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  1. Put me down for 2. I am will to give you advice on how to make decent BBQ.
  2. Want to try fishing the lakefront today? 24' waves should provide some excitment.
  3. Romanians Accused Of Dubious Tactics At The World Angling Championships Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/romanians-accused-of-dubious-tactics-in-world-angling-contest-2012-10#ixzz2APCmVNED
  4. You do know how to fish....
  5. It's people like you that make the work worthwhile, Larry.
  6. Andy took the time at the plenary to acknowledge the help and contibutions of several people (the full list is in the minutes). I was was fortunate to be one of those people and received the giant steel CAG logo. It is now in a conspicuous spot in Wacker B&T. Thanks Andy!
  7. Glad you could finally fish the event, Paul. Always great to see you because you ALWAYS have a big smile on your face.
  8. Appreciate it, Larry.
  9. The restrictions on chumming rule was scatched. Match runs from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday, September 29, 2012. You must be a paid-up member of the Carp Anglers Group to participate. You may join at the venue by paying $25 for a one year family membership. The entry fee for the Classic is $50 ($40 before September 1, 2012). Pegs will be assigned to all registered anglers by random drawing. If you wish to fish with another angler, the name must be submitted together before the drawing. Pegs may not be traded or substituted but if not all pegs are filled you may purchase a vacant peg for $50. If you do so, you must abandon your original peg, which then may be resold by the registration manager. You may setup your gear and plumb your swim as soon as it is assigned to you but fishing and baiting must not start until 8:00 a.m. All these activities must be done within 10’ from the number marking your peg. Fishing stops at 4:00 p.m. Any fish hooked and being played at that time may be landed and counted. Cyprinus carpio only. No goldfish, Crucians, hybrids, bighead, grass carp or anything else. You have the ultimate responsibility for landing, accurately weighing and recording your fish. The stewards will have nets, weigh slings and scales and will do everything possible to help. When you catch a fish, record its weight on your score card, have the steward witness the weight and ensure that the steward transmits the correct information to the registration desk. At the end of fishing, compare your score card with the board at the registration desk and be sure that all your fish have been accurately recorded. Also ensure that the total weight of your four largest fish and the total weight of all your fish have been accurately determined. The North American Champion trophy will be awarded to the angler with the four fish with the greatest total weight. Additional trophies will be given to each section winner. In case of ties, the weights of your other fish will be considered. The Chicago Carp King Jeweled Belt Buckle will be awarded to the angler catching the single heaviest carp. The Westside Bait & Tackle prize will be awarded to the angler landing the first fish. The Professor Lucifer Gorgonzola Butts Award for Creative Carp Gear will be given to the angler with the most creative yet functional, DIY carp gear. The stewards and the judges will make this admittedly subjective decision. You are responsible for your own property and safety. Members and officers of CAG are not responsible for loss or damage to property and equipment. Please remember there will be spectators and children. Anglers must adhere to the State of Illinois Fishing Code. You may use no more than 2 rods with no more than 1 hook per line. You must have a valid Illinois Fishing License. All decisions by judges’ panel are final. The Judges Panel Include: Paul Pezalla, Dan Ramir, Andy Sprinkle All Appeals must be filed immediately following the incident and must be communicated in person to the Judges Panel.
  10. Wacker Bait & Tackle sells Aquamax (2 different sizes) in smaller quantities. It is an outstanding attractant for many species of fish, I use a small quantity in my Bucheye Blend especially in the winter.
  11. You wouldn't want the same lead on a 2.75lb rod as on a 3.5lb.
  12. Is there another way to cook a pork butt?
  13. A story not about how he caught the carp but about what he did with them.
  14. Illinois must be the most enlightened state with regard to attitudes toward carp. More positive press here.
  15. Paul Pezalla

    Ccc Bbq

    A scene from Peoria Packing, table after table piled high with pig parts. Come September, I will clean them out of pork butts for the Friday BBQ at Wacker. Guaranteed, more pulled pork than 100 anglers can eat in one evening. Metzger, come early to see how BBQ is done.
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