Blue, Red, Green and Orange. Blue has a blue isotope, the others are green. The blue one is okay, the green are brighter. The lens cover on the blue and orange has a small amount of glue on to hold the lens cover in place. The case is essentially the same as the one Fox puts with their presentation kit. $70 shipped. Thanks Duncan
  12. tigerdongal

    Fishrite X-Treme 100 litre rucksack for sale

    You are fairly big.
  13. tigerdongal

    Fishrite X-Treme 100 litre rucksack for sale

    SOLD! To the best angler in NH! lol.
  14. tigerdongal

    Fishrite X-Treme 100 litre rucksack for sale

    It has 2 draw cords on the top, one has come away a bit, yet fully functional. One of the snap clips has a crack in it, again functions well. It is extremely clean, not beaten up at all. Anyone who knows me knows my stuff is never dirty! I am particuarly anal in that department. Normally I would keep it off the ground by using my barrow. If you want photos, please email me at tigerdongal@hotmail.com Thanks Duncan
  15. tigerdongal

    Fishrite X-Treme 100 litre rucksack for sale

    okay, will sell for $50 plus shipping.